Film Junk Podcast Episode #322: Super 8

0:00 – Intro
3:35 – Headlines: – Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained, Paul Walker as Kyle Reese in Terminator 5?, Dick Tracy 2, Alamo Drafthouse Angry Voice Mail
31:20 – Review: Super 8
1:06:58 – Other Stuff We Watched: Amazing Stories, Young Sherlock Holmes, Make Believe, Tree of Life, Sunshine, Brain Damage, The Host, I Saw the Devil, Superman, Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Superman Returns, Stand By Me, Team America: World Police, City Slickers
2:16:50 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:18:35 – Outro
2:22:10 – Spoiler Discussion: Super 8

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  • mike v

    wooohooo spoiler discussion returns… can’t wait to listen. thanks

  • Tomoo

    Wait…no Junkmail this week? Oh well, having Kurt on makes up for it!

  • Kurt doesn’t make up for anything.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    YES! KURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME

  • Napalm

    The week I send a question, Junk Mail goes POOF haha. Oh well.

  • Jalen

    I’m surprised ou guys gave the movie a high rating.It didn’t sound like you guys enjoyed it that much.

  • Was Greg around for the Beauty Day commentary?

  • kyri

    About the Los alamos debate.. Ok, they kicked her out. whatever. Shouldn’t they give her money back? I mean that was her main complain.. Them taking her money..

  • Kurt

    Like most JJ Abrams joints, they are handsomely crafted and fun, but lack that extra bit if magic that prevents the desire to nitpick them to death. That is why the high ratings bit lots of complaints, for most of the films running time, the movie is sweet bliss!

  • Colin

    Greg has quit the show

  • Greg will be back next week.

  • I kidnapped Greg. I will release him if you send me two 70 count bags of pizza rolls and a case of cherry coke.

  • Colin

    Someone has been watching too much Red Letter Media…

  • UTG

    10 mintues in and it’s good to find out Tarantino shits skittles

  • I actually like Superman III quite a bit, even with the mime and robot penguin intro. The end sequence with the cyborg chick is also awesome. But I draw the line at crosswalk lights fighting each other. Anyway, Superman IV isn’t even in the same league. I have watched Superman Returns 3 or 4 times, each time thinking its not as bad as I remember. Then I realize its worse. And it is hella boring.

  • Matty

    Yaaaaaaaaaay Kurt!

  • fatbologna

    Sounds like Monster Squad remains king of all kid flicks! Goonies be damned! (even though I love that too).

  • kyri

    I like Kurt as well, we share common love and hate for many films..

    But please guys tell me that you are not going review Captain AMERICA without Greg..

  • Mason

    I still always think of the 90s TV series “Early Edition” first when Kyle Chandler is mentioned.

  • Reed should come on for one of the last two sci fi blockbusters. Maybe Green Lantern or Cowboys and Aliens?

  • Tomoo

    Speaking of bringing people back for certain movies you guys have to get Doug back for Transformers 3! That is still one of my favorite episodes.

  • Kim

    With regards to Super 8, I’m going to pull a Sean here and say, “Well, I really liked this movie”.

    I loved every minute. 4/4 for me.

  • RC

    I remember watching and enjoying Amazing Stories as a kid. It wasn’t on par with The Twilight Zone but still, I enjoyed most episodes, especially the ones Sean mentioned.

    My favourite episode though was “The Family Dog”. It was the only one that was completely animated and spun off into its own TV series later on. The TV series was a disappointment compared to the AS episode.

    The show was worth the watch though for the character design alone. It had a great look to the whole thing. Maybe that’s because Tim Burton was responsible for production design.

    You can see it for youself here:

  • you guys are spot on w/ Super 8, “all hat, no cattle”

    Jay mentioned the alien being incor. in to the final super 8 film – you guys did see they played the kids film during the credits, right? no mention – nice touch. no alien footage in it

  • oh and Kurt, you are right about Elle Fanning both in talent and stealing the show. I literally decided to take a bathroom break when I saw she was going to be out of the picture for awhile. she breaks my heart everytime she goes from serious face to all out smile/laugh

  • RC

    I agree with Jay about Superman 3. I used to think I was the only one who enjoyed that sequel.

    @Hero Supreme- The fighting pedestrian signals may hahe crossed the line but I still get a kick out of them :)

  • Another great ep as per usual, but I’m seriously jonesing for some Greg. Glad he’ll be back next week. Also, greatest first 3:00 minutes ever.

  • theocean85

    Kurt was DEAD ON when he said something along the lines of “By the fifth or six train car did you care if it would hit them?” (I can’t remember the exact phrasing).

    I remember feeling such an intense feeling of dread when the derailment started and then just thinking it went on and on and on for far too long and everybody was magically dodging all the cars. It reminded me of the final bits of the A-Team movie. There is no freakin’ way everybody can avoid being crushed to death by SO MANY flying containers!!!

    There are a LOT of nits to pick. Just like with Star Trek. JJ Abrams movies have LOTS of flaws, but they are also very amazing in a lot of ways. I agree with the 3.5/4s that were given out. It is an AMAZING if flawed movie.

  • Brendan

    I think the comedy Jay was trying to think of with Ron Eldard (sideburns-guy from Super 8) was the US version of Men Behaving Badly, with Rob Schneider and Justine Bateman. I remember really liking that show at the time (I can’t say if it would still hold up today), but Eldard and Bateman left after the first season due to some contract disputes, I think. I didn’t Google any of that, just using the ol’ noggin.

  • Brendan

    Why did the 8 I wrote in the last post appear as a sunglasses wearing smiley emoticon?!?

  • berserker01

    I heard on Twitter, Greg was suspended from the show for sexually harassing Frank. True?

  • Greg

    Well, that’s just plain weird.

  • Greg

    @Brendan: Maybe more people would have gone to see the movie if it was called Super Sunglasses Wearing Smiley Emoticon.

  • dan

    When you guys mentioned Running Scared in the news segment, it made me think about this seriously creepy and suspenseful scene in the middle of the movie involving Vera Farmiga confronting a couple of twisted, suburban pedophiles, one of which was Juliet from Lost. I don’t remember anything else about that movie and can’t attest to Paul Walker’s performance (I don’t remember it being that great–he’s generally pretty broad). But the aforementioned scene was damn tense and truly creepy. The movie’s worth checking out just for that scene.

  • On Will Smith – I’m with Jay on this one. Say anything you want about Will Smith the simple one sentence argument of: “he’s never been in a Quentin Tarantino film,” trumpa any argument against him not being there. I am super excited to see how QT shapes him into one of his own characters.

    On Paul Walker – I’m not going to sit and defend the guy to death, but Yes, in Running Scared he’s puts on a solid performance next to Vera Farmiga. I also remember enjoying the movie as well.

    Still, a Terminator 5!? Really? I know it was said jokingly, but probably the only thing that would get me interested in T5 is if it actually was a musical. They’ll probably make it in 3D which will turn me off even more.

  • Steve Kasan

    For me, the real ending of Super 8 is The Case. The monster stuff was pure backdrop to the kids making a short film entry.
    You have a seperate film of a great coming of age summer film that blows away the alien/monster.

  • projectgenesis

    I feel the same way about Super 8 as I do Joe Dante’s Explorers. Both are great til we see the actual…thing.

  • Yes, all the apologists aside (And there is no bigger fan of Joe Dante than I), The Explorers is a bit of a strain if you are over 12 years old.

  • other greg

    Reed never ever disappoints. Ever.


  • @rjdelight: Was I in that first 3:00 minutes?

    @other greg: You set me up for one of those “That’s what she said” jokes, but I guess those jokes are old now.

  • other greg


  • Yes Reed, your surprise interruption was what I was referring to.

  • Napalm

    Just got around to watch Super 8 and listen to the full review. I was the one who suggested the “strong” and “light” rating idea. :)

  • KeithTalent

    Great show!

    Super 8 was an interesting one for me as I absolutely loved it while I was sitting there watching the film, it was only afterward where I started to pick things apart. Lots of little things that you guys brought up were some of the same things I had problems with, mainly to do with the adult storlyine. I thought the kids were pretty awesome through the entire thing and ould watch another full movie with them. Anyway, great discussion and I’m glad you guys did the spoiler discussion (wish you did that in more episodes).

    As for Paul Walker, I hate the guy, he’s a Leboeuf-like charisma vacuum. His best performance is indeed in Running Scared, but still, that’s not saying much considering what else he has put forth.

  • Antonio

    Spoiler for Super 8 : This film also reminds me” It came from outer space ” 1953. The fact that the alien is hiding in a cave trying to fix the spaceship and it it is stealing resources from the town to get the spaceship working makes me wonder if they didn’t use this 50s movie for the plot of Super 8.