Film Junk Podcast Episode #321: X-Men: First Class

0:00 – Intro
7:05 – Headlines: Paul Greengrass to Direct Somali Pirate Movie?, Wolverine 2 and Pirates 5 Director Shortlists, Writer Hired for The Hangover 3, Kevin Smith Making Pawn Stars for Fanboys
28:30 – Review: X-Men: First Class
1:17:10 – Trailer Trash: The Descendants, Shark Night 3D, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World
1:25:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Rules of Attraction, Maverick, Deep Red, Chronicles of a Summer, Bobby Fischer Against the World, 48 Hrs, Game of Thrones
1:47:12 – Junk Mail: Bridesmaids Remix, Home Alone 2, Rules of Attraction Trivia, More DVD Organization, 30 Films in 30 Days, What Determines a Film’s Nationality, Biopics and Review Pet Peeves, Episode 167 in 4 Minutes
2:17:05 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:19:50 – Outro

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  • ‘our good friend’ Austin un japan

    Yes, a new filmjunk episode. My favorite time of the week! Thanks guys

  • Tomoo

    I hate to be “that guy” but in regards to Frank complaining about the jet the X-Men use in the film being to modern I would just like to say that the SR-71 was actually introduced in 1966 ( Loving the show so far and I absolutely loved the movie.

  • Gil

    Just started listening and I love the re-use of Andrew’s version of your news theme. Personally, I vote for it being the new official news theme.

  • Gil

    I gotta agree with Frank about kid magneto. I also felt the same way with kid professor. When the kid magnet is screaming in the beginning, I had actually said under my breath, “this is retarded” and this 14 year old sitting next to me practically gasped at my reaction and leaned in to his friend’s ear and explained that somebody, only a few minutes in said it was retarded. Another problem were the two telepaths, prof x and the madmen chick; madmen used her power perfectly without pretending to have the ability, she just had them. Then comes prof x who has to hold up a finger or two on to his skull, like a habit necessary to tap in to his brain. I found it extremely funny, all that was missing, was james macavoy making some weird wave frequency sound effect with his mouth to further the pretending of having powers – like Cartman in that psychic episode.

    I still liked the movie overall, but man was some stuff weird to get through.

  • kyri

    So all of a sudden Greg is not part of the show any more..?

    Why? don’t we deserve a proper answer?

  • Gil

    @kyri Not enough poon, like he was promised.

  • kyri

    LOL, hey man when guys like sean+Jay n Frank invite you at a parte you should expect this kind of stuff..

  • Napalm

    Man where the hell is Gregory? #teambringgregback

  • kyri

    I don’t want to hijack the comment’s section but..
    I am glad that you liked Game of thrones Sean,
    I can only assume that you watch it in 1080pHD
    If not, you really should.

  • alechs

    Regarding annoying/quirky ‘real habits’ depicted in period films/biopics, yay or nay:
    Toschi’s animal crackers in Zodiac?

  • Sean, you should keep Andrew’s theme as your news theme.

  • Great episode. Frank’s realization that the hoverboard thing was bullshit after believing it since 5th grade was pretty funny. Almost up there with Greg watching the wrong movie.

  • Adam
  • dirrrtyfrank

    Zobilee Zoo vid.

    Turns out its intentionally comedic, not affiliated to any religious groups. There’s some other funny ones there too.

    Here’s a Night Court one for Greg

  • milath

    Thanks for reading my junkmail and giving it several seconds of uncomfortable silences, but some good answers too. :) Made my day!

  • Colin

    Frank, I too have been thinking it would be awesome to have a retro game-centric Pawn Stars-type show… we need to get together and talk about this, because I gots some ideas.

  • Colin

    Oh, you should also check out Game Center CX aka Retro Game Master is you get the chance… it’s fucking awesome.

  • projectgenesis

    I need a full tank of the Gasman next week, I am running on fumes!

  • Nate HK

    Mad props to Napalm for that badass remix, made my remix from last week look a yard sale. Awesome sound engineering, as good as the time Jay did the cowboy folk song and someone wrote background music for it and mixed it. Sick skillz! Nice to hear the old fan TRAILER TRASH song too. Awesome episode.

  • Khan Farrington, HMV Manager

    I thought Greengrass was supposed to do a Scientology film ? That would be interesting.

    Tim Burton: Beetlejuice and Jack Sparrow – ’nuff said.

    Jay needs to lay off the tea. All that aluminum is giving him memory problems.

    People need to relax on the “Shortened Episodes” thing. They’re usually pretty amusing.

  • Napalm

    Haha thanks Nate :)

    I agree with Khan Farrington, I find the shortened episodes are fucking hilarious! But maybe it would be a good idea to have them on alternating weeks instead of every.

  • Fatbologna

    Freebie and the Bean with James Caan and Alan Alda is definitely a buddy cop comedy and it’s from 1974. That might be the first real one. Although it’s only a White/Jew team-up so that still makes 48hrs the first White/Black one. Maybe we need a resurgence of White/Jew buddy cop comedies. Bruce Willis and Larry David? Jason Statham and Garry Schandling? Mel Gibson and… never mind.

  • Keep those short episodes and remixes coming. They are have been really good.

  • Apparently I can’t speak proper English.

  • Brendan

    @Tomoo : Not to be that “other” guy, but from what I read, the SR-71 was actually in service a couple years before you wrote (1964, not 1966) and was developed a couple years prior, so it puts it even closer to the timeframe of the movie.

    Also, for the Film Junk crew, the SR-71 Blackbird was the plane the X-Men used in the comics in the 80s (maybe 70s too, not sure). So it’s a nod to the comics rather than the prevoius movies.

  • Count me in among those who love the remixes and shortened episodes.

  • Kasper

    Best episode in a long while. Lots of great comedy – Franks realization being a top notch moment!

    Also agree that both remixes and shortened episodes are great. I just want the shortened episodes to be short, 4 min. is definetly the max. length.

  • Kim

    Frank, I believed the hoverboard myth too, until recently, when a friend laughed at me for it. You’re not alone.

    Also, please never stop with the shortened episodes.

  • Steini

    Just wanted to tell you (as many others here already did) that you should go on playing the shortened episodes they are hillarious, especially the newest one. Jay’s singing is unbelievable :D