Film Junk Podcast Episode #320: The Hangover Part II

0:00 – Intro
5:30 – Headlines: David O. Russell Leaves Uncharted Movie, Pirates 4 Has Lowest 3D Turnout for a Family Movie Since Avatar, Thomas Jane Axed from Headshot for Being White?
22:08 – Review: The Hangover Part II
57:38 – Trailer Trash: The Muppets, 50/50, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
1:15:35 – Other Stuff We Watched: Fast Five, School for Scoundrels, Road Trip, Starsky & Hutch, The Hangover, Old School, Revenge of the Nerds, Kung Fu Panda, Kung Fu Panda 2, Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters, Backdraft, Rules of Attraction, Barking Dogs Never Bite, Solaris, Le Mans, The Great Dictator, Attack the Block, The Office
2:07:37 – Junk Mail: Episode 319 in 6 Minutes, L.A. Noire and the Future of Gaming, L.A. Noire and Acting in Games, His Name Was Jason / Never Sleep Again, Super 8 and Nostalgia, Villain Performances in 2011, Epic Montage Remix
2:42:50 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:45:25 – Outro

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  • Lars Von Tired

    Holy Fuck ! The boys are sponsored by Netflix now !



  • Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal in Running Scared are a classic Oreo partnership.

  • projectgenesis

    I love Rules of Attraction. By far the best B.E.E. adaptation.

  • Gil

    Just shovel it in, Frank. Just shovel it in.

  • Heaven’s Smile

    Silent Hill 4: The Room dipped their toes in the groundhog day thing you guys were talking about.

  • Justice

    I’ll say that while I did laugh during the Hangover Part II, I know right now it won’t have the replay value of the first and honestly is probably a one and done for me. The odd thing for me is that they didn’t ever really do Bangkok justice. I was there last summer and I feel like I did more crazy shit than they did in this movie. They could have been in ANY Asian metropolitan area, save for the trannies, and even that is kind of a broader Asian thing. Showing an elephant walking in traffic just doesn’t cut it. Bangkok is/can be an insane place, I just wish they took better advantage of it.

  • Has anyone done a condensed version of the transformers episode yet?

  • Best condensed episode ever.

  • Joe

    Aw, you guys missed the short outro-clip with Greg and Jay! Great episode guys. Thanks for the good teary-eyed laugh this morning!

  • Sorry about that Joe. We actually didn’t think we were going to play the full 6 minutes but then we just had to stick with it all the way through!

  • UTG

    The original The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo wasn’t a made for tv movie, only the sequels are.

    On the remake: I have the same interest in this as i do for every other foreign and horror rip off ZERO.

    Paying to see this is just another pat on the head for hollywood having nothing new to offer.

    The trailer is meh she is so wrong for the part it’s not even funny.

  • Jay1

    Rewatchability: I found the first hangover to have little re-watch value, three factors diminish the flick: a downer to see the male lead stealing money from kids at the beginning, the missing pal issue is tough knowing the outcome, seeing the unbelievable Superbad type of Cops-Gone-Nuts tazer scene.

    Strange PR/Marketing, raised stakes, different setting same stuff happens. Cooper was saying that he doesn’t want to see the guys outside of this structure. Pals separated, stuff happens but we forget exactly what. Recovery. I might find myself checking the list, baby vs monkey, tooth vs facial tatoo etc. TV’s Three’s Company with raises stakes and varied locations.

  • fatbologna

    Rules of Attraction is definitely great. The DVD has a commentary by Carrot Top that’s definitely worth a listen. The Fred Savage cameo is my favorite cameo of all time!

  • fatbologna

    Also, Jay, hearing your love for Le Mans made me wonder, have you ever seen Monte Hellman’s Two-Lane Blacktop? It’s another great car focused film with a sparse plot and it’s beautifully shot. Plus, it’s got a Beach Boy!

  • djangoscud

    Strongly agree with fatbologna on the hilarious Carrot Top commentary and the fact that the film is great. My favorite of Roger Avery’s solo work and also without a doubt the best Bret Easton Ellis adaptation.

    On 3D. I think there are still too many cinemas that lackthe 3D upgrade. I am from rural Michigan and even when I would drive to the city only 3 of the 6 multiplexes had 3D and the 2 owned by the same company GKC had shitty, muddy 3D. I also think that films originally filmed stereoscopically are by far the best. If we could get some less serious fare like Pirahna, great animation with whimsical themes like Coraline or incredible and thought provoking themes like Cave of Forgotten Dreams. I’ve noticed that any time that a cg or rotoscoped image is placed over or near live action it looks 8 times as shitty in 3D as in 2D. Keep it in camera and keep it creative.

  • Another big fan of Rules of Attraction here. The suicide scene is both tastefully glossy and tastelessly crass at the same time, basically my opinion of Bret Easton Ellis in a nutshell. Love the Wicker Man references in there too. Anyone know if Avery is out of jail yet?

    I’m also a big fan of Mary Lou Herron’s AMERICAN PSYCHO, which i consider far more entertaining then the tedious (by design) novel.

  • Greg

    That “condensed version” went on forever.

    The song mixes are (generally) good…the “condensed versions” on the other hand are tiresome.

  • Mason

    You guys are right about the buddy cop combinations. Just scroll this list Don’t forget Cop and a Half, Rising Sun, and Seven.

    Except for Bon Cop Bad Cop. Double-white, but culturally different.

  • DeNiro is absolutely top-shelf in JACKIE BROWN, that was 1997.

  • Mason

    The Hangover sequel should have been a parody of the original- like Gremlins 2. Maybe for the next one. Get them hung over in an NYC high-rise.

  • Ric

    It seems like you guys haven’t read the book because the girl in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo isn’t supposed to be some crazy rocker chick, she is actually introverted and wants to go under the radar. Seems like a lame criticism for the original Swedish films. “Hollywooding” a movie up for american audiences does not make it better.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Yeah, Mishima was fucking awesome!

  • Gil

    @Ric Maybe not crazy rocker chick, but definitely fucked and crazy; that based on my take from the book.

    @Sean I think it was you or maybe Frank who mentioned that you hardly see the Lisbeth character in the trailer. In the book I noticed that Lisbeth is just occasionally there, you really do spend a lot more time with the Mikael character. This is why I would have preferred they kept the original Swedish title as it doesn’t beg you to wonder, “when does this girl with a dragon tattoo come back in to the story?”

  • Ric

    @Gil Yeah she’s fucked up in the head, but she’s portrayed as introverted and quiet, so that’s how she was in the Swedish movie. Jay’s complaints about her not being rock and roll were ridculous considering her back story and whatnot. I also find interesting that they changed the title of the american version when she isn’t the focus of the first book.

  • What is the video y’all are watching in the outro

  • dirrrtyfrank

    It’s Dollar Bill, the greatest hype man of all time.

  • Khan Farrington, HMV Manager

    This was awesome.

    Good to have Frank back.

    Frank – A suggestion to add to your “old-school” gaming shrine –

  • KeithTalent

    I don’t understand when sequels that do what, seemingly, Hangover and Kung Fu Panda both do. A character goes through a change in the first film, learning and growing, yet they completely ignore all of that and revert the characters back to their original selves in the sequel. That was my biggest problem with the Legally Blonde franchise.

    Great show as always and that shortened episode may have been the best one yet. I was literally laughing out loud.

    I also came in to say Jackie Brown, but Kurt beat me to it.

  • catho

    The condensed episode was amazing.

  • That vacuous, useless piece of shit movie Rules of Attraction isn’t better than anything, and it certainly isn’t better than Go.

    Oh wait, it is better than Starsky and fucking Hutch.

  • Eisensammler

    Groundhog Day style videogame? Majora`s Mask!

  • Kasper

    I like the condensed episodes – I just wish people could keep them short and sweet. This one started out great but then just kept on and on and on… Stick to like a 3 min. format or something.

  • Napalm

    Is Greg slowly phasing himself out? :(

  • Kasper

    #34 Seems like it. ‘Tis a shame…

  • Kurei Scott

    The Other guys ic a white and white buddy cop movie. I think there are a lot more but they’re less memorable than the black and white ones.