David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer (Updated)

Update: The leaked red band trailer has been pulled, but the U.S. green band trailer has magically appeared instead.

Update #2: The official trailer is now online in HD over at Apple.

If you happened to see The Hangover Part II over the weekend, I’m sorry you had to sit through that, but if you’re lucky you may have also been able to catch the very first teaser trailer for David Fincher’s remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on the big screen. Much like The Muppets last week, they still haven’t released the trailer online, however a bootleg version has been making the rounds and the quality is actually pretty decent. Considering that it hasn’t been pulled off YouTube yet, I can only assume that it was leaked on purpose, or at the very least, that Sony approves. And thank god for that, because what a fantastic trailer it is.

David Fincher comes from a music video background, and while I don’t know how involved he was in the editing of this trailer, it certainly feels like one long music video. Set to a blistering cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” by Trent Reznor and Karen O., it has all the punk rock style, attitude and energy that one would expect from Lisbeth Salander. I also can’t get enough of giant, oversized titles that take up the whole screen (see: Hanna, Enter the Void, Funny Games). Does the trailer tell us anything about how Rooney Mara will be in the lead role? Not really. But it does tell us that David Fincher won’t be holding anything back. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo hits theatres on December 23rd; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • well it did one thing – Im buying the book

  • 1138sw

    In Fincher I trust.

    I don’t usually go for american remakes since they usually suck but Fincher has been one of our best directors for over a decade. He’s grown since his directorial debut with Alien 3 into a great director so I have faith that Fincher will do the books and the Swedish films proud!

    BTW if anyone hasn’t seen the Swedish films yet I highly recommend them. They are worth the price of admission!

  • Niklas

    Was this movie shot in the same place as the Swedish ones?

  • I’m pretty sure it was the French who really started using those MEGA-SIZED titles (mid-period JeanLuc Godard ala WEEKEND) but either way, I agree with you on that.

    The trailer, not as good as The Social Network trailer, but its’ only early into the marketing push for this.

  • MikeH

    I do have to say that when i heard that they were remaking these movies i was a little disappointed because they were awesome.
    But when i heard that Fincher was directing the first one i thought that it could be good and from the trailer it does look good. I definitely like most of the cast, especially Daniel Craig and Christopher Plummer, i am not totally sold on the main girl in the flick, i will have to see more from her.

  • somnium

    This trailer was my favorite part of watching the hangover.

  • Napalm

    So fucking excited for this. It looks a lot grittier than I expected… I was expecting it to be along the line of Zodiac for some reason. But this is better imo. Can’t wait.

  • I know it is a remake but it looks almost like it is going for a shot-for-shot remake of the Swedish version. Agree about the titles. They look amazing.

  • Gil

    I’m actually glad they’re remaking them. Kinda hated the first one both in picture quality and pace/writing/editing (except for the rape/revenge bit), the other two parts were much better (rug munching & a conclusion).

  • Kurt the big letter guy

    Stupid fucking Fincher. I love that guy, but he goes on wasting his talent on stupid no-good projects like The Social Network and now this. The original film is new, why the fuck make a remake?

    It’s annoying that Fincher has to bow down to the stupid Northamerican demanding of remaking everything that hasn’t an English language, because people are too stupid to read texts.

    I’m so dissapointed of being American right now….

  • really stephen? you got that from this trailer LOL

    really Kurt? you like Fincher, but don’t like him doing film adaptations of books..guess you better stop watching Fight Club then

    people that think Fincher is getting more inspiration from The Girl w/ the Dragon…film over the book are misguided. he probably watch the film once and POURED over the book.


  • Kurt the big letter guy

    really, Kurt? A straw man argument?

    I never mentioned a dislike to his adaptations of books. I made I clear what I disliked about this project. It is a remake of a film that just came out, and has therefore no serious reason to exist, other than to also make money in North-America, where the population is to intolerant for films with subtitles and non-English languages.

  • @rus in chicago

    Yes I thought many of the clips looked incredibly similar to the Swedish version. I suppose that is to be expected as it is a remake.

  • Anthony

    I’ve seen the first flick (haven’t gotten around to watching Hornet’s nest or Played with fire), and i’m looking forward to this, but I really hope it’s a little more than a shot-for-shot remake, which this more or less looks like it may be based on this trailer. Hell, Rooney Mara more or less looks like a Noomi Rapace clone.

    Nonetheless, i’ll be watching this on opening day.

  • KURT who’s pulling the straw man argument? the author himself:

    “his talent on stupid no-good projects like The Social Network and now this.”

    the social network started from a book adaptation – “the accidental billionaires”

  • The swedish original lost me after the first movie, it was made well enough but lacked any real drive or intrigue. I had no motivation to carry on to the second or third.

    Will still approach this with caution but interested to see if Fincher can rev it up.

  • therefore no serious reason to exist, other than to also make money in North-America, where the population is to intolerant for films with subtitles and non-English languages.


  • Kurt the big letter guy

    Rus, of course it is a straw man argument you are coming with. How does ”stupid no-good projects” make you even think that I was aiming at them being book adaptations? I actually didn’t even know The Social Network was a book adaptation before you told me right now.
    The projects are too stupid, uninteresting and unnecessary for someone like Fincher to spend time on, and I mean that. But I really don’t see how that has ANYTHING to do with them being book adaptations. That is a link you somehow made, to make the claim that I then shouldn’t like Fight Club (which is even weirder, because I have never stated my opinion about that film, so you don’t know whether I like it or not).

  • Gil

    Haters gonna hate, Trolls are gonna troll.

  • I’m not getting this idea that it’s being remade just to make money in N.America.

    Sure, all of the other asian horrors that have been ruined fall into that category but Fincher hardly has a rep for making commercial blockbusters just to wrench in the money.

    I think that sort of accusation is just as lazy as saying it’s a remade for commercial reasons.

  • Johnnyboy

    Not directly for commercial reasons, but as a cause. It is because of commercial reasons that remakes of new non-English films are made. If not, why else would one remake it? Why else remake all those horror films? Why did Haneke remake his own film into English? Why was Let the Right One In remade? It’s because today’s Northamerican audience is too stupid and lazy in terms of taste to watch other than English-speaking films. It’s preposterous, but it’s common. I for example read a lot of mass media reviews of Inglourious Basterds, where the ‘’tiring subtitles’’ were repeatedly brought up.

  • Johnnyboy

    I also don’t see why that argument can’t be used just because of the name of the director. There is still no serious reason to remake something that has just been made. What else is there to do than to change the language to English? And then we can move on to ask ourselves wyhy it has to be remade into English.

  • Gil

    @Johnnyboy But in this case there is a very GOOD reason to remake the movie. I’m not glad it’s being remade because it will supposedly mean Americans will more willingly watch the film, I AM GLAD it’s being remade because the first film in the original series was rather shitty. I think what’s more interesting about the franchise is that the Swedes also had a miniseries dedicating 180 minutes to each book in a total of 6 episodes for more depth to the story; I would say this was done because the original films were inadequate, it wasn’t enough; in other words, they kinda sucked, well the first one did anyway.

  • Al

    I was dreading a remake as I loved Noomi Rapace as Salander.The Fincher trailer looks awesome and I agree with Gil, that the orginal films whie authentic lacked polish and logic to some extent.I’m hoping Finchers version is more sinister, gritty, showy and spectacular.The story deserves to be fully fleshed-out, but if the ending is f’d around with i will be pissed.

  • kyri

    This trailer makes me want to fuck a woman in the pussy. Just kidding I love pussy..

  • Gil

    @kyri Pussy is definitely great.

  • Gil

    @Al It’s not that I or any supporter of the remake want to replace the acting or performances from the Swedish version. I agree, I loved Noomi Rapace as Salander; fucked in the head, but smart, very cute and fuckable. But kinda how you pointed out, the films feel like an empty shell, a facade of what would otherwise be a great trilogy or standalone film in the hands of a better scriptwriter or director.

  • kyri

    Not always available though..

  • @johnnyboy

    Sure, the many remakes that have come and gone in recent years have been made for financial reasons and have been pale imitations.

    I agree that MGM were probably motivated to cash in but Fincher’s motivation would’ve have been centred on the story and creating an alternative version. And hopefully a better one too, as the original (well the first at least) was fairly tame.

  • Ryan Marlow

    I’ve read the first book and seen the first movie. I doubt the movie will have the energy the trailer conveys. If this movie is really in line with the book, and it appears to be, then ultimately it will have to be slightly more procedural like ZODIAC (which isn’t a bad thing to me), but at the same time more suspenseful than that. Although the characters are sort of 2-d I was all over that book until it was over. Though I do think there is room for it to be more kinetic like this trailer conveys, with cutting through time and other techniques, because the Swedish one was certainly vanilla standard.

    Looking forward to it though. Rooney Mara looks absolutely fantastic. Bleaching her eyebrows was a good step towards making her not appear to be a late 90s extra from Blade or the Matrix like Noomi Rapace does. More excited over this than anything coming out this year. I will be moaning like that guy Greg heard.

    Also, wondering if Fincher addresses a minor pothole I noticed from the other versions…

  • Hmm. The ‘bootleg’ disappears then is replaces with an official version – they do try their best to try and fool us, bless em.

  • Logan

    It’s not a remake of the film, it’s an adaptation of the book. Think of it more as experiencing the original story through David Fincher’s perspective. There’s no way he did this film as a cash grab considering his previous two films won several awards.