Phillip Noyce to Direct Bloodsport Remake

With all the ’80s remakes we’ve heard rumoured over the past five years or so, I honestly can’t remember if Bloodsport was ever mentioned as a possibility. Nevertheless, it now appears to be happening, according to a report coming out of Cannes this week. The 1988 action flick is the movie that made Jean-Claude Van Damme a star (Breakin’ cameo notwithstanding), and it introduced the concept of mixed martial arts and no holds barred fighting to audiences years before the UFC ever existed. Considering the popularity of MMA nowadays, it makes a lot of sense that this movie should get an update right about now. However, the choice of director for the project is a bit surprising: Phillip Noyce, the man behind such thrillers as Salt, Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games.

According to Screen Daily, the updated story for the Bloodsport remake will revolve around an Iraq war veteran who travels to Brazil to escape the violence he witnessed in Afghanistan, only to get pulled into a martial arts tournament. Because, of course you need to reference the Iraq war in a contemporary remake of Bloodsport! The script is being written by Robert Mark Kamen (The Karate Kid, The Transporter).

The massive success of The Karate Kid remake has no doubt contributed to the resurgence of tournament-based martial arts movies as well, but let’s not forget, The Karate Kid remake also had the power of Will and Jaden Smith behind it. Can a new version of Bloodsport be a hit? Should Van Damme be involved? What are your thoughts on this latest remake?

  • Matty


  • FoxMulder


  • If this remake doesn’t have two cops chasing Frank Dux and then both tipping over in a boat and going “Wooah, WOOOOAH!!” *SPLASH* then count me out.

  • dan day

    Forest Whitaker had better be in this.

  • Andrew

    Noyce indeed!

  • just noyce…..

  • djangoscud

    Another remake? I have a slight chubby for Aussie filmmakers as well but there is so much that could be done here. Why even call it “Bloodsport” ? You could make a film about the history of the Kumate or any of the myriad number of westerners that have proven to be champions against schooled individuals rooted in fighting tradition. A rocky type story, or a story similar to The Wrestler or Tender Mercies that involves the life of the fighters.I just feel like there is so much more that can be done at many different angles.

  • projectgenesis

    God I hope the dance scene stays the same.

  • Greegor

    “Will revolve around an IRAQ WAR veteran who travels to Brazil to escape the violence he witnessed in AFGHANISTAN”… what’s a little theatre of war confusion among comfortable movie buffs!

    Quit the nit-picking and pass the ammo (or the popcorn, depending on your parents’ tax bracket).

  • Kasper

    Bloodsport’s awesome, don’t fuck with classic Van Damme! Not noyce at all.

  • Jkame

    A veteran who travels to Brazil to escape the violence of Iraq and Afghanistan? His travel agent is a fucking prick. Ever see City of God?