The Terminator Franchise Rights Change Hands Yet Again

Ever since The Halcyon Company managed to snag the rights to The Terminator franchise out from under MGM’s nose in 2007, the sci-fi series has been bounced around from owner to owner like an unwanted child. When Terminator Salvation failed to live up to commercial expectations, Halcyon eventually ended up declaring bankruptcy and the rights ended up back with Pacificor, the hedge fund that loaned them the cash to buy it in the first place. Then, once Arnold Schwarzenegger left office, his agency began shopping around a package for a new Terminator film with Justin Lin attached to direct. Although Universal was initially believed to be the most interested, this month Lionsgate came in with a solid offer for the project that was expected to secure a deal. It looked like they were going to win the rights, until suddenly at the last minute Megan Ellison swooped in from out of nowhere to outbid them and take the Terminator franchise with her. Who is Megan Ellison? Read on to find out!

Megan Ellison is the daughter of multi-billionaire Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, and over the past few years she has been getting into the movie producing game with her own Annapurna Pictures. Thus far she has been sticking mainly to art house and indie films from acclaimed directors (ie. P.T. Anderson’s The Master, Kathryn Bigelow’s Kill Bin Laden, John Hillcoat’s The Wettest County in the World, and Andrew Dominik’s Cogan’s Trade). This would be her first attempt at putting together a major blockbuster. So what does this all mean?

Well, the first thing it means is that Terminator 5 is one step closer to happening, and that the movie will be looking for a U.S. distributor at Cannes. Things could still change, but it sounds like both Arnold and Justin Lin are still attached to the project, although there has been no mention of Christian Bale, which would seem to support the earlier rumour about a new Terminator film with most of the original cast members. Lastly, with Ellison’s previous track record,there is reason to believe that the franchise is finally in the hands of someone who is passionate about making great movies first and foremost, with money being a secondary concern. So all in all, this could be very good news. Keep your fingers crossed people, perhaps Megan Ellison will prove to be the Terminator franchise’s real salvation.

  • Kevin

    Megan Ellison rules!! The idea of some rich chick is funding movies that studios don’t have the balls to put out sounds like the sequel to Blank Check! Can’t wait for PTA’s The Master or Cogan’s Trade, I’m sure T5 is in good hands. Suck it McG!

  • Fatbologna

    I think the best way to go with an a new Terminator film starring Anrie would be to have him play the dude that the original Terminator was modeled after. He’s far too old to be a Terminator at this point. I like the idea of him being someone from the future that Skynet kidnapped and used as the human specimen for their first design and him fighting a younger (CG?) version of himself.

    Otherwise, things are looking up!

  • kyri

    I agree with Fatb
    The dramatic possibilities are endless in that scenario. He can be a douche-coward at the beginning (if colin approves)
    He can loose his family, be captured, he can suffer torturous experiments, escape, try and stop skynet (like the iconic black scientist in t2) and he can even sacrifice him-self for redemption but fail at the very end..

    Really good stuff if they hire the right people.