Fright Night Remake Trailer Starring Colin Farrell

When it was first announced that DreamWorks was working on a remake of the ’80s horror comedy Fright Night, it seemed pretty obvious that it was only trying to cash in on the Twilight craze. It didn’t seem likely that this would actually end up being a decent film in its own right. Now that the first trailer has debuted online over at IGN, I find myself becoming a little more open-minded. I’m still not expecting a vampire remake on par with Let Me In, but this appears to be bringing something new to the table.

For the uninitiated, the story revolves around a teenager named Charley, who starts to suspect that his neighbor is actually a vampire. Yes, they’ve modernized things a bit (he now uses an iPhone to investigate his neighbor’s house), but the story is pretty much the same. Anton Yelchin seems well-suited for the lead role, and the same goes for Christopher Mintz-Plasse as his buddy Evil Ed. I’m still undecided on Colin Farrell as the vampire though. I kinda like that the action and special effects seem to be amped up, I just hope they haven’t removed the humour entirely. It’s hard to believe this is directed by the same guy who did Lars and the Real Girl. Fright Night hits theatres on August 19th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Darksiders

    Looks good! And Colin Farrel actually works in this role. Hope it does the original justice.

  • 1138sw

    wow they really serioused up the original plot! But where is Peter Vincent??? Vampire Hunter???

  • Lars Von Tired

    I can’t believe this is real.

  • monkeyjay

    good ol hollywood they missed the point again! the whole point of the original, was charlie trying to prove to everyone there was a vampire next door. now evil Ed tells charlie? im all for new visions etc but this will never have that awesome 80s vibe or ‘the armys of the night are coming there comin’ playing. shame, i thought the cast looked perfect on paper.

    bet you finchers girl with the dragon tattoo re-make will have lisbeth with shaved pits! hollywood wimps!

  • Joe

    looks ok

  • Nathan

    I hate trailers that give so much away!! The movie itself looks like fun (just like the original) so I will be seeing this when it comes out in Australia.

  • MikeH

    i hate to say it but this remake looks like it will be good. Farrel is the right choice for the lead.

  • Yelchin and Mintz-Plasse are perfectly cast for this and even though Farrell is not my favorite he is the perfect successor. They are all far better actors than the thesps in the original film. But the action looks too slick and cheesy and the humor seems to be drained. The whole tone seems wrong and the story changes seem like bad ones. I don’t want to see it based on this but I’m too curious to skip it.

  • Jalen

    Will Peter Vincent be in this one?

  • Mike

    Farrel sounds weird when he tries to talk in an American accent. He’s much better in movies where he plays an irishman.

  • Looks way to serious..

  • Anthony

    I remember thinking the original was kind of a shitty film, then again I thought the original Hills have eyes was a shitty film as well and I really enjoyed the remake.

  • Gil

    Can’t wait!

  • Gil

    @monkeyjay Who gives a fuck about Ed telling Charlie. Didn’t Charlie still go to Ed for advice on vampires even though he’s clearly a big fan of horror? As for the 80s vibe thing… it’s not the eighties… get over it.

    And as for Hollywood being wimps for not having an actress with hair on her pits, have you seen Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart? She has hair on those pits. So there ya go.

  • Darth_Siskel

    as a fan of the original and it’s sequel

    and as someone who considered the idea of this remake blasphemous….this looks really cool

  • OST

    Colin looks great in this role, I think he’ll be perfect in this

  • Nelson

    I like the trailer, a little scary and a little funny AND smart. What more can I ask for? I love vampires, this movie has vampires. SOLD.