Film Junk Podcast Episode #317: Thor and Hot Docs 2011

0:00 – Intro / Doc Talk
12:45 – Headlines: Will Smith to Star in Tarantino’s Django Unchained?, Catfish Directors Hired for Paranormal Activity 3, Gary Busey Signs on for Piranha 3DD
33:10 – Review: Thor
59:15 – Trailer Trash: Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Conan the Barbarian
1:11:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Fast Five, Blow Out, No Entry, No Exit, Beats, Rhymes & Life, Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop, Magic Trip, Position Among the Stars, Wisconsin Death Trip, Project Nim, Eco Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson, Fightville, Hell and Back Again, Abendland, The Interrupters, Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey, Superheroes, 127 Hours, Due Date, Parenthood, Game of Thrones
2:21:40 – Junk Mail: Episodes 78 and 79 in 4 minutes, Netflix Canada, Walking Out of Movies, David Blaine, Best Film Restorations
2:47:00 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:52:15 – Outro

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  • Lars Von Tired

    I believe this sums up my feelings on the delayed posting of the podcast –

    Thanks for the new episode fellas.

  • Thanks for sharing Lars Von Tired. My response to the delay is a bit different.

    Thanks Film Junk!

  • Also call back

  • Ted Dibiase is not dead

  • christopher reed aka honky tonk pussy sonk

    “film junk is the best junk”
    “filmjunk has the best junk”
    “filmjunk’s oily balls rule over all other oily ball candidates”

  • Napalm

    Yes! Finally!

  • Henrik

    I miss Doug Nagy so fucking much this episode :(.

    Get him on next week if you can! I (and the world) NEEEEEEDS to hear his thoughts on Thor!

  • mike v


  • wow the late posting of this really got to me this week been checking my feed several times a days… but thanks very much…

  • anton

    yeeeeeeeyyyyy… finally!

  • Do you guys even listen to the podcast? Sean said for now on the podcast will be posted later than usually. Calm Down

  • Kent


    But did you guys ignore all the Junk Mail sent last week? I know I also sent some shortened episodes – and I understand not playing them because more than two of them on the same show is a little too much – but the mailbag still felt kind of empty this week.

  • Black Knight isn’t a movie, it’s a film.

  • Kent: We’ll play yours next week, we just had to cut the junk mail a bit short this time around.

  • Wintle

    Henrik, The Warriors Three tried to get together for a special Thor episode of the Macho Movie Review, but unfortunately The Norns conspired against us.

  • Kent

    Neal’s voice mail is just amazing.

  • This was my reaction when I saw there was a new episode of Filmjunk….

  • Kurei Scott

    Well if you guys thought that the biggest threat in Thor was Odin dying. Sorry to tell you guys but, its called the Odin sleep, Odin goes into a 24 hour sleep every winter I think. Don’t quite remember the details but he would’nt have died. But he is vulnerable. And Thor would never have been king, so that whole coronation thing is pretty pointless. Maybe they would’ve changed that for the movie, but yea thats not gonna happen.

  • kyri

    I don’t like it when Greg is not around.

  • Greg

    I don’t like it when I’m not around either. Duty calls sometime. Ha! Doody.

    I haven’t listened to the show, but here are my thoughts on Thor:

    Love story was weak and unbelievable. “Hi, I’m a strong woman who’s also a brilliant scientist. Oh look a man with muscles. I’m in love.” Bullshit.

    Character development was piss poor.

    Too much downtime and not enough hammer fighting.

    Costumes were good and the battles were fun.

    2 out of 4. Come on Marvel…don’t let me down with Cap’n America.

  • dday

    Woohoo! Thanks Sean.

    I advise the rest of you guys to watch FAST FIVE. It’s a blast. Completely ridiculous but fun.

  • Mason

    I’m totally psyched for Abendland. Sounds like an urban Sweetgrass. I absolutely loved Our Daily Bread.

  • Jalen

    Can someone please explain to me where I can listen to all the episodes before episode 80?

  • Lars Von Tired

    I haven’t listened yet but if Greg is not on it – it’s substandard.

    It’s like taking the red kidney beans out of Habitant’s minnestrone soup. I didn’t like them at first but they’re a nice compliment to the pasta (Frank) and vegetables (Jay).

    Wintle – I HAVE to ask – The pic on your avatar – WHAT IS IT, OR WHO IS HE ?

    Thanks all.

  • Kasper

    That guys voicemail is fucking horrible. The way he talks “funny” makes me cringe. Please die whoever you are.

  • No wonder we never get any voicemail.

  • Jalen

    One more question what is Jay referring to when he says “This is definitely a buy”?

  • This is the video Jay is referring to, which was also played on the podcast a few weeks ago:

    The old episodes should still be available here:

  • Britney sounds like a bitch.

  • kyri

    “Hi, I’m a strong woman who’s also a brilliant scientist. Oh look a man with muscles. I’m in love.” Bullshit.

    Yet true.

  • Britney just needs to let her guard down a bit and allow herself to be touched by the magic of magic.

    More specifically, she needs to allow herself to be touched by David Blane.

  • Lars Von Tired

    Or by the monster in Jay’s pants …..

  • Jalen

    Thanks Sean!

  • How about a Wolfgang Petersen marathon? He seems like a good choice since he has a bunch of different kinds of films.

  • Henrik

    Wintle, I just died inside. GET IT DONEEEEEEE

  • other greg

    Strongly, strongly agree with Frank re: Vin Diesel. Do not want. Do not get. It’s gotta be the Stonecutters.

    Who makes Vin Diesel
    A Star
    We do!

  • XY-Man: The Last Stan

    Glad to hear “Beauty Day” is playing well. I hope Jay is willing to submit it to the Brisbane International Film Festival. I’d make a trip all the way up there. Its to bad Sydney and Melbourne festival submissions are closed.

  • Austin in Japan

    WTF Jay? You all most gave me a heart attack when you said the the greatest wrestle of all time
    Ted Dibiase was dead.
    Everybody has a price!

  • Nils

    I think I’ll have to send in a Voicemail every week now, just to piss off that Kasper guy.
    Great show!

  • Khan Farrington, HMV Manager

    This epiosode was incredible. Thanks gents.

    Frank should do a documentary called “My Lunch with Jordana” and have lunch with Jordana Brewster look-a-likes.

    They could have that Fat Kid who reviews snacks as the waiter telling the couple what is good and what is not.

    Reed would be awesome as the narrator.

  • Question for Frank,

    Have you checked out the Talking Funny special with CK, Seinfeld, Rock, and Gervais.

  • Vikke_AJ

    I guess I liked Thor little bit more than the Filmjunk guys. It definitely had it weaknesses (especially the character building) but in the end I still had a decent time. It was quite light on action… at least the action scenes were over quite quickly. It’s reminded me of Iron Man 2 actually.

    I’m a big fan of the Walt Simonson Thor run. Of course the movie is not really in the same level, but it really could have been much worse.

    Thor Macho Movie Review would be really great! It’s been too long since the last episode.

  • bard

    Since you guys liked James Marsh’s films, you need to go back a bit and watch The King. It’s from 2005 I believe, but it has Gael Garcia-Bernal, William Hurt, and Paul Dano. It’s incredible. Elvis (Garcia-Bernal) gets out of the Navy and goes looking for his father (Hurt) who is now a pastor of a popular Texas church. I won’t go farther because of spoilers, but it’s very, very good. I hope you guys check it out.

  • @ Khan Farrington on

    “Frank should do a documentary called “My Lunch with Jordana” and have lunch with Jordana Brewster look-a-likes.”

    I’ll clear this up by saying Frank and every single man here is ALREADY TRYING to “have lunch with Jordana Brewster look-a-likes”.

  • Jay C, have you tried Swamp People yet? It’s even better than Pawn Stars.

  • Jack

    “..special Thor episode of the Macho Movie Review..”

    This would’ve been awesome! You guys need to make this happen even if it’s a few weeks late. Would definitely be a buy

  • RC

    Just watched Thor.

    I thought it was ok. It was better than I expected but my expectations were low.

    3 out of 5