Will Smith Now the Frontrunner for Tarantino’s Django Unchained?

As Sean said earlier today in this week’s poll, many of us film enthusiasts have Tarantino on the mind now that information about his latest film, Django Unchained, has been revealed. We already know the basic plot, along with a few actors who will fill out the cast. One detail that is still up in the air is who will play the main character of Django. Well, now rumors have started circulating that none other than Will Smith may be Tarantino’s top choice to play the coveted role. There has been no official offer made as of yet, though, and it’s unknown if Smith has even had a chance to read the script. If the casting works out, Tarantino will have arguably the most bankable star working today and one whose clean image could be thrown for a loop given the film’s controversial subject matter of slavery.

The Hollywood Reporter also caught wind of another bit of potential casting that hadn’t been mentioned previously. Though hardly a surprise, Samuel L. Jackson is supposedly circling a role in the film as well. His role would be that of a house slave who belongs to the film’s villain. He’s described as an expert manipulator and someone who Django will face off with. Pretty exciting stuff, right?! Tarantino is aiming for a fall shoot with Louisiana as a possible location. What are your thoughts on Will Smith as the potential lead in Django Unchained? Do you think he will fit in a Tarantino film or are you afraid of getting flashbacks to Wild Wild West?

  • dangerdoom

    Dont like it

  • Derek McFarland

    I think it would be a cool switch for Smith. The majority of his films are usually sci-fi/ action. Him being in a QT type film could be different, in the good sense. I don’t see how the role wouldn’t be good for the film. I’ve never had a problem with any of the actors in QT films (whether I liked the actor of not). QT’s scripts are just so greatly detailed, that it doesn’t seem ta matter who’s doin the acting in it. don’t know what all of this, “image possibly being thrown for a loop.” shit is all about. All of QT’s movies seem ta have some type of controversy surrounding them. Inglorious Bastards seemed like a bit of a controversial subject matter when it came out; and it turned out alright. Acting is acting, and personally I think it would be awesome ta see Smith in a QT flick. Bring it on….Wild Wild South

  • Steini

    Although I don’t like this choice I still have faith in Tarrantino and I think if he thinks that Will Smith is the best choice he knows what he does because I don’t believe that the studio/distributor forces him to this choice as a Tarrantino movie sells whether there is a big star like Will Smith in it or not.
    But let’s see if this turns out being true or if it is just rumors.

  • QT can do no wrong….Even the casting of Eli Roth as the Bear Jew has grown on me over multiple viewings. I see now that casting the obvious, Liev Schreiber, wouldn’t have played as well off of the Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz character.

  • ….oh, and a big rough Bear Jew wouldn’t have worked in the over-the-top-already final climax.

  • swarez

    Not the first actor I would choose but I have faith in Tarantino to bring out a stellar performance out of him, if this rumor is indeed true.

  • Bas

    As long as Big Willie leaves the kids with the nanny I’m in! I have not yet seen The Pursuit of Happyness or Seven Pounds, but even in I am Legend you can see that the guy really can act.

  • T. Heilman

    Oh please jesus no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • patrik

    Hope not, heĀ“ll probably try and get his kids in on it as well.. I want Denzel or Chiwetel Ejiofor.. That said, QT is usually pretty reliable with his casting.

  • bob

    Well I thought Brad Pitt would suck and didn’t. I thought Roth would suck and didn’t. I thought Myers would suck and didn’t. So, I have no opinion. I’m sure it’ll be fucking great. The fact that Smith is a great actor coupled with this possibly being a career changing role is very exciting if true.

    Cant wait.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Would be more interested in seeing Will Smith take a supporting role for once.

  • Chris

    After coming back from Thor and seeing Heimdall kick some ass, I’d like to see Idris Elba in this role.

  • Definitely agree with Idris Elba for this role…Michael Jai White would be great as well

  • love Will Smith

  • patrik

    Chris- I agree with you on Elba.. He’s got a good presence.. Anyone but Smith for me though. I’m sure I’ll still like the movie but I don’t wanna see his face in a QT movie.

  • MJS

    This should serve the same purpose as casting Brad Pitt in “Basterds,” it give the movie a super-bankable star and thus freeing Tarentino to go off on less than commercial paths in other regards. I think that Will Smith can be a really cool actor when he’s given the right material (which he generally hasn’t lately). If Smith isn’t busy this should work out splendidly.

  • Darksiders

    Come on. Smith is a great actor. QT always has reasons for his casting choices so I am confident Smith will be good. Unless his kid is in it as well….

  • HerlyGirl

    I think it’s kind of ironic… one of the BIGGEST name and paid actors in the industry currently, cast as a slave? Hmm… QT I like your style! Haha just kidding… well kinda…

    Will Smith is a good actor, I thought he was great in I am Legend and think he could do anything well if he really tried and had a good director to push him in the right direction.

    Also wouldn’t it be cool to see one of the most renowned = QT, with Will Smith one of the biggest actors, and well known to QT’s largest target audience? Ya I mean us cool adults who watched Fresh Prince of Bel Air everyday after school… oh I miss those days… school was so much cooler than working is….