Gary Busey Joins the Cast of Piranha 3DD

Fresh off a very memorable appearance on the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice, famed actor / weirdo Gary Busey has apparently signed on to star in the upcoming film Piranha 3DD, which started production earlier this week in North Carolina. Although his role has yet to be revealed, I really don’t think it matters. It’s probably safe to assume that pretty much everyone in this movie is there either to provide T&A or fish bait (or both). Busey joins a mostly unknown cast that already includes Danielle Panabaker (The Crazies), Matt Bush (Adventureland), Chris Zylka (The Amazing Spider-Man), and David Koechner (Anchorman). Now we’ll just have to hope that they get Meatloaf on board as well.

Celebrity Apprentice seems to have helped raise Busey’s profile in Hollywood somewhat, as this will be the first time he’ll star in a movie playing in theatres since probably Soldier back in 1998. Looking at his filmography from the past decade, the only thing I even recognize is Slap Shot 2. Of course, he did have a recurring role on Entourage not too long ago, which was pretty awesome.

Piranha 3DD is being directed by John Gulager (Feast), and will supposedly take place at a water park called — wait for it — The Big Wet Water Park. Yeah, I’d say Busey’s wacky reputation and knack for unintentional comedy should be a natural fit for this movie. I’ll be very interested to see how he works on set with Gulager though… based on some of the happenings on Project Greenlight, I think I’m actually more excited about the inevitable behind-the-scenes documentary. Are you looking forward to seeing Busey on screen in Piranha 3DD?

  • Bas

    Busey’s craziness will help, but it was director Aja that set the right tone for the last one. So the real question will be if Gulager can match the style of the last one. If he can, then I’m in!

  • Tomoo

    Wow I had no idea they were filming it here in North Carlolina. In relation to the topic though I’m not sure I want Busey in this film as I don’t really find him entertaining.

  • Is this actually going to make it to the theaters? It sounds like a direct to dvd flick, but has there been a direct to dvd movie that was 3D?