Ryan Gosling to Play The Lone Ranger?

Update: According to EW.com, Gosling will not star in The Lone Ranger after all.

Ryan Gosling is continuing to move away from indie films in favour of some bigger Hollywood paydays this week, as he is now said to be in talks for another major tentpole movie after landing the lead in a Logan’s Run remake back in February. According to The Wrap, he is now in talks to don the mask of The Lone Ranger, Disney’s Jerry Bruckheimer-produced reboot of the classic Western hero. We learned last year that Johnny Depp would play his sidekick Tonto in the film, but we had not had an official announcement as to who might play the Ranger himself. George Clooney was rumoured at one point, but clearly they are looking for someone just a little bit younger.

Although it’s weird to think of Gosling as a big action star, I definitely think he has the charisma and the cache required to pull off this role. Director Gore Verbinski is reteaming with Bruckheimer and Depp on this movie, and there’s no reason why this can’t be a major hit for Disney.

The only question right now is whether or not Gosling’s schedule can accomodate the film. He will be shooting Logan’s Run in the fall, and that may be the same time they are looking at putting The Lone Ranger into production. Assuming he ends up signing on, are you happy with this casting choice, and do you think it is a good career move for Gosling? Are you looking forward to The Lone Ranger?

  • djangoscud

    I always liked the mythology that TLR was The Green Hornet’s grandfather( both of the Reed family). That would have been cool to play off until the horrible Seth Rogan Hornet came out. I cannot think of anything that Verbinski has made I did not enjoy. This sounds like a winner to me especially with westerns making a comeback lately.

  • Nathan

    Kudos to Sean, who always seems to find a relevant picture when posting news.

    A Disney western? Jerry Bruckheimer? Fuck off. I have tasted from the well of bitterness and darkness and it is not yet dry. It will just be like Zorro. Tacky, predictable and with no gore or tits or robots to make up for it.