Giveaway: Win a Copy of The Way Back on DVD!

Peter Weir’s The Way Back didn’t get much of a theatrical release last year, but it did manage to get a lot of positive reviews (including this one from Colin). The movie stars Ed Harris, Colin Farrell and Jim Sturgess, and is based on the true story of several prisoners from a Siberian labor camp who escape across the Gulag and battle the elements in an attempt to make the 4000 mile trek to India. The movie is hitting DVD and Blu-ray this week, and good news… we’ve got a copy of the DVD to give away to one lucky reader!

To enter, just send your name and mailing address to with “The Way Back Giveaway” in the subject line. We’ll randomly pick a winner from all the entries we receive and notify them by next Tuesday (Apr. 26th).

Note: This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

Extras include:

  • Behind-the-Scene Featurette
  • Trailer

Good luck!

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  • Johnnyboy

    >>”Note: This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.”

    That is one of the positive sides of living in a welfare-state. Everyone is treated equally, there is no more opportunity for one guy than it is for another.
    And you can say ”bla bla bla, but our sponsor only gives inside America. Actually, if you TRY, you will find that there are giveaways for every region and every country. I am for example from Norway, and i am member of many sites where the same films that you have are given away both inside Norway and inside Europe. Same thing can be done everywhere. But you choose to only care and focuse about the US, because that is where the center of the world is…

  • fatbologna

    Scathing commentary.

  • fatbologna

    Filmjunk is Canadian, btw.

  • Kim

    It sucks that it’s not open to all of us, but if Film Junk is given the opportunity to reward fans with a free DVD, they shouldn’t pass it up.

    Can’t wait to see this movie by the way.

  • Oskars

    This is quite authentic movie, with some exagerations.
    My great-grandfather and grandfather had similar fate, my family was emotinaly and fisically destroyed by the Soviet regime. Both were sent to prison though, not to gulag because they where military, but almoust all the intelectuals of my country where sent to Siberia, half died there, half returned.