Bradley Cooper to Star in The Crow Reboot?

Last week we heard that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) had signed on to direct a remake of The Crow. Now, less than a week later, we’ve got a pretty solid report indicating that Relativity Media is on the verge of landing a well-known star for the lead role. Unfortunately, he is probably the last person I would want to see anchoring this reboot. Yes, it’s true, Bradley Cooper is currently in talks to step into Brandon Lee’s shoes as Eric Draven, the rock musician turned undead crimefighter. If this actually pans out, it will definitely be one of the weirder and more ill-informed casting decisions I’ve seen in a long time.

Although I don’t really want to believe it, the news comes courtesy of THR’s Heat Vision Blog, which is usually a very reliable source. From a business standpoint, it also makes a lot of sense, as he did just prove himself to be a reliable leading man in another Relativity production, Limitless, which is now closing in on $100 million worldwide. But I still don’t see him being right for the role.

I don’t hate Bradley Cooper, but let’s face it, the man has made a career out of playing douchebags, and the thought of him wearing white facepaint and glowering at evildoers just seems laughable. I realize they are looking to take this franchise in a new direction, but capturing The Hangover crowd does not seem like it should be high on their priority list. Admittedly, I have yet to see Limitless, so perhaps it does show that there is a different side to Cooper. What do you think? Can you see Bradley Cooper as a goth superhero or is this a major misstep for Relativity?

  • Nick Lowe

    This sucks more than a toothless hooker working the mall in Hamilton.

    Fuck Hollywood.

    I’m starting to watch only Bollywood films.

  • He played a hilarious musician in The Rocker, a movie I think four people saw.

  • Rick

    U know I thought the same thing about pretty boy prince charming heath ledger plsying the joker yet he is now the bar to try to beat for anyone who is now cast as the joker for years to come. He gave a stellor performence.

    I know its hard to see cooper as this roll, but dont clint him out just yet. There is no end to how people msy surprise u.

  • Darth_Siskel

    Too old

  • swarez

    It’s the image of him as healthy, square jawed, tanned and ridiculously good looking that is troubling us.
    But like Rick said, I think most of us poo pooed the idea that Heath Ledger could pull off The Joker and he proved us wrong. But then Ledger had dabbled in more challenging roles that didn’t require him to be hot, like Brokeback Mountain.
    But I don’t think this will go through in the first place.

  • 1138sw

    Yeah I wasn’t sure about Ledger at first too, but never rebelled like most because he was always a little off center anyway working on challenging roles. That casting never really bothered me…and I loved him in the role.

    But Bradely? Who I do like as an actor but to be honest I just don’t see him in the role as the crow. But who knows he might surprise us. That is if the casting is correct and true at all.

  • Derek McFarland

    Don’t know how I feel about Bradley, but I’d rather him play The Crow, than Mark Walberg. Thank god they canceled that idea. I guess we’ll just have ta wait and see.

  • Gil

    He can’t do any worse than Brandon Lee.

  • Ben

    I’m fine with this choice. All you chodes swearing up and down that he can’t do dark need to go watch Midnight Meat Train. Also, anyone mentioning Draven being a musician can also shut up because that just shows you don’t know the source material. Also, anyone complaining about Cooper being too handsome and in shape… uh… did any of you actually ever see Brandon Lee?

  • Marie

    That just angers me to no end. I love The Crow. I cannot believe they want to take a beautiful cult classic like that and remake it.

    Bradley Cooper is a terrible actor. I have no idea where everyone got the idea he was great, but to me a good actor is defined by his ability to be versatile. Cooper plays the same character over and over and over. I’m tired of it.

    If they must remake it, please cast someone else.

  • Jonny Ashley

    “Eric Draven, the rock musician turned undead crimefighter.”


    I don’t see the problem here.

  • Gil

    Cult cinema and shit films are two different things. The Crow was shit.

  • HerlyGirl

    I say good for Cooper for stepping outta the box and doing something different then what he is “known” for. I agree good actors are versatile, so give him a chance to be, I’m thankful someone else is willing to give him a chance.

    I think I am going to have to watch some of the Crow Movies later today, and come back and comment on the fact that they are actually doing a reboot… It seriously seems like Hollywood is running out of ideas so now everything is just a “Reboot” or “3D!” LOL! oh the silliness…

    Also, this touches on the Heath Ledger comments, the movie Candy that he did in 2006 before playing The Joker, was a very intense movie and I highly recommend it, (mind you it’s been a few years since I watched it). I think it was overlooked, but it proved to me Ledger was versatile even before he ever played Joker.