Film Junk Podcast Episode #314: Hanna and Your Highness

0:00 – Intro
2:45 – Headlines: RIP Sidney Lumet, Wayne Kramer Drops Out of Headshot, Will and Jaden Smith in M. Night Shyamalan’s Sci-Fi Film, Michael Shannon is General Zod
18:30 – Review: Your Highness
43:10 – Review: Hanna
1:03:00 – Trailer Trash: Warrior, Anonymous
1:11:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: Arthur, 12 Angry Men, Taking On Tyson, Atonement, The Killing, Tough Enough, The Windmill Movie, Taxi Driver, The Toy, Three Kings
1:40:45 – Junk Mail: Reed, The Expendables 2 Directors, Spoilers, Unlikeable Main Characters, Comic Book Recommendations, Directors We’d Like to See Direct a Documentary, Movies vs. Video Games, Cult Classics
2:10:25 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:13:00 – Outro

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  • Great to hear the positive news on Hanna fronts. More short episode mixes are required!

  • Scratch George P. Cosmatos off the list of possible directors for Expendables 2. Not that he wouldn’t be good, it is just that he died in 2005.

  • Dan

    Dan the senior year student here, thanks for reading my junkmail.
    The god of the internets fulfilled my wish and sent me a fresh episode of Cantankerous.

    Great show, as always.

  • I think comments are working again.

  • “Warrior” is in Pittsburgh, the home of our Olympic hero Kurt Angle! It filmed here almost 2 years ago and I’m surprised that it’s finally seeing the light of day. At this point, I thought they would have timed it to be released in some way, shape, or form around the time of Tom Hardy’s next bigger release. it wrapped up jusssssst as I was getting involved in the Pittsburgh film scene, but I know a lot of people that worked on it that said that it wasn’t a really good set to be on.

  • Awesome outgoing song. It’s the only thing I remember about the original Arthur. I miss the ‘movie theme song’. They’re a rarity these days.

  • Nick Lowe

    That Dr.Gielgud skit was the funniest thing since’s Frank’s Kevin Costner story.

    Well done fellas.

  • Aaron

    Agreed on the Dr. Gielgud bit. That one had me laughing pretty good.

    By the way, Frank’s laugh is super infectious. I love it.

  • Et tu Nat?

    Jonathan Demme – Radiohead

    Fuck you to, Jay.


  • Speaking of Stallone, it was already annouced the he will be directing Expendables 2.

  • Steve Kasan

    Hugh Morris, managed by Jimmy Hart part of the Dungeon of Doom led by the Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan the most evil man in wrestling.
    Later, as General Hugh E. Rection for the Misfits In Action with G.I. Bro (Booker T), Corporal Cajun (Lash Leroux), Major Gunns, AWOL, and Chavo Guerrero.

  • Chavo was Lieutenant Loco (y’see, he’s a Mexican fella), and didn’t Van Hammer go by Private Stash or something? I’m ashamed of myself for still remembering all of that. WCW in 2000 was a dark, dark place.

  • Fair Game was a true story that was in the top of the news queue for weeks. You can’t spoil anything that is mainstream news.

    I hate podcast (slashfilm) that tiptoe around all spoilers. If you have to interrupt the conversation every five minutes to say “spoiler warning for Goodfellas,” then I get turned off. There has to be some faith on your audience that they’ve seen some of the classics. Frank mentioned Sixth Sense. Sorry, but if you’re listening to this podcast and haven’t seen Sixth Sense yet, then tough.

  • As for the Atonement score, why do you think it was cheesy when Hanna does the exact same thing with the phones and gun shots etc. I thought both scores implemented that tactic pretty well.

  • Kasper

    Slashfilms podcast is unbearable to listen to. So pretentious and annoying, sucking up to all semi-famous guests.

  • Just joking–I do love High and Low Brow–and feel free to co-op that question on the next installment.

  • Agree, I can’t listen to Slashfilm. The host is the biggest tool in the world. The only film podcast I listen to is filmjunk, rowthree, and joblo.

  • patrik

    I like Slashfilm.. Not as much as Filmjunk of course, FJ is THE best podcast ever and easily the funniest. I also listen to the IGN podcasts “Keepin´it Reel” and “Channel Surfing”, Rotcast, Rowthree and Double Feature. The Bungie Podcast is very good as well as the Blizzard Podcast.

    Anyone know if it´s possible to get the Howard Stern podcast for free?