Warrior Trailer Starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton

I’m a bit surprised that with the wild popularity of the UFC and mixed martial arts, we still haven’t seen very many great movies based in this universe. Sure, there’s been a great documentary (The Smashing Machine) and there’s David Mamet’s Redbelt (still haven’t seen it), and then there’s questionable stuff like Fighting, Never Back Down and Never Surrender, but where is the Rocky and Raging Bull? Well, from the looks of this trailer and some of the positive early buzz, there’s a chance that Warrior could be it.

The movie stars Tom Hardy (Bronson, Inception) and Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom, The Thing) as two brothers who train to be MMA fighters and end up squaring off in the ring against each other. One is an ex-Marine and the other is a public school teacher up to his eyeballs in debt. Nick Nolte looks to have a great role here as their alcoholic father turned trainer, and the movie is written and directed by Gavin O’Connor (Miracle, Pride and Glory). Who knows, it could still turn out to be cheesy, but something tells me Warrior is the real deal. The movie hits theatres on September 9th; check out the trailer after the jump.

  • Al

    Won’t be the same without Joe Rogan commentating..

  • It essentially showed the whole film. Now we know that the two Brothers face each other. WHY WOULD I WANT TO KNOW THAT?! I realise it would be kind of obvious after about 10 minutes into the film but why the heck should I bother going to see this now? Why don’t I just watch the last 10 minutes of the film to see who wins… Afterall we know all the back story now.