Film Junk Podcast Episode #313: Source Code

0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Headlines: Justice League Movie in 2013, Arnold is The Governator, Monsters University, James Cameron Pushing Higher Frame Rates, Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy?
30:30 – Review: Source Code
50:45 – Trailer Trash: Green Lantern, The Hangover: Part II
1:02:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: Crimson Wing: The Mystery of the Flamingos, Moon, The Fighter, Catfish, Norm MacDonald: Me Doing Standup, Party Down: Season 1, The Staircase, Paradise Lost, Paradise Lost 2, Darkon, Encounters at the End of the World, Fair Game, The True Story of Wrestlemania, Krull, Celebrity Apprentice, Dragonslayer, IMAX: Hubble, Contact, Caliber 9, Dead Calm, Kill Zone
2:33:15 – Junk Mail: Episode 234 in 4 minutes, Unbreakable, Filing Criterion DVDs, Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace and Film Junk Touring, Movies You Are Embarrassed to Admit You Like and Jim Jarmusch, First Film You Obsessed Over and Sci-Fi World Building, Episode 104 in 2 Minutes
3:02:50 – This Week’s DVD Releases
3:05:00 – Outro
3:08:36 – Spoiler Discussion: Source Code

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  • Colin

    If I hadn’t already established my identity here, I would have probably opted to be known as “FULL SIZED MIDGET”

    Amazing stuff.

  • JW

    I loved Source Code even if it was derivative. It held my interest although I sense there was a huge plot hole at the very end. Good discussion on this one.

    I’m also enjoying the “in 4 minutes” and “in 2 minutes” versions of older episodes too. You guys are friggin’ hysterical. Wondering if there will be a 30 second version soon. Keep it up

  • swarez

    KIT KAT chunky fucking rocks. We got caramel Chunky here. Japan has a shit ton of variations of Kit Kat. I had green tea ones.

  • Fatbologna

    Nice to see Jay digging into the new Fernando Di Leo box set! One of the best Italian crime directors up there with Lenzi and Castellari.

  • Colin

    Frank – Glad you liked Party Down… falls off a lot on season 2, but it’s still a solid show.

  • Howard Downey Johnson might be my favorite name screw up yet.

  • On KRULL.

    “The Fat Freddie Mercury” cracked me up big time. I love the spider sequence in the film, easily my favourite. The old guy when he has the black eyes is a close second. And Quicksand is featured prominently with THE BEAST MASTER, the film I usually watch on a double bill with KRULL.

    On Twitch’s Back to the 80s series. It was the Time Bandit’s print that was red-tinged like THE THING print you mentioned at the Bloor. The Dark Crystal, Gremlins and Last Starfighter prints were all top-notch in quality and colour.

  • Absolutely echo the awesomeness of DEAD CALM, it’s one of my favourites of all time.

  • Jay is ridiculously wrong about KILL ZONE. Not so much about the cinematography, but the porn comparisons are silly. Many of the characters are interesting enough.

    Recommendations: PTU, EXILED, ELECTION are good places to start, if you want weirder and more deadpan, try EXODUS. note that all these films have a starring role for Simon Yam, the main cop (that isn’t Donny Yen) in KillZone.

    Sean’s comment on Conscience of Fire, the film he saw at TIFF last year, is accurate, it’s crap.

  • Faggymcbitchtits

    Can’t wait to see The Taxi Driver for the first time.


    (on bluray)

    What’s wrong with the forum?

  • Re: The Forum.

    I’ve just been tightening up some settings in order to prevent spam. New users now require posts to be approved before they appear, but there was a bug in phpBB where unapproved posts still made it into the RSS feed. I think it should be fixed now.

  • Henrik


    Why did you not watch Steamboy? I am disappoint…

    For Hong Kong awesome stuff without the bullshit, go for Yuen Woo-Pings Iron Monkey.

  • Make an Ohio trip out of it. Stop by Cleveland and get some delicious sandwiches with coleslaw in them. Alright.

  • I think it was obvious Richard Hatch got the shaft for the good of future Celebrity Apprentice episodes They didn’t even let him defend himself. I mean really… could you imagine the show without meatloaf or busey at this point. Hatch is expendable (and not in a good way, as in, the Expendables)

  • antho42

    Try to watch the non-action Hong Kong films.

    Great Films:
    Dumplings: Arguably the best horror film from the last decade.
    The Chungking Express: One of the best 1990’s films.
    Infernal Affairs: >>>>>>>The Departed.

  • Kasper

    Best Kit Kat Chunky I’ve ever had was the ones with cherry filling. Sadly they don’t have those here anylonger.

  • Fatbologna


    While I really liked Infernal Affairs I wouldn’t say it’s better than The Departed. However, Anthony Wong is definitely way cooler than Martin Sheen.

    I’d recommend Jay checks out Ebola Syndrome or The Untold Story for some epic Hong Kong cinema. Cat III films will open your mind and take a giant dump on it.

  • antho42

    Don’t get me wrong, The Departed is a good film — I simply prefer Infernal Affairs. The remake is bloated (e.g., the unnecessary love triangle) and it lacks the existential punch of the original .And it also has a better ending.

    Jay, just watch a couple of Wong Kar Wai films to get a new perspective on Hong Kong cinema.

  • Kurt

    Antho’s three picks are the BESTEST! Actually there is a brand new struck print of CHUNGKING EXPRESS coming to LIGHTBOX in toronto in April, I suggest making an effort to see that one the big screen. Magnificent!

  • Kurt

    …And DUMPLINGS is my favourite Asian Horror film. Period.

  • Hannes

    I looked in the show notes, the kitkat picture was not posted as promised.
    I would very much like to see it!

  • Frank,

    I know what you mean about the travel smooth textures on the new LCD TVs. It looks terrible and I’m baffled by the people who can’t see it. Anyway, there is a setting in which you can turn that off – though for sports it works well. On LG TVs there OS something called “auto motion plus.” Just turn that off in the settings menu. On other brands I’m sure there is a similar setting.

  • Austin in Japan

    talk of sweet 80’s cartoons and no mention of hammer man!?!?

  • dirrrtyfrank

    Thanks Andrew.

    I was actually looking for it on my dad’s TV this weekend and couldn’t.

    Part of me wants to not fix it for him in spite, as he seems to pretend the issue doesn’t exist, rationalizing his horrible TV purchase.

    Ignorance is bliss.

  • Kasper


  • Mason

    Are the Kit Kats available in Ontario the ones made by Nestle (like the UK) or the ones made by Hershey (like the US)?

  • Henrik

    My parents have the same problems as Franks dad!

    Does anybody know what “auto motion plus” is called on Sony TVs? -_-

  • Yasser Serious

    Frank’s impression of his dad sounds like Mr. Anderson from Beavis and Butthead. If that is the case I will pay BIG MONEY to meet your dad.

    Thanks for all the fun, guys. You guys rule.

  • alechs

    @ Mason

    KitKats are Nestle in Canada.

  • I didn’t realize Dumplings was held in such high regard. I’ve only watched the short and not the feature length version which I also have. Guess I’ll have to take a look.

    I don’t think Jay will appreciate Wong Kar-wai’s films. There’s a romantic quality to Wong’s films. And Jay won’t like the acting in Infernal Affairs.

  • Mason

    Greg sure watched a lot of great documentaries this week. I loved both those trial movies. I’ve seen in the news that the boys from Paradise Lost are finally getting a retrial- going on right now. I have the oscar winning film by the same director as Paradise Lost, “Murder on a Sunday Morning”, on my to-watch list.

    Besides Encounters at The End of the World and Grizzly Man, what are some other Herzog films in which he does a lot of awesome narration?

  • I think Murder on a Sunday Morning is actually by the director of The Staircase, but I’ve been meaning to watch it as well.

  • kwirk

    I love the edited condensed shows. Everyone of them has cracked me the hell up. Keep ‘em coming!

  • Mason

    Yeah you right. I was thinking Staircase but typed Paradise Lost.

  • Fatbologna


    I agree that Jay probably wouldn’t like Wong Kar Wai or Infernal Affairs.

    I guarantee he’d like the sleazy Category III films from the 80s or 90s which I’m sure you’d hate. They’re like Troma films that you need a shower after watching.

  • I’ve seen Chungking Express and I liked it.

    I’ve yet to see a Japanese horror film that I’ve liked.

    I have very little interest in Infernal Affairs.

  • James F.

    Frank and Sean,

    You think the first season of Party Down is great? The second is even better. Not a weak episode. Megan Mullally replaces Jane Lynch and she has some hilarious moments. It’s one of my top ten TV shows of all time.

  • peachfuzz

    BEST PODCAST EVER! I literally got the entertained fucked out of me.

  • antho42

    “I’ve yet to see a Japanese horror film that I’ve liked.”

    I was like you until a took a Jhorror class last semester.

    Just watch Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s filmography — quiet possibly the greatest living horror director. Ask Kurt for help on where to start, as he is a fan of this director.

    Great Japanese horror films:
    A Tale of Two Sisters (its korean, but it subverts the Jhorror(Ringu) tropes)
    Pulse ( It has major flaws, but is has some tremendous ups as well).

    And watch Dumplings(HK), its great!

  • antho42

    I’ve yet to see a Japanese horror film that I’ve liked.
    Battle Royal ?
    Godzilla films?

    There are more genres to Jhorror than simply the creepy looking girl ghost story. It’s just that after Ringu’s success, there was a flood of imitators that happen to be remade by Hollywood (thankfully, the craze has die down). It usher the same scenario that Halloween did to horror films in America (the slasher film fad).

  • Vikke_AJ

    I think the replacement Criterion cases are now available directly from their website. Too bad they don’t ship overseas :(

    Sean/Jay: Which Hubble Blu-ray did you get? Canadian or American release? I was just wondering if there’s any difference apart from the bilingual covers. At least I could order it from Amazon Canada.

  • We got the Canadian one. I don’t think there is any difference except that in the U.S. the Blu-ray is exclusive to Best Buy.

  • antho42: Yes, I did like House. Forgot about that one and I do love it, but I would imagine it’s a bit of an anomaly.

    I also liked Battle Royale, but I guess I don’t consider it a horror film. Same goes for Godzilla.

    I’m not saying I’m not open to seeing GOOD Japanese horror. I’m saying I have yet to see one that I’ve liked (aside from House I suppose).

  • Vikke, you can get overseas shipping on the Criterion cases if you use package forwarding. Try

  • In the spoiler part of the discussion Jay and Sean seemed confused as to why Jake G was sent “back” when he strayed from the train. Jay mentioned something about fate finding a way/etc. He’s always going to get sent back after the 8 mins are up. It doesn’t matter where he is, at least that’s how it seemed to be presented in the film.