The Hangover: Part II Trailer #2

After a stylish teaser trailer that announced the return of The Wolfpack without actually showing much footage from the movie, we now have the first full theatrical trailer for The Hangover: Part II just in time for April Fool’s Day. For anyone who was wondering what the plot might be and how the characters might get themselves into a situation similar to the first movie, it is now pretty clear… this movie will be an exact clone of the first one, just set in Thailand instead. The only difference is that Stu (Ed Helms) is the one getting married this time, but just like before, they wake up after a night of crazy partying and are forced to retrace their steps in order to figure out what happened and get to the wedding on time.

Poor Justin Bartha seems to be the odd man out once again, although at least he actually has a few seconds of screen time in this trailer. Ken Jeong also reprises his role as Mr. Chow, although it’s going to be hard for me not to think of him as Senor Chang from Community this time around. What do you think, will The Hangover: Part II be as funny and as successful as the first film? It hits theatres on May 26th; check out the theatrical trailer after the jump or watch it in HD over at

  • I’m reading a lot of negative things about this trailer around the web, mainly it’s, like you said, a clone of the first film. I don’t mind that one bit. I don’t know why people were expecting the formula to drastically change. Shit hit the fan in vegas and it was hilarious, now shit is hitting the fan in Thailand and I expect it to be as hilarious. If I’m laughing my ass off I could care less that the movie sticks to the same formula.

  • bilbo

    Any movie that includes a monkey as part of the plot is dead to me.

  • Burgus

    bilbo.. haha.. nice one

  • its probably the best they could do with this…I mean really, what do people expect them to do? Hangover in space?

  • Die Hard is awesome and so is Die Hard 2 – they’re the same movie.

  • Derek McFarland

    I agree. I also feel the same way about the first two
    National Lampoons Vacation films. I’m sure it won’t be as good or original as the first, but there will most likey be plenty of humorous parts that will be worthy of checking out. It’s like rus in chicago stated. There’s not too much you can do with a continuation to these type of movies. Kind of like with the American Pie Franchise.

  • Greg

    I friggin’ hate monkeys.

  • Werner

    the movie will be fun

  • One thing they could have done, which it looks like they didn’t, was add Justin Bartha into the insanity.

  • krudsma

    Did anybody go to see the first one because they wanted a fresh and interesting story? No? Then the sequel will probably be just fine.

  • Robin

    I didn’t get the first one. Which were the funny bits? Seriously. I’ve never met anyone who quotes “The Hangover.” No one. Ever. Mediocrity.

  • What are the people who hated the first movie supposed to do?

  • The backseat blood splatter bit took me back to Children of Men. Don’t ask, maybe it’s the camera pan, i don’t know…

  • Falsk

    I am so over Ken Jeong… but he won’t… go… away.

  • ChuufingL

    Funny for the first 20 secs.