Pixar’s Monsters Inc. Sequel is Actually a Prequel Called Monsters University

Update: Disney has confirmed that Dan Scanlon (Mater and the Ghostlight) will direct Monsters University.

With Cars 2 looking like a guaranteed cash cow but potentially a critical flop for Pixar, many of us are already looking ahead to see what the acclaimed animation studio can do to redeem themselves next year. They actually have two projects slated for release in 2012, one of which is Brave, about a Scottish princess named Merida, voiced by Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire), who accidentally puts her father’s kingdom in jeopardy. The other is the long-rumoured Monsters Inc. 2, which we now know will be a prequel called Monsters University. Great, a Shrek clone and another sequel? Somehow this isn’t making me feel any better about Pixar’s future.

Disney confirmed this week at CinemaCon in Vegas that Billy Crystal and John Goodman have signed on to once again voice Mike and Sully in Monsters University. The story will explain how the two met at university, where they did not get on well initially but eventually became the best of friends. Not much else is known about the project as of yet, and in fact, a director still hasn’t been announced. Monsters Inc. director Pete Docter will not be returning.

As for Brave, it is being directed by Mark Andrews, who previously co-directed the short One Man Band. It could have potential, but from the description it sounds more like a Disney movie in the vein of Tangled than a Pixar movie. While I am certainly interested in revisiting the characters and the world of Monsters Inc. (much more than Cars, at any rate), it’s still a bit disheartening to see Pixar lose the spark of originality. What do you think, will Pixar deliver the goods with Brave and Monsters University?

  • rjdelight

    Have they ever had two films in one year before?

  • I’ve lost all faith in Pixar. Ratatouille was shit, (granted Wall-E and Up were ‘ok’ but JUSt ‘ok’), Toy Story 3 was a huge step down from the first two, Cars 2 looks like something that would be on Sunday mornings on the Disney Chanel, and Monsters Inc 2 sounds terrible.

  • djangoscud

    Directed by Uwe Boll, and Michael Bay and brought to you by Carls Jr.

  • biggribblymonster

    They still doing their first live action version of John Carter of Mars? That’s never been done in anything but print before so still some vestige of originality.

  • John Carter of Mars is definitely still happening but last I heard it will not be a Pixar movie. It’s being directed by Andrew Stanton (Wall-E) but it’s going to be a Disney movie.

  • Faggymcbitchtits

    Pixar HAS until now a pretty much solid filmography. Ratatouille, UP, Wall-E, ToyStory3 ARE all great films and truth is we haven’t seen Cars2 yet. Maybe it won’t be as bad as the trailer looks.

    If it is that bad, then Disney obviously destroys everything it touches and therefore It’s only a matter of time for them to go Bankrupt and leave us alone.

  • Bas

    I have faith in Pete Docter and the guys at Pixar, Monsters 2 will be epic.

  • I am not a fan of Pixar, up until now I have only enjoyed Wall-E and Finding Nemo, that’s it. Monsters Inc., was a so-and-so film and I have little faith that the prequel will be a hit. Even it’s premise is weak.

    What’s with Mosnters making a come back in the last two years. I’ve been developing my own series for years and now all of the sudden Monster films are like the the new version of the Vampire craze.


    Getting back to Monsters University, why did they use plurality with the title. Monster University makes more sense than “monsters” with an “s.”

    “The story will explain how the two met at university, where they did not get on well initially but eventually became the best of friends.” Anyone else think that tis plot makes no sense based on the previous film?

    For me, a better plot would explain how Mosnters Inc started in the first place. Was it a small business, or did they raise capital to become a giant from the start? Do they have competition? Heck a sequel would have been better.

    Okay, that ends my rant.

  • Bas

    Dammit, not Pete Docter? I’m sure Scanlon is no hack, but in any case I’d prefer the director of the original to do the sequel.