The King’s Speech PG-13 Version Hits Theatres on April Fool’s Day

Up until this past weekend, The King’s Speech has consistently finished in the Top 10 at the box office for every weekend in 2011. The movie has grossed an astounding $359 million worldwide, which is pretty damn good for a $15 million flick… and yet apparently that is still not enough for Harvey Weinstein. The man is convinced that the movie could still make more money if only it didn’t have so many swear words in it. Well, we’re about to find out if that’s actually true. Starting next month, a brand new PG-13 cut of The King’s Speech will start its own theatrical run. The only difference? Colin Firth now says “shit” 42 times instead of the word “fuck”. What the shit?

Director Tom Hooper was dead set against cutting anything from his film, and so apparently the compromise was simply to dub over all the F-bombs in the film with the word “shit” instead. This was all the MPAA required in order to slap a more lenient rating on the film, allowing parents to safely take their children to see this year’s big Oscar winner. The Weinstein Company’s President of Theatrical Distribution and Home Entertainment, Eric Lomis, had this to say:

“We are thankful to the MPAA for their wisdom and swift action in approving the release of THE KING’S SPEECH PG-13 release. The action enables those to whom it speaks most directly – young people who are troubled by stuttering, bullying and similar trials — to see it.”

It’s somewhat ironic that the release date for the new PG-13 cut will be April 1st. Hopefully this is their way of telling us that the entire thing is just one big hoax. Harvey Weinstein claims that he also wanted the PG-13 cut for the DVD release so that the movie could be safely shown in schools. It all seems pretty ridiculous though… after all, is there really that much of a difference between the two words?

  • Nils

    Fuck this

  • Brendan

    As I read this, the commercial for “Your Highness” with Natalie Portman’s ass covered by CG underpants is on. Just reminds of more arbitrary self imposed censorship in movies.

  • Al

    What has the world come to..

  • How does this actually work? Are they going to dub the word “Shit” over “Fuck” with the actor still mouthing “Fuck”?

  • I hope they make a ton more money. Then, they can finally give my friend’s film the release it deserves!

    PS King’s Speech was awesome!

  • On second thought, are kids really going to go to this moVie now? You would think parents would be happy to take them or buy their tickets for an artistic, inspirational and educational movie like this. Will be interesting to see how this edit does!

  • Should change it to bollocks and get a PG release. That is like fuck in England, but not even a curse word anywhere else.