First Official Photo of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

Well whether you asked for it or not, there is a new Wonder Woman TV series in development over at NBC, and although it hasn’t officially been picked up yet, David E. Kelley (Boston Legal) is the man helping to put together the pilot. Adrianne Palicki will star alongside Elizabeth Hurley and Cary Elwes. In this new modernized version of the comic book, Wonder Woman actually has three identities, one of which is a superhero, one of which is the CEO for a company called Themyscira Industries, and the other is just “a real woman who yearns to live a normal life.”

Entertainment Weekly just released the first official photo of Adrianne Palicki in costume as the new Wonder Woman, and wow, it’s a real piece of work. I mean, I guess it’s cool that she looks like a cheap hooker and all, but it’s a little hard to believe that this will be the “serious, non-campy take” that NBC is promising. I’m not denying that Wonder Woman is a tough character to get right in a live action setting, but this is just horrendous. What do you think, is there still hope for a Wonder Woman TV show? Check out a much larger version of the photo after the jump.

  • Brugalito

    she looks like a super-hoe, really bad outfit they should honestly change the actor and the suit

  • I guess she could only be more whorish if she was wearing hot pants.

  • Mikey T

    Why don’t they just put it on the Spice Channel and call it Wonder Whore. I think we all know this series is gonna be shit. Maybe if we get lucky the pilot won’t get picked up by any of the networks.

  • I would have preferred seeing Cobie Smulders as Wonder Woman instead, you know–when it was a movie and not a tv series.

  • MGL

    There is nothing wrong with that.

  • Jonny Ashley

    It’s very nice to see Halloween Headquarters still gets business in the off-season.

  • Swarez

    This outfit looks like it was purchased at a fetish store. Looks ridiculous and couldn’t they at least tried to hide the fact that a Greek Amazon Godess has implants.

  • FoxMulder

    Please…She’s got to look slutty! Otherwise, noone’s going to watch… ;-)

  • Greg

    I’ll tell you this…I don’t mind the pants instead of the shorts.

    However, whoever styled her hair and make-up should be fired. To me, that’s what makes her look slutty. Cheap hooker is a very accurate description.

  • Henrik

    Looks like Wonder Woman?

  • Colin

    Two words: Face Huggers

  • kyri

    How much she charges per hour?
    Is the whip the menu?

  • rob

    didnt the character Joan from madmen say that she wanted to be wonder woman for the tv show! why couldt we have her!
    this girls face looks 2D

  • Niklas

    this costume sucks and her lips are too red

  • 1138sw

    Man talk about chezzy!! Wonder Woman gets no respect! Prospect for this show being good are pretty low! But she is hot though! Always loved Adrianne Palicki not as an actress of course…but she is hot!

  • let me throw out a question in all serious (yeah right): if they would have gone with a full, skin tight, body suit like some comics, and like the Brittany Spears famous video, would that enable them to have both – strong, amazonian princess, and raw sexuality for the boys?


  • alpoc

    this is about as close as u can get to a skin tight body suit. this pictures shows that not all comic book character should get movies or shows. ww in the 70’s was cheesy as a kid i watched & liked it, but the 70’s as a whole was cheesy…disco, village people, leisure suits & tight bell bottom pants & tight colorful shirts. i hope this picture is a joke. the costume & makeup are terrible. why so bright & shinny? just awful.

  • Derek McFarland

    She does looks like a picture ad from Party Boy Halloween costumes. One of those $150 adult ones, that semi stand out in parties. If they’re going for a non campy version on the show, that outfit’s taking them in the wrong direction. I suppose Wonderwoman wearing pants is “alright”, but the colors are too damn colorful to take seriously, in this day and age. It should be as colorful as Supermans, in
    Superman Returns; assuming they wanna keep it somewhat traditional. I actually would prefer the Wonderwoman costume, that Erica Durance wore, in a recent Smallville episode over this slutty getup. That was one of the most realistic W.W. costumes I had ever seen.

    When it comes to the actress playing this part… at the moment I can’t think who’s tall enough or would play the role the best; but I’m pretty confident,
    Adrianne Palicki isn’t the one, (from what this picture is showing me).

  • MikeH

    they definitely need to change the outfit, first off, need to see legs. also they should update the outfit, maybe less bright colours to start. she definitely looks like she has a killer body so they should show more of it.

    i think that NBC is hoping that this will be a hit like Smallville, its possible i guess, mind you i have only watched the first couple of seasons of Smallville.

  • Cassandra

    Anyone else think this doesn’t even look like the actress? It’s like her face, and just her face, has gotten fat. But yes, this is terrible and looks like something I’d find in the costume department at Walmart. This has to be a joke, or possibly they’re hoping to show us this outrage so anything they throw at us next looks acceptable.

  • It looks like an attempt at a sexy cosplay. What a mess.If the show goes into full production I’m presuming this will completely change..

  • other greg

    >I guess she could only be more whorish if she was wearing hot pants.
    >Posted by Juan Costrada on March 19th, 2011

    Which raises the obvious question: WHY NO HOTPANTS!!1!

  • other greg

    Although, I’m wondering: why not a wonder thong.

  • Maopheus

    This is NBC. Who actually thinks NBC will do any kind of genre show correctly? Anyone remember the Bionic Woman re-whatever series? No one? What network was that on? NBC. If you’re going to make something that outlandish looking, why not go full outfit with the panties look. It’s not like you’re trying to protect her dignity or anything. Those balled-up fists make her look really tough too. Well maybe in a lesbian bar. Also if they stick with the pants, and this show actually gets picked up, how many camel toe alerts are we going to see?

  • Derek McFarland

    This is almost…”ALMOST” as bad as that picture of
    Nicholas Cage in that horrendous Superman costume; back when Tim Burton was gonna direct. “ALMOST”
    Shit… The gold colors look like plastic & her damn boots aren’t even red, for Christ sakes! This show will end before it begins.

  • other greg

    >>how many camel toe alerts are we going to see?

    Based on the pic, looks like we’ve got two or three inches to spare. (kinda droopy)

  • The outfit actually isn’t that bad. It’s basically what the actual character looks like, and the full pants actually make it less obnoxious than the hot pants would.

    The biggest problem I have is that her chin could give Bruce Campbell’s a run for it’s money.

  • Bas

    If it’s aimed at kids this look might be alright, in a Totally Spies kind of way. But for an adult audience it is ridiculous. Too bad for Adrianne Palicki, she didn’t come up with this look but is being judged for it.

  • Hugh

    She’s very voluptous and a fine looking woman. This is the essence of the character that she is portraying.

    I can’t understand criticism based on her appearence and attire.

  • Does anyone have one season in the cancellation pool? If so, I’ll take 3/4 the first season.

  • Maopheus

    It has nothing to do with her. It could be anyone and they’d look just as stupid. So please don’t try to misdirect the discussion and make it sound like we are criticizing her. Someone else designed the outfit and someone else hired her for the job. Ultimately David E. Kelley is the guy in charge and he bears the brunt of the scorn. I suppose a lot of has to do with whether you want to see a Wonder Woman tv show or not. If you want to see you might be more willing to give it a shot. Remember, NBC hasn’t decided anything. Remember the discussion about pilots in Pulp Fiction?

  • Peter

    That outfit’s badddddd… Getting negative vibes if that’s the direction they’re going… And she looks more like a teen going to a party. At least Linda Carter was more attractive and womanly looking.

  • ThatGuy

    Well, I personally think it was lame and it needs a actress that doesn’t have a round face.

  • Big Hungry

    Now I know why smallville ditched the costume in their world.

  • AThe new wonder woman actress is a nice looking lady but its not her I reject its the new costume I reject I don’t like the costume but its good for going to halloween parties but I don’t think the costume is good for a new t.v. show or a movie. The new actress would look better in the original style bathing suit costume like wonder woman appeared in the superfriends and the justice league cartoon.she should wear the american colors with stars and red and white boots and do that special superhero transformation spin from diana prince to wonder woman.the new series is ignoring where wonder woman is from and that is paradise island.they need to staron paradise island and show how she be came the amazon warrior superhero of truth and how she earn that special suit and power bracelets and lasso of truth.have her fly the invisible jet then the new show maybe suessful for ww fans too.

  • b cooper

    yea real bad outfit,still want to fuck her though…must just be the fact its wonder woman.