David Slade to Direct a New Daredevil Movie

We’ve been hearing rumours for years now about a possible Daredevil reboot. Let’s face it, the 2003 Mark Steven Johnson film was not particularly well loved by fans or critics, and Fox has always thought that they could do something more with the property if they could just find the right creative team. Well, this week they appear to have found the first part of that team as they have reportedly hired David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) to direct a brand new Daredevil movie. The weird thing is, they’re not calling it a reboot, they’re calling it “a continuation of the Daredevil saga.” Well, at least we won’t have to see the origin story all over again.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck is not attached to reprise his role as Matt Murdock, which probably won’t upset too many people. However, thus far there is no mention of who they might have in mind to replace him. A couple of years ago Jason Statham volunteered himself for the role, but nothing ever came of it. If Fox really wanted to ingratiate themselves with the fans, something tells me that would be an easy way to do it.

David Scarpa (The Day the Earth Stood Still) was hired last year to write a new Daredevil script, but it’s unclear if he is still involved. Supposedly they are now looking to draw from the Frank Miller’s Born Again storyline, and although I haven’t read it, it sounds pretty cool. The Kingpin finds out that Matt Murdock is Daredevil and starts to mess with his life, eventually pushing him to the brink of insanity. Considering the fact that Slade has primarily directed horror movies, it seems a safe assumption that this will be a fair bit darker than the last Daredevil flick. What do you think, can he do Daredevil justice on the big screen?

  • If Kingpin knew who Daredevil was why wouldn’t he just ice him? Either way, I like the character and I’m glad they’re finally giving this property another go.

  • Derek McFarland

    I have faith in Slade, so bring it on.

  • Hugh

    I didn’t think that the first DD film was too bad. I know that I am in a minority in that view as it was roundly derided.

    The storyline in the comic book where Matt Murdoch plays as his supposed twin brother Mike was a lot of fun and if this was adapted the film could be quite light in tone and entertaining.

  • swarez

    Since Affleck has proven himself to be a kick ass director and he loves DD, why doesn’t he have a crack at it?

  • What do you think, can he do Daredevil justice on the big screen?

    I’m don’t think so, Robert Rodriguez could a better one, doing something like he did with Sin City.

  • Juan

    I enjoyed a lot the first one, it was a perfect film but it sure wasnt the worst one ever.
    I look foward to this new movie

  • Daredevil was fine. X-men and The Fantastic Four, plus the TWO HULKS were lame.
    Bad reviews and bad fans? Whatever. The film really could be collapsed down into, like an hour television pilot…….

  • Nelson

    I think that this is a really good thing and I am excited, at the moment. If they can find a really talented and “physical” actor to play Daredevil then I think it could be very impressive.

    I would like for them to take their time and find someone just as suited for the role of Daredevil as Christopher Reeve was for the role of Superman. I know that’s a tall order, but it’s what I would want for a Daredevil movie, or any superhero movie, for that matter.

    I just saw a new trailer for X-Men First Class, actually, the trailer is in Russian, but there is a lot of new footage from the movie, and it looks very cool. Now I am even more excited about seeing the movie and I am very grateful to Bryan Singer for whatever role he played in persuading Fox to do the movie. I sincerely feel like this movie could go a long way towards erasing any lingering complaints there were about the last couple of X-Men movies.

  • Napalm

    Not exactly keen on watching another DD film. The first film’s portrayal really didn’t put the character under a good light to me. But I like David Slade’s work… big fan of Hard Candy. So I’m looking forward to seeing his take on this.

  • Did you like the first DD moVie? I actually enjoyed it and I’m a fan of the comics. Thought they did a lot of fun and interesting stuff with it. Lots of comics to screen adaptations are uninteresting, but this film had the same excitement for me that I got when I saw V FOR VENDETTA and GHOSTWORLD on the screen.