Drunk John Lasseter

Some people think John Lasseter must’ve been drunk when he green-lit Cars 2. This video proves it.

  • acousticpunknz

    I think he HAD to get drunk just to talk about this movie.

  • Jonny Ashley


  • Tomoo

    I just heard this part on the podcast, glad you found it. Did you edit this? Because he sounds fucking hammered.

  • Genius Jay,Pure genius! I’d have to get loaded to talk about “Card” too, to actually watch it, I’d have to O.D. on LSD or something.

  • *hick* Oops I already started.

  • I hope the subtitle of the film is “Drunk at the Wheel.”

  • well, he does own / live at a winery…probably has wine coming out of the faucets!

  • ….wonderfully full of himself…SO confident

  • kyri


  • Mikey T

    This is hilarious but it’s not running at the right speed. Although I like this one better, there’s another version where it’s pretty obvious he’s not drunk. Sorry to be a party pooper Jay.


  • Mikey T

    Ok, maybe I missed an inside joke. Good stuff either way.

  • Matt

    Mikey T, Jay mentioned it last night in the podcast. The rant that he goes on with Cars 2 is hilarious.

  • I love the video, especially the shirt and the shelfs behind are epic! Either way the idea behind Cars 2 is just ridiculous!