Stallone Gives Up the Director’s Chair on The Expendables 2

Some potentially worrisome news this week for the follow-up to Sylvester Stallone’s successful revivalist action flick The Expendables… of course, it could also be promising, depending on your point of view. The sequel is still happening and is, in fact, a very high priority over at Millennium Films. However, this week the L.A. Times has learned that Sly is not planning to get back behind the camera again, nor will he be writing the script himself. According to an inside source, he has recently been meeting with directors to take over the franchise. Will this be a smart move, or should Stallone remain the sole creative force behind it?

For a while there, it seemed like Stallone was angling for a new chapter in his career as a director after helming Rocky Balboa, Rambo and The Expendables, but now that he has re-established himself as an actor, directing seems to be less of a priority for him. Perhaps it was only a means to an end. Last month he also signed on to star in Wayne Kramer’s Headshot.

While it might be interesting to see what someone else could bring to an Expendables sequel, I would worry about losing the over-the-top violence and no nonsense machismo that made the first one so much fun. The script for The Expendables 2 has already been written by David Agosto and Ken Kaufman, who also wrote Space Cowboys, another movie that brought together several aging Hollywood bad asses. Of course, he also wrote the comedies In the Army Now, Muppets from Space and Curious George, so it’s hard to say what we might get out of him.

An even more important question is whether or not the loss of Stallone as a director might affect the chances of people like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger potentially signing on for bigger roles. I think we can all agree that the movie will largely be sold on its cast once again. What do you think, is this good or bad news for The Expendables 2? Who would you like to see direct in place of Stallone?

  • Fatbologna

    I think as long as he’s still starring and producing the film should be fine. I liked the first one but felt the editing was a little too choppy so hopefully whoever they get can design some interesting shots going in rather than having to overcompensate for improvisation. I think Sly’s hand was steadier on Rocky Balboa and especially Rambo and watching what he went through on the first Expendables I can understand why he wouldn’t want to take dual jobs on the next one.

    I hope this doesn’t mean he’s going to try to shoot for another stab at an action career outside of his own stuff though. I’m worried we’ll start seeing shit like Get Carter again…

  • rjdelight

    When does John McTerian get out of prison?

  • Burgus Man… Is Jay and his solo career.. getting bigger than the band.. I dont like this at all.. haha

  • rob

    maybe he is having a couple of acting roles before retiring to the directors chair, clint eastwood sort of did that

  • Yasser Serious

    MANNY COTO !!!!!

  • Kasper

    Depending on who replaces Stallone this could be very interesting.

  • Derek McFarland

    I think Sly is a great director, but changing directors would be a good move… depending on who will fill in his shows. Justin Lin could be a good candidate, or maybe Antoine Fuqua; if they would want to go in a more Rambo 4ish way, with a less macho/humor feel and a more serious shit action film. Give Arnold a bigger role this time though.

  • I say get the guy who remade The Mechanic.

  • Hugh

    What there was a script and direction for the first film!!????

    It just looked like a lot of action film guys hanging out and having a great laugh. Not that I’m jealous or anything you understand.