Cars 2 Full Theatrical Trailer

Well I think we’re all pretty much expecting Cars 2 to be one of Pixar’s weakest films to date, and the marketing sure isn’t doing much to change our minds. The first Cars film is the only other Pixar movie to have ever lost the Oscar for Best Animated Feature aside from Monsters Inc., and after pushing the boundaries of family entertainment with movies like Wall-E and Up over the last few years, it seems that they are going back to the well for a straight up cash grab. Make no mistake… Cars 2 will make a ton of money, but it doesn’t look the least bit interesting.

The story finds Lightning McQueen and Mater getting caught up in the world of international espionage as they race throughout Japan and Europe. Michael Caine voices British secret agent Finn McMissile, who also figures heavily in the new film. The full theatrical trailer for the movie premiered over on MSN this week, and as a trailer, it’s pretty terrible in my opinion. It honestly feels like it could be for a direct-to-video animated feature of some sort. With our expectations low, perhaps the movie will still surprise us, but right now I’m not looking forward to it at all. What are your impressions of Cars 2? The movie hits theatres on June 24th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Juan

    I always thought Pixar would never let me down. Today I think that thought I longer valid. I’m not looking foward to it at all.. I guess I have to see it and then have a valid opinion

  • djangoscud

    America is NOT a trailer park. There is a difference between hard working blue collar and society sucking red neck. Fuck Pixar for pandering to the toothless masses that arrive in droves to watch transformers and the blindside in between weekends of NASCAR and WWE.

  • Bas

    The first Cars really grew on me and now I regard it a better film than A Bugs Life (doesn’t seem like high praise, but the rest is just way better, although in retrospect Up wasn’t that great aside from the first 20 minutes). But this trailer troubles me: could this be the first Pixar movie I actually DISlike? Of course we should wait and see and judge it on its merits, but not a single thing in this trailer works for me.

  • MikeH

    with having a little one at home i have been watching a lot of these animated flicks again and at first i was not a fan of Cars and actually my son didnt seem to into either, but after watching the first one over and over and over again it grew on both of us. now with the second i think it should go straight to dvd because i am not too thrilled about the trailer. but maybe after watching it a few dozen times this one might grow on me as well.

  • Nekowrites

    OK I was not looking forward to this movie and to be honest I still am not. BUT I cant help but wonder if this isn’t going to follow the model of the CarToons that Pixar put out last year. With no one knowing about the spy bits except mater. Which would almost work for me.

  • Niklas

    not interested in this at all but this looks like a Pixar movie thats not geared towards adults at all so whatever.

  • I hate that Larry the Cable Guy is still getting work.

  • kyri

    Really? A Japanese toilet for cars?

    How about sushi for cars?

    I knew Disney would reduce Pixar to something like this.

  • *VOMITS*

    Of course I think CARS 1 is pixars first failure in doing anything interesting with its storytelling…just a flat out pander. This one looks far worse. I’ll be skipping. Life is too short for Larry The Cable Guy humour and animated-car-spy-nonsense.

  • Scott

    OK, so i guess PIXAR is now telling us what Britian has been telling us for years….They are Bright, well mannered, and slick…..and we are “Larry the Cable Guy”…Not someone i would chose to represent the US.

    Now we have our own movie makers making us out to inbred morans…