Charlie Sheen Wanted for a Cameo in The Hangover 2?

Charlie Sheen is on fire right now. The troubled actor / warlock has gained 1 million followers on Twitter in just 24 hours, and continues to spout amazing one-liners and philosophical ramblings as he sits at home waiting for a call from the producers of Two and a Half Men. As far as we know, that call has not yet come, but in the meantime, there are plenty of other people trying to get a hold of Sheen. People like Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover and its upcoming sequel The Hangover Part II. A proposed Mel Gibson cameo ended up getting the kibosh thanks to protests from other cast and crew members, but could we see a last minute cameo from Hollywood’s latest celebrity meltdown instead?

According to Badass Digest, a reliable source claims that they are in discussions with Sheen about appearing in the film. Although production on The Hangover Part II has already wrapped, it’s still quite possible for them to shoot something now and get it into the final film, particularly if it’s a post-credit stinger or something completely unrelated to the story.

We know that Mel Gibson’s role in the movie eventually went to Liam Neeson, but somehow I can’t see him achieving the desired comedic effect. Perhaps that is why the producers of the film are now trying to shoehorn Charlie Sheen in at the last minute. But how long will it be before his whole situation blows over and the world loses interest? The movie hits theatres on May 27th, so hopefully he can keep the hilarity coming for at least a few more months. What do you think, is a Charlie Sheen cameo a good idea, or is this just another example of people trying to take advantage of the public breakdown of a Hollywood star?

  • FoxMulder

    Why not. Let’s just hope he won’t have overdosed by then…

  • Juan


  • FoxMulder


  • kyri

    I LOVE that dude.

    Look at the chicks he is banging, he knows what he is doing..

  • the sheen might be off Charlie by the time the movie premiers.

    you are welcome.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Hypocritical bullshit! Charlie Sheen shouldn’t get a cameo after they turned down Mel Gibson. Charlie Sheen is every bit as much of a womanizing son of a bitch if not more so than Mel Gibson.

  • Kasper

    How all the media is covering Sheens “breakdown” sickens me.

    Oh sure, celebrate and laugh at the situation when he lives like this on Two and a half men, and then despise the guy and call it a meltdown and what not when he actually lives like that. What did you expect? Charlie Sheen has been like this since the 90’s!

    So Sheen cares more about banging hot chicks and doing drugs than being perceived as mr. nice guy, so what? If I was rich I’d probably do the exact same thing. Fuck the public and fuck the media and their manipulative behavior.

  • Ovenball

    I think there’s a Mike Tyson’s Tiger / tiger blood joke in there somewhere, but I can’t find it.

  • Big Hungry

    It looks like they found Mels Replacement!

  • Brendan

    @Kasper: So you’d be like Charlie Sheen if you were rich, huh? You’d treat women like trash, physically and mentally abuse them, destroy property, destroy yourself though drug use, ruin your relationships with your family, friends, and co-workers, and blame the public and the media for their poor perception of you? Good thing you’re not rich. If you really think all that sounds like an enviable lifestyle, I feel sorry for you.

  • berserker01

    @Kasper: Are you going to let Brendan talk to you like that? Let’s get it on!

  • kyri


    scroll up and look at those facehuggers.

    yes, yes! a million time yes! and I would also build an underground nuke shelter to save my ass from ww3 holocust and the mass reduction of population that the elite-jews are planning.

  • everyone needs to calm down. people watch ‘crazy’ all the time and judge. everyone here has seen a crazy woman on a bus and nudged their friend instead of helping her – same as watching Sheen. Everyone here has talked about a mutual friend behind their back to someone else when said friend is acting crazy / abusing – same as watching Sheen. Its only to the degree of FRIENDSHIP that you intercede. WE ARE NOT FRIENDS OR FAMILY WITH SHEEN. All these people criticizing others for following the story are the hypocrites. people miss the point entirely with the Sheen episode – its not about the event, its his response that is ‘refreshing’. he is free form and uncontrolled by ‘handlers’ and p.c. artist. its unlike any other public figure in a long time. GET IT?!

  • Jonny Ashley

    I agree with Kasper insofar as much that Hollywood is manipulative and calculating about who it decides to pick on. Cases like Charlie Sheen’s are probably a lot more common than celebrity news lets on.

  • Pat

    A Charlie Sheen cameo in Hangover 2. Talk about winning. Duuuuuhhhhhh.

  • martinenri