Attack the Block Trailer Starring Nick Frost

It’s always a pleasant surprise when a movie you hadn’t even heard of suddenly drops a trailer from out of nowhere and is able to generate instant enthusiasm. Before today I hadn’t heard the name Joe Cornish, but it’s pretty clear that I’m going to be hearing it plenty more in the near future. Cornish is a friend and collaborator of Edgar Wright, and true to form, his directorial debut Attack the Block is another genre comedy with a cheeky British sensibility. It also happens to star Nick Frost and is produced by the same folks who did Shaun of the Dead.

The story finds alien invaders attempting to take over a London ghetto, only to encounter resistance from a group of young teenage thugs. Just like the tagline says: Inner City vs. Outer Space. Although it’s one of a hundred different alien invasion movies coming out right now, I can easily say I’m a lot more excited about this than the upcoming Simon Pegg / Nick Frost comedy Paul. Attack the Block will premiere at SXSW in March, and it hits theatres in the UK on May 11th. A U.S. release date is still TBA. Check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Paul Andrews

    Ha ha – that looks great, and a complete surprise.

  • Liney

    Sean – you may not have heard the name Joe Cornish before, but I think you’ve encountered him indirectly. He was/is one half of Adam & Joe, who have made some very cool TV and Radio in the UK. One thing they did which I remember you linked to on Filmjunk was an alternative theme song for “Quantum of Solice”.

    More broadly, he’s been involved in various stuff (including playing a Zombie in Shaun of the Dead, which is documented by him in one of the DVD extras), and as far as I can tell, him and Adam are part of a loose circle of friends that includes Edgar Wright, Louis Theroux (interesting TV documentary film maker), Garth Jennings (director of Son of Rambow & The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), and a few others that slip my mind – you tend to get some cross over in the work of all these guys.

    He’s always done cool work so I’m looking forward to this.

  • Liney

    …just for old time’s sake, here’s Adam & Joe’s Bobby De Niro song:
    Don’t hold it against Joe Cornish, this was made over 10 years ago (and it is insanely catchy).

  • Cornish’s Quantum of Solace theme tune/parody got a lot of coverage at the time, iirc: