Quentin Tarantino to Direct a Spaghetti Western Starring Christoph Waltz?

We’ve been hearing rumours about Quentin Tarantino’s next film for a couple of years now, and it had been previously hinted that he was looking at directing a western, possibly one set in the Old South. Since Tarantino often changes gears quickly and without warning, it’s difficult to know when to take him seriously, but in this case he has apparently stuck to his guns. Exact details are still under wraps, but it has been confirmed that Tarantino has completed the script for his next movie, and it will indeed be a spaghetti western. In addition, we now have leads on a few possible cast members, including Inglourious Basterds star Christoph Waltz, and production may start moving forward within the next few months.

Yesterday The Playlist tracked down an interview with Franco Nero on the Italian site Movieplayer.it, where he states that he will star in Tarantino’s western, along with 15 other American actors including Keith Carradine and Treat Williams. He also revealed that it will be a tribute to Sergio Leone, with a rough working title of The Angel, The Bad And The Wise. After that, however, Mr. Beaks from Ain’t It Cool News chimed in to inform us that the rumoured title is way off, and that Christoph Waltz will have one of the lead roles.

Even with this vague information, it seems pretty clear that the wheels are in motion and we will soon have another Quentin Tarantino film to look forward to, which is obviously great news. I’m sure there will be plenty of hat tips to all of QT’s favourite westerns, but with any luck he will put his own spin on the genre as well. Inglourious Basterds certainly proved that his career was far from peaking with Pulp Fiction, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this time. What your thoughts on a Quentin Tarantino spaghetti western?

  • Andrew

    I want to watch this right now.

  • Mike

    hell yes

  • bob

    One of the best working directors and writers, for that matter. I’m already excited. Oddly enough, I might be most excited for the title credits and theme music, haha. It promises to be epic.

  • kyri

    take my money, give it to me now!!

  • Matt

    When Tarantino comes out with a film, it’s like a treat for your eyes… and my eyes need a treat!

  • Jonathan

    I honestly don’t care what kind of movie Tarantino does next, I will love it anyways.

  • I’m not entirely sure how a Western set in the South is going to work – I don’t see “planatations” and “frontier” in the same space. But hey, John Ford did a Western set in upperstate New York, so, who knows? And Tarantino + spaghetti western is absolutely something I’m on board to see.

  • Yeah I’m still not sure if the Old South thing is actually a part of this movie or not. That’s just one of the possibilities he mentioned last year.

  • Juan

    sure, why not

  • Jonny Ashley

    fuck. yes.

    Tarantino also mentioned that right after this film he is going to do Kill Bill 3

  • Ryan Marlow

    I was watching the special feats on DJANGO and thinking that Franco Nero needed a Tarantino-fueled career boost…and here it is!

  • patrik

    Kill Bill 2 was kind of a western and it´s totally awesome.. I´d love a period western from him.. It´s just a shame David Carradine lives no more cause he would be great in something like this. But his younger brother will do fine.

  • Kim

    Yes! Finally a movie I can’t wait to see!

  • filmjunk really needs a Boner Meter to keep track of most anticipated films. This one would bust through the highest setting and jizz all over the flmjunk motherboard.

  • Great news! I hope Christoff becomes DiCaprio to Tarantino’s Scorsese and they put out tons of movies!

  • Petrol

    Until The Americans killed his editor and lead actor. Fucking aliens versus the unwanted traitorous history changers. That’s why I would never move to America to become a “citizen”. Why fight against a bloody alien office, a fight that cannot be won, when I can stay home and fight my own bloody office.