Film Junk Podcast Episode #309: Drive Angry 3D

0:00 – Intro
3:50 – Review: Drive Angry 3D
18:55 – Feature: Oscar Special
55:25 – Other Stuff We Watched: Inside Job, Rabbit Hole, Lemmy, Broadcast News, X2: X-Men United, Shoot to Kill, Cabin Boy, The Thorn in the Heart, United 93, Alien, Superman II, Superman III, Robocop
1:30:05 – Oscar Predictions
1:40:40 – Chat Room Q&A
1:56:35 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:58:10 – Outro

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  • Thanks for the effort guys. It made the whole day entertaining and made the dud of the Oscar event quite memorable.

  • Napalm

    The download link isn’t working.

  • Steve L

    I was pulling for James Franco too. Too bad he bombed.

  • auraldissonance

    Was fun to finally catch a live show. You guys are awesome, even though you’re all camera shy little bitches (except Shawn, who rocks the profile like no one’s business).

    heheh I kid, I kid…

    Thanks for the entertainment, guys!

  • auraldissonance

    Shawn – Sean. oops. hehe sorry bout that.

  • zoo_ct

    Thanks for making the live chat show guys! Made the Oscars broadcast that much more bearable. Q. Was mic-less Reid planned before the time? It seemed like for the most part he was just loitering around..kind of like a lost little Chihuahua deprived of his snacksĀ®

  • Sven

    Great picks by Jay and Frank. You missed Death Proof, though. It’s insane how rewatchable each of his four films this decade are. You can put on Kill Bill every time and get something out of it.

    Synecdoche has to be done for the Movie Club, I think.

  • Sven

    And Frank is awesome, seriously.

  • Napalm

    Never mind, got it to work.

  • bard

    I wish that there was more love shown for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. It’s tied with my favorite of the last decade (tied with Zodiac) and it barely ever gets any recognition it seems, even on the internet. Everything about this film is incredible: fleshed out characters, actors, visuals, story, music, etc…

  • @zoo_ct: I had planned on catcalling from the studio audience. Actually, I was going to sit quietly on Sean’s couch off to the side where Jay ended up going because he was camera-shy. When I arrived and found out there was going to be a camera feed, Jay suggested I sit at his position and not say anything for the entire show. I wish I knew sign language so that I could have signed for the deaf. During the course of the show, I was able to read some of the chat room when Sean was monitoring it. When Doug Nagy arrived, some of the chat room participants wrote that I should give up my seat to Doug. I think they were expecting that I would contribute to the show by taking over Greg’s or Frank’s mic once in a while, and when they saw I was just sitting there without contributing anything, I guess I was just annoying to look at. Well, I took the hint and relinquished my seat. Doug filled in for a moment, but was smart enough to leave the seat after a little while. So there you have an exclusive report of behind-the-scenes at the Film Junk Oscar Podcast!

    BTW, I hadn’t planned on manning the live chat during the Oscars, but doing so sure made the time pass quickly. I always regret not being more entertaining during the live chats. It seemed like trying to report interesting comments and to get answers from everyone at Sean’s party didn’t leave any time for my own musings although I admit I couldn’t think of anything amusing to write for the most part.

  • Sean, I hope you can get Doug to come on for Transformers 3.

  • Yes, I would definitely like to. We are also hoping to get him on to review Thor as well.

  • bert belgium

    Doug can come on anytime! I miss that guy!

  • Fatbologna


    Glad I’m not alone in loving Cabin Boy. It was the Nothing but Trouble of MY childhood…

  • patrik

    surprised there was no love for The Prestige..

  • nullnullschmidt

    Hey, the link shows up with
    > The information you requested could not be retrieved. Invalid customer hash.
    Any thoughts how to ix this? Thanks in advance

  • Frank, Superman 3 or Spider-Man 3?

  • dirrrtyfrank

    They are very similar movies and I like them both. I would probably lean towards Spidey3 though

  • patrik

    Not in reference to anyone in particular on here or anything but people who donĀ“t find sports entertaining should watch this..

  • I have new respect for frank giving much needed love for Master and Commander, The Aviator, and THE HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG!!! the rest of the filmjunk crew just don’t know!! way to go Frank

  • Henrik

    Doug to review Thor is a FUCKING MUST. The northlands demand Nagy.

  • Austin in Japan

    I loved this weeks discussion on past oscars. Very interesting and entertaining.
    Any chance we could have 1990 thru 99 next week?

  • Andrew James

    Frank fail with the anti-Fichtner remarks.

  • theocean85

    The live show was fun. You guys have been pumping out episode after episode for years (I’ve been listening since the Indiana Jones 4 episode and you had already done 168 episodes by then!!!) and as a fan I appreciate the quality.

    It was cool to see Doug, although I was so upset we didn’t get to hear him yell “HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII” directly into the microphone.

  • Fatbologna


    I agree. I especially loved him in Grace Under Fire. :)

  • Always nice to see love for MASTER AND COMMANDER! Must listen to the show, but I know I will be looking forward to that little bit. I forgive you your Bay and your Turtletaub, Frank, but for the most part, your my kind of people.

  • Jay is SO RIGHT about United 93. Every aspect of that movie is complete brilliance from start to finish. I believe I awarded it best film of the decade in my own list.