Film Junk Podcast Episode #308: Mr. Nobody

0:00 – Intro
5:10 – Headlines: Roseanne Reality Show and New Beavis and Butthead Show, Robocop Statue in Detroit, Shane Black Confirmed for Iron Man 3, Disney Announces Cars Spin-Off Called Planes, 2011 Breaks Record for Most Sequels in a Year
29:00 – Review: Mr. Nobody
1:12:45 – Trailer Trash: Apollo 18, Dead Island
1:28:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Dogtooth, Pleasantville, Beverly Hills Cop, Beverly Hills Cop II, Uncle Buck, Dial M for Murder, I Confess, Lifeboat, Foreign Correspondent, The Wrong Man, Suspicion, Megamind, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Superman, Network, Dog Day Afternoon, I Knew It Was You, Runaway Train
2:16:55 – Junk Mail: Film Junk Artwork Contest, Takashi Miike, Gates of Heaven, Arsenic and Old Lace, Directors We Wish Were Making Different Kinds of Movies, Machine Girl and Man v. Food, Name That Movie and Visually Amazing Films That Are Just Okay, Shutter Island Shutout at the Oscars and Sequel Titles
2:59:15 – This Week’s DVD Releases
3:02:55 – Outro

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  • Well, as the wise and worldly John Campea once said (and continues to say every chance he can get)…the beauty of film is that it’s subjective!! (DUH).

    All I can say is that if someone had told me that Mr. Nobody was actually produced by the Onion as a parody of precious, whimsical, ‘indie’ flavoured cinema, I probably would’ve appreciated it a hell of a lot more.

  • Kurt

    Well, perhaps you could appreciate Mr. Nobody as Camp. The best kind of Camp is when the directors are deadly serious about the film, not doing a tongue-in-cheek knowing parody.

    I don’t feel this way about the film, but your mileage may vary.

  • Just talking to someone last night about Dial M in 3D. I totally forgot it played here last summer during a local theater’s “vintage 3D movies” showcase. IT played along with Towering Inferno and some others. Wish I had gotten out to a couple of those.

    As for SM2, I’ll give it another look at some point. I know the actual discs are really cheap these days. Too bad they’re not on Netflix Instant :(

  • bobsponge42

    Greg is a great addition to the show.