Apollo 18 Trailer

Just when you thought you’d had your fill of found footage horror films, we’ve got yet another one heading to theatres this year courtesy of The Weinstein Company and producer Timur Bekmambetov called Apollo 18. The movie was first announced last November and now the first trailer has already arrived online, which definitely indicates just how quickly these low budget projects can be churned out. Fortunately, this one has a somewhat unique twist in that it purports to be recently discovered video footage from one final, top secret mission to the moon.

Looking at the trailer, it’s actually pretty cool to see how they’ve made an effort to recreate the look and feel of old NASA footage. The only thing is, I’m not completely convinced that this style will actually add to the terror and suspense since it’s so grainy and distancing. Apollo 18 is directed by Gonzalo López-Gallegod (King of the Hill) and it hits theatres on April 22nd. What do you think, does this have potential to be the next Paranormal Activity? Check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

  • Napalm

    Definitely interested. Although I think the trailer spoiled a bit too much.

  • kyri

    But there is no hot female in it..

  • Matt

    When the trailer first got released I thought it would be some average comedy. The trailer does have me interested enough to see it once it hits theaters.

    For some reason when we see a glimpse of the “creature”, it reminded me a little of Cloverfield. Anyone else see that?

  • Derek McFarland

    Interested… But I will wait for Dvd

  • I want to see it.

  • berserker01

    “Discover the reason we never went back.” That’s a great idea.
    I want to see it.

  • Juan

    i’ll see it on DVD, not in theaters

  • Justice

    I actually have been waiting for a trailer for this since I saw it on the release schedule cause I had no idea what it was. I’ll watch it for sure.

  • rob

    im disapointed the discover the reason we never went back could have been worked with so much better, and how much have they given away in this trailer!!!

  • R.G. miller

    gonna love to see this!! I think it’s going to be very intresting….here is my lates project, I created all the special effects “war scenes, jet firing rockets, jet crash gunfire explotions under ground bunker with missles” to this, bulid on a inside small set then added to the commentary shots later….check this out..The Social Split Second….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MzVRYFyP3g

  • Argh…delayed until January 2012.