Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman and Mia Wasikowska Join John Hillcoat’s Latest Film

For my money, director John Hillcoat has turned in two impressive films in his career thus far with The Proposition and The Road, so news that his third film is moving forward should get film fans excited. The movie in question is The Wettest County in the World and today we’ve received word of some key casting choices. Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman and Mia Wasikowska have all signed on to the film, which already includes Shia LeBeouf, Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, and Jason Clark on its acting roster. The script is written by Nick Cave, who will also compose the score, and is based on a novel by Matt Bondurant. The story centers on “bootlegging siblings who take the law into their own hands” during the Prohibition era, which seems like material tailor-made for Hillcoat. (I can already picture the dusty, dingy landscapes.)

According to THR, Pearce will play an overly violent deputy, Oldman will play a gangster, and Wasikowska will play the love interest for LeBeouf’s character. With the cast expanding into even greater territory, The Wettest County in the World is quickly climbing my list of most anticipated films. Actors like Oldman and Pearce are a joy to watch in just about anything. Combine their work with Hillcoat’s direction and Cave’s music and there’s loads of potential for something special. Thinking back a few months ago, the film had fallen into limbo, so it’s nice to see it moving forward again. Currently in pre-production in Georgia, shooting is scheduled to begin on February 28. What are your thoughts on the talent coming together for John Hillcoat’s latest?

  • Hugh

    The Wettest County in the World

    If it was called the wettest city in the world Glasgow would be a prime contender.

  • Stacia

    I am a huge Tom Hardy fan, so I am very excited about this movie. The rest of the cast is great too.

  • Big fan of Pearce, bigger fan of Oldman but, I think he’s been too laid back of late (Book Of Eli, Batman, etc.) Hope he let’s himself go in this one like he did for the pill-popping maniac cop in ‘Leon’ or his excellent portrayel of the put-upon gang brother in ‘State Of Grace’ Come on, Gary. Don’t let me down!