Film Junk Podcast Episode #306: Blue Valentine

0:00 – Intro / Super Bowl / In-House Stuff
6:15 – Headlines: Will Robin Be in The Dark Knight Rises?, Fletch and Lethal Weapon Reboots in Development, James Franco to Direct a Three’s Company Movie?
23:40 – Review: Blue Valentine
54:00 – Trailer Trash: Captain America, Super 8, Transformers: Dark of the Moon
1:12:35 – Other Stuff We Watched: Crimson Tide, The Rock, Bad Boys, Con Air, Armageddon, Beverly Hills Cop III, Secretariat, Stone, Fall From Grace, Tango & Cash, Seven Samurai, The Magnificent Ambersons, Bloodsport, Nightmares in Red, White and Blue, Let Me In, Lebanon, Devil, New World Order, Freakonomics
2:19:00 – Junk Mail: Michael Bay’s Commercials, Podcasting Advice, Multitasking While Watching Movies, Canadian Movies, Brampton and Southern Ontario, DVD Collection Software, HD-DVD Bargains, Damaged DVD Packaging, Logging Movie Watching, Steven Seagal Sighting
2:50:00 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:53:10 – Outro

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  • kyri

    Thank God Greg was on the show… I thought, being a Liverpool fan, he would support at least one of the two teams or smtng.

    Anyways, I should go to work now..and listen to the show for the rest of the day!! :-)
    God bless your souls.

    Thanks for the thermos and the blue jap-pic by the way. (That’s what my father called your mug and mousepad.)

  • tanstaafl

    Nicholas Cage benchpressing a woman could be Kiss of Death

  • Gil

    I believe Jay wanted the container from The Stuff.

  • Greg

    ‘Thanks for the thermos and the blue jap-pic’


  • YES Kiss of Death. Man, I totally forgot that this movie even existed but it looks amazing. I wish it was on Netflix.

  • Henrik

    “I believe Jay wanted the container from The Stuff.”

    Nono, it’s the Glaive from Krull (spoiler alert for future recycled top 5!)… Though I’m not sure it ever was an official top 5 either, if so it was a long time ago.

  • Krull is playing theatrically in Toronto in the next couple weeks.

    Kiss of Death, an awesome “MEGA-CAGE” performance, where, yes, he does indeed bench press a woman in a crowded room or something.

    Bonus cheese — David Caruso.

  • Heaven’s Smile

    Jay & Frank watching the same films separately is like they’re on opposite sides of a glass wall pressing their bodies against each other. FUCKING AWESOME!

  • Fatbologna

    Cage AND Caruso in the same flick?!

    My boner just knocked all my front teeth out…

  • Fatbologna

    Holy shit, it’s also got Sam Jackson, Helen Hunt, Stanley Tucci, Ving Rhames, Michael Rappaport and Phillip Baker Hall and it’s directed by Barbet Schroeder!

    “Jimmy Kilmartin’s an ex-con who’s trying to go straight. But he can’t say no to a quick driving job because his so called friend’s life is threatened. The job is for Little Junior Brown, a violent and powerful villain. When things go wrong, Jimmy is left to do the time, and his whole life is turned upside-down, but if that wasn’t enough, the cops won’t leave Jimmy alone when he gets out… They want ‘Little Junior'”

    How can I NOT download this!?!

  • You should. The film is trash, and if I recall, doesn’t have much in the ‘visuals’ deapartment, but quite entertaining trash with gonzo performances on a middle-of-the-road plot.

    It’s not quite Bad Lieutenant 2, but hey, it’s pretty close at times.

  • Goon

    new tagline

    “Blue Valentine: you’ll get it from both ends until you cry”

  • KeithTalent

    Please do Mr. Nobody next week! My favourite movie from last year!

    I just Googled Cookie Puss; looks like a giant black cock on the face of that thing. Not very appetizing.

  • * As far as Robin possibly being in the next Batman movie, you guys were thiiiiissss close to saying it yourselves that he might work in Nolan’s universe if he was Jason Todd. It’d be an interesting approach to skip Dick Grayson altogether and go with Todd, who in fact was a street kid, keeping with the grittier tone.

    * I’d feel SO incredibly ripped off if I paid to see someone in concert and they lip-synced. Yes, some of these people are known for the dancing and stuff, but if they were really that great, couldn’t they do both? I mean, in the case of people like Brittney Spears or boy bands that have 6 different singers, they can slow the fuck down and stop and sing if doing both is so hard, because they’re either surrounded by dozens of other people that are dancing or a bunch of other people in their group. I’m tired of seeing “singers” that can go their entire career without ever having to nail a song perfectly even ONCE. A lot of those acts are made for TV anyway, so you’re better off watching them there for free, rather than blow money to listen to a recording with 10,000 other people.

  • Aaron

    Another great show, guys.

    A few random comments:

    I really liked the Bruckheimer discussion! Maybe you guys could try to work in a common theme again. Nic Cage movies next time? Maybe Gene Hackman?

    I’d say The Rock is probably my favorite Bay movie, although I’ve yet to see either of the Bad Boys films.

    @ Frank: I remember watching Armageddon when I was about 13 and at the time the most entertaining part of the movie was in the first hour or so, specifically the training sequence. At the time, that sequence was really funny to me, although I’m not sure I’d feel the same way now.

    @ Jay: I shamefully admit that I’ve stolen your movie listing format on Twitter. It’s just such a good format! I’ve slowly gotten away from using it lately, though, just because I feel bad just copying someone else’s style.

  • Aaron: I give you and anyone else permission to copy my style however you’d like. LIVE FREE.

    Also, we discussed the idea of having more in-depth themed conversations. Hopefully some more to come in the near future!

  • Falsk

    Did anyone else feel like Ryan Gosling was channeling Stallone’s Rocky (1976, of course) in his performance? No? Just me?

  • @Falsk: Yes!! I forgot to mention that! From the way he spoke down to his charming joking nature. TOTALLY felt the same way about that as you did.

  • Colin

    Apparently you guys are going to sell me some HD-DVDs… whatup?

  • In fact, I liked the ‘courting’ stage of Blue Valentine in the same way I liked watching Rocky wooing Adrian in the first Rocky film. It just had a very real, fly on the wall feel and Gosling’s character was very likeable. You end up rooting for him as he attempts to impress the girl. Totally Rocky minus the boxing and the turtles.

  • Colin

    @Jay: just tried to watch an episode of Hollywood Treasure… holy crap, that shit was brutal. Everyone in that show is fake as hell… how can you stand them?

    Pawn Stars is still a great recommendation, and Auction Kings is decent as well, but I’ll never watch this crapfest again.

  • “truth be told, I think we all look like walking mannequins” – priceless, and gave me a genuine laugh on a cold winters day

  • Fatbologna

    Just so you guys know, siding with Gosling’s character in Blue Valentine is totally a guy thing. My girlfriend completely empathized with Michelle Williams but couldn’t really explain why. All I could do was sit there in my jogging pants staring at my recently formed gut wondering when the other shoe was gonna drop for me…

  • Goon

    I saw it with the gf (indeed, not a good date choice) and I overall sided more with Williams and she sided more with him…

    I found that Goslings character was frequently emotionally manipulative rather than honest

  • Falsk

    Yesss. I knew I could count on you, Jay.

  • Vikke_AJ

    I agree with Colin about Hollywood Treasures… great concept but otherwise it’s really unwatchable. I can’t stand the people or the editing. Have anybody watched American Pickers? It’s no Pawn Stars, but still entertaining.

  • Colin

    @Vikke_AJ I like American Pickers, but the tall guy gets on my nerves at points. Though, unlike Hollywood Treasure, he comes off as legitimately excited about everything and not just playing for the camera.

  • That “Mentos” chase scene in Bloodsport… Someone should definitely sync up the Mentos jingle and put it to that scene. Youtube hit.

  • Napalm

    I concur the idea of in-depth themed convo every podcast.

  • I have no idea how anyone could complain that Hollywood Treasure is too “fake” and yet praise Pawn Stars. That show has some of the worst staged-for-the-camera moments I’ve ever seen.

    It’s the visual language of the majority of reality shows on television.

  • Colin

    @Jay I’m not talking about the situations… obviously Pawn Stars is rife with staged shit, but the characters often act out the scenes in either a way that seems genuine or acknowledge the fakeness of the whole thing (The Flax-Bow Incident comes to mind).

    The *people* in Hollywood Treasure feel fake, insincere to the point of uncomfortableness.

  • So you’re saying Corey, Chum Lee and the grandfather seem genuine to you? I think all of these shows require the viewer to set aside some element of disbelief. The only person I find overtly insincere on Hollywood Treasure is the girl. The rest of them just feel like people who are experienced in front of a camera and know how to give the producers what they want. Like the majority of reality TV. In fact, all of this stuff we’re talking about is half the fun of junk food shows like this.

  • Vikke_AJ

    Truth be told, I mainly watch these type of shows for the items. I went through the first 4 episodes of Hollywood Treasure, but apart from the Alien head and the Frankenstein poster I did not find the items that interesting. Is there some good stuff in the later episodes? I might check them out still (fast-forwarding the talking parts though :)

    It’s too bad that the Pawn Stars spin-off American Restoration did not have more episodes.

  • rj

    For next week’s episode please review Dogtooth. One of the best movies of 2010 by far and might bring up some interesting discussion.

  • kyri

    I don’t think the boys will enjoy Dogtooth nor they are able to track the movie in Canada anyway. I can send you a copy if you like though, it has a nice little packaging but it’s not on blu-ray yet I think.

  • patrik

    I believe Henrik´s right about the Glaive from Krull.

    Also, if you guys don´t know what to review, you could just do a special. Like a Tarantino special or Danny Boyle or something..

  • Gil

    You’re right. I’m thinking of the episode where he found people making and posting their own instructions for movie props and one of them was The Stuff container.

  • alechs

    Thanks for the review and post-review comments on Blue Valentine. I am embarrassed to say that I am finally on board to watch Blue Valentine after the Rocky comments and All the Real Girls comparison: this genre of relationship films just don’t interest me right now.

    A review Mr. Nobody would be nice. Get Reed to watch it with you guys. I want hear what he thinks about the film’s use of time travel in light of his previous comments on how the convention is considered lazy sci-fi.

    Regarding special themes – great work on the Bruck-a-thon by the way – here are some suggestions: a de Palma special, themes based around Spielberg as producer or directors mentored by Roger Corman.

  • Kurt

    Dogtooth was playing in Toronto Last week. It’s bloody magnificent. It’s also out on DVD here at this point. We did the film on this weeks R3 cinecast.

  • kyri

    Wow really? Not bad for a greek film..

  • Blue Valentine review was good, really liked the movie.

    Would also be interested in a Mr.Nobody review as it’s a movie which a lot of people missed. I think it’s one of the best movies no one ever heard of.

    To track which movies I have watched I use IMDB scoring and The combination is great. Whatiwatch allows you to see all statistics if you are into those.

  • Colin

    Oh, BTW… the ultimate anti-Valentines Day film is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

    It even begins on a depressing Valentines Day.

  • I don’t agree, but certainly points to Greg for this excellent witticism: “It was like My Dinner with Andrew, only there was no Dinner.”

  • “My Dinner with Andre” minus the dinner? So it was that stupid seal (not Seal) movie?

  • jacobs dick ladder

    you guys are the new siskel and ebert.

    if you say “greg ebert” you sound like a frog