Warner Brothers Investigates Fletch Reboot

Is everyone ready for more ’80s nostalgia? Apparently Warner Brothers is banking on it because the company plans on bringing Fletch back to the big screen. The studio has just “pre-emptively picked up the movie rights to the Gregory McDonald mystery novels” which were notably adapted into two Chevy Chase vehicles in 1985 and 1989, respectively. The new film will be produced by Anonymous Content’s Steve Golin and Michael Sugar as well as the manager of McDonald’s estate, David List. There’s currently no writer or director attached to the project, but the aim is to produce a “smart action comedy that plays out on a bigger canvas than the previous movies.” For those who don’t remember the previous Chase films, they center on reporter I. M. Fletcher who sometimes gets in over his head when investigating a story.

There have been a few attempts at reviving the Fletch series over the years, but no one has yet to make it happen. Perhaps most notably, Kevin Smith tried his hand at a script for a prequel with the idea that Jason Lee would star. Later, Zach Braff was attached to star in an alternate script. While those projects failed to gain momentum, perhaps now Warner Bros. will seriously commit. There were 11 mystery novels written by McDonald, so there’s plenty of material available to mine. I guess the question becomes whether a new take on Fletch excites you as a movie-goer. Do you have fond memories of the Chevy Chase films?

  • Possum Hunter

    Love the Fletch films, actually I loved most of Chevy’s 80’s flicks including Spies Like Us and of course the Vacation movies. Kevin Smith met up with Chevy, a childhood comedy hero of his, when he was in talks to make the prequel and said he was somewhat difficult to deal with (I’m guessing he wasn’t that interested in a Fletch reboot) however I met Chevy back in the late 90’s working on some insurance commercials for AAMI in Sydney Australia and found he was pleasant enough and took the time to have a chat with a fan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM15f9b94r8

  • EW just had a big story on the trails of trying to get a new Fletch movie off of the ground for the last decade. Many big name actors (including Ryan Reynolds, who is an obvious choice, but I feel a decent one) have turned down the role, saying that there’s no way to follow Chase’s performance.

    I love, love, love the Fletch movies, the first one in particular. Still, if they just picked a different novel to use, and carried on Fletches adventures, I’d be interested in watching it. It’s all about casting. It had better be someone quick-witted, with that humorous charm. Reynolds could do it. I think Jason Lee would’ve been a decent choice, as well.

  • Possum Hunter

    Casting is critical and I agree Reynolds is probably a good choice. It needs an actor who can pull off a character who is both a condescending smarta** and charming at the same time (with a bit of slapstick thrown in for good measure). Other’s spring to mind though perhaps not all obvious like Jack Black (based on his role in King Kong as a con artist) or even Robert Downey Jr (Tropic Thunder). Will Ferrell maybe but he normally plays goofy rather than witty so not sure he’d really fit. Then of course there’s the man of the moment – Seth Rogen?

    My personal preference however would be Chevy Chase, why not revisit Fletch as an older man, perhaps retired and forced into one more case? The studio probably wouldn’t go for it though because Chase isn’t as bankable these days.