The Movie Club Podcast #21: F for Fake, Exit Through the Gift Shop and Catfish

The Movie Club Podcast is an irregular roundtable podcast where we select two movies to dissect, analyze and discuss with a group of fellow movie bloggers and film fans.

After a landmark year full of documentaries that blur the line between fiction and reality, we thought it would be a good idea to do an episode of The Movie Club Podcast dedicated to this very subject. We started with Orson Welles’ 1973 film F for Fake, and chased it down with a pair of 2010 documentaries: Banksy’s clever street art doc Exit Through the Gift Shop and the hotly debated internet love story gone awry Catfish. Believe it or not, all three proved to be worthy of some serious in-depth discussion!

This month’s line-up is a repeat of the previous episode, with Sean and Jay being joined by Kurt and Marina from Row Three, and James from the High and Low Brow Podcast. Head on over to to download the episode and leave your own thoughts on these divisive films in the comments. Next episode: Zardoz and Flash Gordon!

  • theocean85

    FYI This episode is downloading with the date as 2/1/2010 so it shows up out of order in iTunes.

  • I can’t find it in itunes

  • Angrycitizen

    Why can’t I just download this here? do I have to go look elsewhere?

  • James’ bit on Matt doing stand up was the funniest thing I’ve heard in months.

  • The date should be fixed in iTunes now. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Kasper

    I agree with Drew, that was really funny, especially coming from James – so unsuspected!