More X-Men: First Class Photos

Last week the first “official” image from X-Men: First Class found its way online, much to the dismay of X-Men fans around the world… and director Matthew Vaughn. The reaction was, for the most part, fairly negative, but Vaughn quickly jumped in and tried to defuse the situation by telling /Film that it wasn’t “pre-approved” and that he didn’t know where it came from (which may or may not have been the case). By way of apology, he offered up a handful of new photos to /Film and the L.A. Times, which are definitely a bit of an improvement.

Among the new pics we have our first look at Kevin Bacon as villain Sebastian Shaw and a better look at January Jones as Emma Frost, plus we are actually getting a feel for the fact that this is supposed to be a period piece set in the ’60s. James McAvoy is definitely looking the part as Professor X as well. On the other hand, the image of Michael Fassbender wearing the Magneto helmet has become the subject of some derision as it does seem to be a wee bit oversized. Well, I guess they can’t get everything right! On top of this, Latino Review has a report about extensive reshoots that are going on right now. So what do you think, does this restore your confidence in X-Men: First Class, or are you still worried that this will turn out to be yet another mockery of the X-Men characters? Check out more pics after the jump.

  • chris

    it didn’t pass my mind that they would screw this up, but i’m starting to worry. the yellow costumes look bad and that helmet looks awful on magneto.

  • kyri

    It’s sad.. obviously they are trying to add a more “realistic” twist on the series, but all for the wrong reasons. We all know that all this “gritty” movement is a result of Cris Nolan’s crazy success with TDN
    So what the studios do? They try to force this “recipe” everywhere. Only deference, No Nolan, No Christian Bale, no Michael Caine, no Heath Ledger, no Gary Oldman, no Aaron Eckhart and This looks like a retarded Tvspinoff..

    I find it really hard to believe that this could actually work, the cast looks very untalented, the budged seems extremely low, the photography is mediocre..

  • pcch7

    Looks awesome, I don´t know what everyone is talking about. The retro style is nice, excellent cast and excellent director. I´m hopeful.

  • pcch7

    Oh and the helmet looks a lot better than the one Ian McKellan had..

  • berserker01

    This series has nothing to do with the x-men movies or comics, right? It’s like a re-imagining? I’m confused. At least everyone isn’t wearing black trench coats.

  • It is weird that they would release a photo of his helmet looking like that. How can they not see that it looks weak?

  • christopher reed

    i feel assraped

  • Greg

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned January Jones’s….ummmm…jacket.

  • kyri

    Its really cool right? I am sure you can buy one of those really cheap from chinatown!

  • kyri
  • Jonny Ashley

    I think it’s pretty bold that they’re making them look like actual superhero costumes and not going all watchmen/schumacher batman with razor sharp edges

  • Hugh

    I don’t share the general consensus of derision and pessimism.

    It looks like it might be a lot of fun and it certainly has a good cast.

  • swarez

    This is supposed to take place in the 60’s?
    Sure as shit doesn’t look like it. Why the hell can’t hollywood do period that actually looks like the period?

  • Kurei Scott

    I don’t like the look of this to be honest. It could turn out well, but it looks, how can I put this…glossy..? As in for teens and such. What I liked about the Xmen was the fact that they dealt with racism, the mutant powers and fights they had didn’t interest me much, but it was how they dealt with the racism around and towards and around them that interested me. Hell, Magneto and his crew were like the B;lck Panthers to me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were an influence for them. But thats why they stood out to me and appealed to me though.

    With this movie set in the 60’s I thought they would be able to tackle this more directly, and bring out the more salient points of Xmen in my opinion. But now it looks like they’ll just be using it for a backdrop. Oddly enough only the old Xmen cartoon series dealt with racism the best(apart from the cartoon of course)

    But this is judging from a few screens tho, so its not much, and I could be wrong.

  • scott

    is that kevin bacon and bill pullman?

  • Fatbologna

    “But this is judging from a few screens tho, so its not much, and I could be wrong.”


    Everyone needs to stop with the pre-trailer judging and see what it ACTUALLY looks like when the first trailer hits. Hell, even a trailer’s probably not going to be an accurate representation of the final product. I think Vaughn’s gonna make something a little different here and I, for one, am glad it’s not Bryan Singer or The Ratman doing it. The first three movies were o.k. with the second being the most interesting but none of them really captured the X-Men I loved from the comics as a kid. This looks more like the X-men I want. Everyone complains about superhero movies trying to be The Dark Knight and this looks like quite a different beast from that. I’m hoping it’ll be colorful and kitschy, which is something Vaughn seems right for going by Kick-Ass and especially Layer Cake.

  • Fatbologna

    Oh, and Swarez, how can you say that the 60s-era English-style Mod costumes aren’t 60s? All we have to go on here is character design and that looks pretty damn 60s to me. Vaughn seems to have gone more English in the costumes but I’m fine with that as the alternative is bellbottoms and blouses with flowers on ‘em.

    Better the X-Men look like The Beatles than Jimi Hendrix, right?

  • Werner

    With some CGI wizardry those shitty costumes will look somewhat cool in the end. I guess.

  • tii

    HOLLY CRAP !!! that costume was for sale at walmart for 12 bucks

  • Strand0410


    If anything, this is going back to its routes. The other X-Men movies had the characters in ‘edgy’ black leather outfits, this at least has the sense to use the funky yellow outfits from the original.

  • Light

    @ Strand0410

    Dude….. just because they are the same colors does not mean they are the same costume, and even if they were the same costumes it doesn’t change the fact that the characters have nothing in common with the X-men’s “roots”.

  • Light

    Also, everyone is talking about how it’s a good director who is behind this film, and one person even said it’s a good thing that singer isn’t on it…. seriously read up before you talk. Last time I read Singer is the producer and he is influencing the story quite a bit… This thing is going to flop.