The Dark Knight Rises Villains Confirmed: Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane

Finally some big news to report this week, and guess what… it has something to do with comic book movie casting! After nearly a year of speculation and rumours, we now know who the main villains will be in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. First of all, Catwoman will indeed play a major part in the film, with Anne Hathaway being the lucky actress to land the role. As for Tom Hardy, who had already joined the cast, he will play the only man ever to have “broken the Bat”, the physically imposing Bane.

There had been reports earlier this month that Christopher Nolan was meeting with a number of actresses for two female roles, including Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Kate Mara and Charlotte Riley. One of the roles was believed to be Talia Al Ghul, and although we still don’t know who will play that part, the official press release confirms that Hathaway will be Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. I’m sure she will improve on Halle Berry’s recent take on Catwoman, but can she top Michelle Pfeiffer… or better yet, Julie Newmar?

As for Bane, he is a somewhat surprising choice for a Nolan villain since he is known more for his muscle than his brains (although he is apparently quite smart as well). Up until now it had been believed that Tom Hardy would play Professor Hugo Strange, but apparently that is simply not the case. Nolan did say that Bane would be a “new interpretation of one of Batman’s most formidable enemies,” so they will probably try to keep him grounded and believable in order to fit into the world that has already been established. So I take it the tubes that pump massive amounts of drugs into his veins to give him superhuman strength are out? What do you think, are you happy with the choice of characters and the actors who will play them?

  • alexis

    I think hathaway is a terrible idea for catwoman and how can there be bane without poison ivy???

  • Jay-Jay

    I actually think the casting of both parts are good choices, as are the characters chosen for them to portray. The Penguin and Killer Croc are utterly ridiculous ideas. Nolan’s Batman films stand out from the trumped-up, toy-commercial debacles like the Spiderman films because he knows how to ground seemingly outlandish concepts in reality.


  • Poison Ivy

    As we all know and love bane and Catwoman are forever going to be great roles and couldn’t have casted better. both are talented people (Hathaway and Nolan). But as we ,batman die hard fans, know Bane is a powerful from the venom and drugs pumped into his muscles and vanes. with out that scene we cant have bane. Bane also is very friendly and a very well ali of the very pretty Dr. Pamela Isley. With out her there can’t be a bane, wasn’t till poison ivy’s influence did bane become what he was. With out Ivy there can be no bane so there for I think Ivy would be a great add on for this movie and would create massive controversy between Kyle and Pam as two woman battle to steel the city and conquor our loveless billionair’s allter ego’s heart.

  • JOker can come back

    every one says they cant have Joker cause of leadger but if you really knew anything about the movies he died IN THE MIDDLE OF MAKING THEM some of the scenes are his understudy. So why cant we just bring him back he was good and did a wonderful job most of you probly cant even tell the difference. So IF NOLAN WANTED we so could have the Joker and have him just as good as Leadger he did it once he do it again.

  • Presley

    To make Bane spectacular, those tubes of venom are somewhat needed! Chris can’t just take that out because he wants to.

  • Vince

    Bane was AWFUL in batman and Robin, so gld they bring him back! with his true story, body gaurd to Poison Ivy didn’t make any sense to me! and Catwoman, finally a female character to care about!!!

  • Mike

    You got to believe in Nolan. I think he will pull it off, and I would not mind a surprise of a third villain. But to be honest I don’t think cat women will be a villain she will be just a thief and a love interest.

    What Warner bros should do is talk to HBO and make a batman tv series. It can be realistic, dark scary, lots of violence because it would be on HBO. You could have the nolans come up with the over all plot stories and hand it off to young talent soon to be Nolan screen writers. Then you could have characters that could be cool but couldn’t hold their own movie, like the mad hatter. And you could take really big character developing villains like hush and stretch it over an entire season, and you get young actors to play batman and the villains. That way every villain gets potential, and your series final can be a two and a half hour masterpiece. Where you could go “all out” with villains because you already got them developed.

  • The dizz

    I guess I’m kind of glad they did not go with the riddler! I think it would have been the dark knight all over again, but I was expecting someone other than cat woman. I see that as playing it safe. Bane is interesting, I am looking forward to see how he is done. There are so many good villains for batman to go up against, “cat woman!” if this is going to be the last one I can see why bane was picked, he is the only villain to truly hurt batman. And let’s be honest the joker and two face in the dark knight were freaking epic. So it is going to take a lot to be on that level. And I just do not see it happening with cat woman as a main villain. So in closing Bane-yes, cat woman I am not sure about, I guess we have to wait and see, the dark knight’s joker is a hard act to follow!

  • The dizz

    I guess I’m kind of glad they did not go with the riddler! I think it would have been the dark knight all over again, but I was expecting someone other than cat woman. I see that as playing it safe. Bane is interesting, I am looking forward to see how he is done. There are so many good villains for batman to go up against, but “cat woman!” if this is going to be the last one I can see why bane was picked, he is the only villain to truly hurt batman. And let’s be honest the joker and two face in the dark knight were freaking epic. So it is going to take a lot to be on that level. And I just do not see it happening with cat woman as a main villain. So in closing Bane-yes, cat woman I am not sure about, I guess we have to wait and see, the dark knight’s joker is a hard act to follow!

  • ethrstub

    at first i was disappointed in the idea of bane, but the more i think about it, it makes perfect sense. Batman is going to die most likely in this one, he has to. Both of the two previous films have some heavy foreshadowing leading up to the end of the batman in this film. If bruce doesnt die (but i believe he will) then it will be the end of batman. Also, i dont believe nolan will leave it open to be continued (although the studios will find a way i.e. the halloween series) so this makes perfect sense to end it this way with the ultimate sacrifice.

  • My opinion: catwoman,nuciance Bane, with out poision ivy, idiotic. And just get over the riddler. Cant top jim carrey. But keep scarecrow’s apperance he just awesome. But what ever happaned to Mr. Freeze! Have Sam Worthington play him. I like the killer croc idea about sewing croc skin on. that would be awesome!

  • Mario

    I think that instaed of al ghul, that harley should most definately be in this movie. Harley is a favorite in the batman cartoons and comics, and she has never made it to a batman movie yet, so I definately think Nolan is wrong if he does not add her in this movie. The Joker was in the last movie, so she should be in this one to get her revenge or something. Anne Hathaway as catwoman is a really good choice, and I’m very happy with that, Bane not so much. I much rather have either the riddler, mr freeze, the penguin, clayface, someone that we all like. I don’t think bane or Al Ghul should be in the movie at all, I would say catwoman, harley and mr freeze or the riddler would be Nolans best bet, it is supposed to be his last movie, so I would rather him put in villians who all fans really like! I think he will be making a big mistake with Al Ghul and Bane though catwoman is a great idea though!!!

  • reem

    I don’t think catwoman or bane are good enough villians to carry a whole movie, bad choices! The Batman universe has tons of villians, maybe killer croc, the ventriloquist, or even bring back scarecrow! Catwoman is gonna spend half the movie trying to seduce Batman, that’s wack! Even clayface is better than those two stuffs!

  • Jake G

    I have to say i am very disappointed with the choice of villians.. as a kid i thought Cat woman was pretty kool but Bane was always very dull. personally i was so looking forward to seeing the riddler rise again.. dont get me wrong i am confident that they will pull the movie off with cat woman and bane but the riddler is more realistic and suitable for batman period. i just really really hope that beings its supposed to be his last film that he decides to throw the riddler into the mix. anyway.. i am pretty excited to hear that my home town will be gotham city for the film. i think pittsburgh is perfect for it when i was a kid id pretend it was Gotham so it all makes sense to me lol.. what you guys think?

  • Josh

    I think that they made very good choices for the last batman movie. I think it is good they added Bane into this movie to (redeem him) from his previous movie. The only problem I see is that I want a bigger villain to play the co-star of the movie. I think they should probably get Hugo Strange along with Bane now that would be awesome. I hope also Hathaway does a good job.

  • ronnie

    I dont mind them using cat woman, but i feel i have seen her in enough movies. I think posion ivy would have been a much better choice.

  • eyesofblue

    I don’t like the choice of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.She is cute,Catwoman is not cute,Catwoman is a vixen. Also I am sure they are going to bore the story. When they have to have two villians most likely it means to me this movie will suck. If I was going to do Batman I would probably look for an Asian actress to play Catwoman and if you ever saw the movie Audition it would be on those grounds. I would have Catwoman be this siren who is a cold blooded serial killer and with metallic claws to lure unsuspecting men to their torture deaths. Bane really isn’t needed.Wow another big muscle villian.ZZZZ Can you say Sabretooth or Juggernaut.It has been done already. If they had did The Riddler I think Eddie Murphy could have played him with a very dark twist as a Villian. The Riddler would have to be hated by everyone and test Batman as a hero. His riddles to Batman would be to f with his mind and his stature as a hero. Basically on the lines with likes THe Zodiac Killer in real life. Riddler would be a pychopath who would be killing the most innocent of people. The most vulnerable.I say he kills a nun, elderly,and possibly children.Everyone would hate him and rally for Batman. I could Riddler being the most hated villian and want to see atman kill this sick MF. Catwoman I would have almost Bruce Wayne being caught in her trap. PLEASE NO ROBIN!!!!!! Forget it,Robin is a drag,a lame phase of Batman.

  • Cowboy

    Anne will be good as catwoman but can she fill out the suit like Halley Berry did! She will have to get lift and enlargement!!
    Would like to see Riddler come back and also Joker and King Tut or maybe Mad Hatter!!!! All from the 60’s shows!!
    Also bring Batgirl back!!
    Posin Ivy woudl be good too!!!

  • Eyemans

    Anne Hathaway is a terrible choice. Can’t stand her.

  • rizuncrew13

    I still believe they should have brought Kristen Bell in as Harley Quin and added Johnny Depp as the Riddler to make this an all out cast we’ll never forget for the final chapter of Nolan’s Batman.

  • matt

    all i know is that Johnny Depp needs to be the Riddler.How great would that be

  • Eric Lambert

    Or…..How ’bout Nolan throws a monkey wrench in everything and Chuck Norris plays a new villain called Ass Kicker. Trust Nolan, for he is wise!!!!!!

  • Brent

    i agree with the later post i heard johnny depp was going to be the riddler and now i dont want to even go see this movie johnny depp would have been a bad ass riddler and anne hathaway as cat woman i mean come on yeah she is hot and everything but she is no cat woman

  • Brent

    i also dont see how picking bane and cat woman for villians especially with the casting will ever compare with heath ledger as the joker… but then again i also had my doubts when they casted heath to play as the joker so i may be wrong

  • james

    i think that johnny depp would hav been an awsome riddler, but i also think that Nolan might bring him into the film, keeping his presence quiet till the film is released. its unlikely but i would love it if it did happen!

  • Tricia

    Ok so how can they kill off batman? If Bane does what bane is supposed to why are they skipping so much?? Hello where is Robyn? Do we get no Robyn? I have watched and obsessed with batman since I could watch TV. The old shows from the seventies. Hello Robyn?? Why not? We are all focused on the Villians. Cat woman great casting. Anne is so talented and will make it work but will she top the last one michele p did a epic job! I’m sorry but the riddler can not be topped by anyone Jim Carry owned that part. I could only see Johny Depp pulling it off. I agree with that! Glad someone else thought of that. It just seems so incomplete and two many holes if they end this way. Bane isn’t bane without poison Ivy and so they have to bring her in. I know the older Batman movies don’t always hold to the comics but those out there that only watched the movies won’t know what to think. I haven’t followed the comics since I was a kid. However my Granda started me on them and was a big time reader and he would be horrified to see the holes in the last movie if they leave out certain things. I know that Nolan is amazing and I am impatiently waiting for this movie to come out! Ledger was epic! They have to top the last movie and that gonna be hard.

  • Alex

    if the time period between this and TDR is perfect then Harley wouldve been epic. Give up with the riddler idea, especially with Johnny Depp playing him. It would just be Jack Sparrow in a green suit and bowler. He’ll never top Carrey’s performance anyway.

  • josh

    Just disappointed the movie wont have the riddler. Johnny Depp would of been perfect for the part

  • Royale

    I must say I’m having mixed feelings about this upcoming Batman film. Although I love the idea of Bane being a villian I totally disagree with the actor who will be portraying him. The only thing Mr.Hardy can do will give Bane intellect and that’s it. Tom is way too small to portray Bane, end of story. The last person who portayed him had the ideal size but the director made Bane look like a idiot when in fact he’s highly intelligent. Catwoman…..well I feel they can get anyone sexy to portray her and that’s nothing against Anne Hathaway. Some of he issues I have with Chris Nolan tend to stream from The Dark Knight. Batman Begins was perfect. However, with The Dark Knight here you have Batman’s greatest villian The Joker, and you only have him in the movie for a limited time but give more screen time to Harvey Dent. I feel personally that each villian could’ve had their own one on one film with Batman. I also feel some of the casting was questionable. Christian Bale as Batman was about as popular as George Clooney as Batman but atleast Bale can pull off Bruce Wayne. He’s not Batman I feel the best portrayal was Val Kilmer. I heard a rumor that the Fiddler was possibly going to be Johnny Depp which I thought would’ve been excellent. The Batman Franchiseis full of money to be made. I just don’t understand the reasoning with stopping at 3 films.