Film Junk Podcast Episode #303: The Green Hornet

0:00 – Intro
10:40 – Headlines: New Photos from Spider-Man, Captain America, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Alien Prequel Becomes Prometheus Starring Noomi Rapace, James Cameron Disses the Battleship Movie
36:35 – Review: The Green Hornet
1:33:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: Bullitt, The French Connection, Saturday Night Live, Winter Wipeout, Cyrus, Beer League, Parks and Recreation, I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale, Alien, The Naked Kiss, Talhotblond, Freakonomics, Vacancy, Pandorum, Piranha, The Dilemma, Cropsey, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Archer, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Treasure Hunter
2:17:50 – Junk Mail: Retail-iation, Captain Canuck, Blu-ray Loading Screens, The Mist in Black and White and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Woody Allen, The Chaser and Unhappy Endings, Film Junk Dream and Name That Movie
2:48:40 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:51:25 – Outro

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  • Gil

    Venom ejacing on Spider-Man’s chest! Classic. One of my favorite episodes of the year so far.

  • swarez

    What if Lethal Weapon starred Debbie Gibson and Crispin Glover?

  • Kurei Scott

    Its not just the story that isn’t original in Avatar. You guys should read more scifi. Because alot of those ideas are used already and the designs for the creatures have been used before. Its just that it wasn’t put on film before. Its a well made movie, but not original in the least, however I would argue that its innovative or original for cinema. I didn’t like it too much simply because I was knowing everything the characters would do and say, it was that easy to predict. From the first moment I found out that the girl was the chiefs daughter, and then of course there was a boyfriend who would either come to respect the hero or be a villian. Visuals were nice but I still say it was nothing I would want to watch again and again. Instead of a next Avatar movie though, I would like to see him take a crack at a Dune movie.

  • rjdelight

    The return of Reed!!

  • Sam

    Judging by the star ratings, looks like we might have a brawl on our hands. Wrestlers are surrounding the ring — can’t wait to listen!

  • kyri

    The return of the King..

  • What’s the name of the editing doc Jay and Reed were talking about.

  • The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing.

    It is a feature-length doc included on the Bullitt Blu-ray.

  • Steve L

    great show as always fellas. this morning has confirmed that he indeed has mechanical web shooters like the comic books.

  • @Kurei: Yeah, I should really read more sci-fi/fantasy, but I’ve tried reading Simmons and Martin, and I can’t get into the dense prose. BTW, I think you can take any science fiction movie, even ones with “original” screenplays, and find some science fiction books that preceded it with similar ideas.

    @Gord: As an example of what makes the editing doc interesting, James Cameron talks about doing an experiment by removing every 24th frame of Terminator 2 to shorten it, and a clip is shown of the result. This is a really stupid experiment. Of course jerky motion is the result. He should have tried removing a frame at the end of each edit.

  • projectgenesis

    Thanks for reading my junk mail, guys. Frank, Jay and Sean I would check out Stardust Memories, Zelig, Purple Rose of Cairo, Bullets Over Broadway and Deconstructing Harry. All Classics.

    Reed, do you have the original VHS releases or the Woody Allen “Collection” VHS set?

  • GoodLookingGeek

    Thanks for reading my mail Sean, even though it may have been answered on a tangent still much appreciated.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    A few thoughts on the podcast:

    Did you guys say Cropsey is out next month ? AWESOME !

    Thanks for having Reed on the podcast. I think you guys need to piss on the haters and have Reed on when you/he wants.

    Why is Roman never on the podcast ? I’d be cool to hear what he likes in film. Just a thought.

    On Woody Allen, here’s a great song from “Broadway Danny Rose” –

    OK, I’m biased – I’m Italian.

    Do you think we’ll ever get Black and White 3D TVs ?

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Three words – That was awesome.

  • KeithTalent

    Cutting Edge was very, very interesting. Really shows you how important the process is and you get some great insight from a lot of major editors and film makers. Some good stuff with Sally Menke too. :(

    I did not realize it was on the Bullitt blu-ray, I’ll have to pick that up now.

  • @projectgenesis: I don’t have any from the Woody Allen “Collection” VHS set, but I do have a couple from the “Key Video turns the spotlight on Woody Allen” collection. Most of the VHS I have are the original releases. I’m surprised you mention Stardust Memories, because it’s the first of Woody’s movies that critics really hated for its pretentiousness and lack of humour. I like it because it has a cameo from Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation). :-)

    @Mark in Ottawa: You have now become my “patron of the farts.” (I hate bathroom humour, but I couldn’t resist.)

  • The Wrath of Reed

    Much like Khan, Reed has returned from the marooned planet Cantankerous to seek vengeance on all his podcast haters. He’s done far worse than kill you. He’s annoyed you …and he wants to keep annoying you.


    Glad you could participate in this podcast Reed. Hopefully the next time it is not so long between appearances.

    Live long and prosper.

  • kyri

    Dr Spaceman (pronounced (sp??t??m?n) portrayed by Chris Parnell tells Tracy Jordan: “I don’t know how to say this Tracy got d-i-a-b-a-tas?..


    My father was diagnosed with diabetes last month witch is weird cause he is not a listener.. (!)

    Seriously though the way we eat today we are all getting something soon or after. Even vegetables are unhealthy these days unless you grow them yourself in your backyard..


    I like Woody Allen as well.. But I think his best movie is
    “Anything Else” so go figure..

  • Mark In Ottawa
  • I just listened to the Film Junk crew’s guest appearance on Sound on Sight, which I’ve also listened to for quite some time as well. I think spoiling “The Fly” would have been OK, as a) it’s a quarter of a century old and b) “The Fly 2″ came along a couple years later and was all about the third…whatever you called it.

    As far as your own show is concerned, I was really hoping for some sort of mention or discussion of “Krull”, what with the passing of Peter Yates and all. For me, it was always the reliable standby when I was growing up in the early 80’s and “Star Wars” was checked out from the local video store. The Glaive was one of the most badass/iconic/completely impractical signature weapons of all time.

  • Werner

    Give us more Reed! UNLEASH THE REED!!!

    A damn fine episode – thanks FilmJunk crew!

  • Regarding your (UNFORGIVABLE) confusion towards the mumblecore movement; Cyrus is not a mumblecore film, Greenberg is even less. The cast & crew of these two films contain some important figures of said movement, but that’s it. Mumblecore wasn’t really defined by a paticular aesthetic (Andrew Bujalski, who might be considered the one who started it all with “Funny HA HA”, has shot his three features on film and rarely uses zooms) and didn’t involve rules like Dogme 95 did. What defined it is more the proximity/collaboration between its creators, the excessively low-budgets, the inclination towards improvisation, the highly intimate subject matters and the similar socioeconomic status of its characters.

    As I said it was a movement, not a genre, and like all movements it was ephemeral. The directors who emerged from it have started going in other directions (like the Duplass did with Cyrus.)

    I’m no expert, so if you want more information there’s always the Wikipedia page:

    Also, the last 4-5 episodes have been particularly entertaining and hilarious, keep up the great work. The addition of Frank to the regular lineup was a stroke of genius.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    What’s a duplass ? Is that a piercing Greg has ?

  • rjdelight

    Do we know if Frank was able to secure The Larry Sanders Show for $30? Or was it already gone? Enlighten us Frank on your DVD hunts.

  • transreedstite

    i cant understand why you fucktards dont watch woody allen. fucktards

  • Fatbologna


    Well, YOU’VE certainly made a great case for the man now, haven’t you? Fucktard…

  • Marty

    Nice to see the hiring of Frank lighting a fire under Greg’s ass to get involved again.

  • this is great, some of the filmjunk comments sound like they are from “annoying relatives you only see at holidays”

    “What’s a duplass ? Is that a piercing Greg has ?” murmured Grandma Cheel

    Aunt Helda coldly responded, “Nice to see the hiring of Frank lighting a fire under Greg’s ass to get involved again.”

    “i cant understand why you fucktards dont watch woody allen. fucktards”, angrily retorted cousin Billy

  • alechs

    Thanks for the heads up about the $50 Alien Anthology Blu-ray boxset at Costco.

  • Austin in Japan

    Yo, thanks for reading my mail.
    I don’t mind Reed on the show (occasionally anyway), but if it means that Jay ain’t going to do his Jackie Chan impressions, then Reed has to go I’m afraid.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Dear Rus,

    Please be advised that you will have one less cookie in your tin next Christmas.

    Stay Happy,

    Grandma Cheel

    P.S. I always liked Bob in Minnesota better ..

  • Fast motion sex was also used in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, not sure whether Gondry was referencing Benny Hill or Stanley Kubrick, but amusing that he brought thoughts of both of those together.

    The argument over the gas gun in Green Hornet was more like Kato trying to keep Brit out of his way, and then Brit getting offended that by giving him a gun was Katos way of calling him useless (which Kato kinda sorta was) and that sort of delicate dance is what makes that scene (and the two actors chemistry) great. I enjoyed that aspect of the movie a lot.

    Wish that would have dropped the whole DA plot and the Tom Wilkinson stuff. It was terrible.

  • ChuffingL

    Quality as always! Looking forward to next weeks podcast already.

    Thanks Film Junk

  • Nate

    That was a good one! 5x the awesomeness!

  • In fairness to Reed it was an Einstein reference, as the legend goes that Einstein always wore the exact same outfit everyday because he didn’t want to expend any energy or creativity on picking out what to wear.

  • Kurt

    Yep. That was a VERY unfair shut down of Reid, and I liked the point/trivia he was trying to point out.

  • rjdelight

    Reed is always unfairly shut down.

  • When was he shut down? I don’t recall this. I seem to remember Reed and myself being oddly on the same page for most of this show.

    Either way, I’m pretty sure we were all aware (or at least I was) that Reed was referring to the Einstein legend.

  • kyri

    Yes, but Reed was not the usual Reed this time, he was trying to be normal.

  • Frank

    The Larry Sanders Show for $30 was acquired finally today .. and it felt REALLY good.

  • Snorfle

    Finally listening to this…have to agree with kyri that Reed seems fairly restrained. Not sure I’d want him to do this all the time but it was a pleasant surprise to hear.

  • PEter


    Good call on Pandorum as an enjoyable genre piece. Total surprise, much better than the marketing suggested or the critical community would have us believe.