New Captain America and Thor Photos

Yesterday we got our first look at an official photo from the new Spider-Man movie, but at the risk of stealing Spidey’s thunder, we’ve also got a couple new photos from Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger to overanalyze and argue about. Although we’ve already seen a handful of stills from both of these movies, the Captain America photo is significant because it’s the first time we’ve seen Chris Evans actually wearing the full suit and helmet. It certainly seems to match the concept art that found its way online last summer, although it’s not quite as plastic-looking and a little baggier.

Overall I’m definitely digging the look of this, although I’m still not quite sold on the helmet. I get that they’re trying to recreate the look of the mask, but it just seems goofy that a soldier would have little eyeholes cut out of the helmet. Anyway, Entertainment Weekly also has a new image from Thor, but there’s not much to say about it except that Chris Hemsworth looks like a guy you probably don’t want to mess with. Do you like Captain America’s get up better than the new Spider-Man outfit? Which of these 2011 comic book movies currently has the most potential? Check out bigger versions of the images after the jump.

  • Brendan

    A few differences from the Cap concept art that I dislike are the chinstrap, and the lower collar. Also, the eye holes seem larger extend lower on his face. It makes is face look more squashed and less heroic.
    I like the cleaner look of the concept art. Is it me, or does the concept look more like James Vanderbeek?

  • Brendan

    Oops, forgot image code doesn’t work on here. Here’s the straight link:×282.jpg

  • The helmet mask is the best part of the costume. Overall, Cap’s costume is the best of the 3 over Spidey and Thor.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Wow that hammer… little garlic smasher

    I think Cap looks awesome. As long as he doesn’t start doing martial arts, I’m lovin it.

  • I love Captain America’s costume. I think the helmet is a great balance of the comic with what would be practical. The chin-strap was mentioned previously, but of course, you’re not going to have a military helmet that doesn’t have a chin-strap. How is your heavy helmet supposed to stay on when you’re diving to the ground, or being blown back with an explosion? Chin-strap. I think it’s awesome, 100%.

    God, Thor continues to look awful. Awful awful awful. How could they get one so right, and the other so wrong? I’m perplexed.

  • @Sean

    I love his helmet, eye holes, chin strap and all. I do remember him with a less flattering helmet from way back:

  • swarez

    Everything about Captain America looks really good. I love how they made it to look like a converted army suit and everything seems to have a function.
    And I love the nazi robots there in the back, or what ever they are.

  • Jonathan

    The Captain America costume looks great. I like how they kept it from looking to cheesy, but still looks like a human American flag. Which America kinda is. He’s supposed to be a colorful symbol.

  • Thor looks like Richard Branson. I’m just sayin’.

  • kyri

    Sure The costume looks fine..
    But hear me out, C.A was created in the 50s in an era when the U.S fought Hitler, the Nazis etc. Nowadays though a lot has change in the world we live in boys. The Germans are not the Evil dudes any more. In contrary I bet real money that if you make a world-wide gallop on who do you think are the modern Nazis today, the world’s answer would probably be: America.
    So shouldn’t Captain America fight the US in order for this to work?

  • kyri,


  • kyri

    just saying..

  • You’re saying that the world thinks of Americans as NAZIS??!!

    Either you don’t know what Nazis were and/or did or you think that the rest of the world is clueless. Disirregardlessly, people are WAY to quick to make the ‘Nazi’ reference.

    The US wants to see Mexican-looking people’s ID because we have a HUGE problem with illegal immigration. Nazis rounded up millions of jews and put them in gas chambers. Same thing.

  • Strand0410


    This post is so ignorant, I’ll have to go through it in points.

    1) Hitler died in 1945, the tail end of WWII. There was NO fighting Nazis in the 1950s.

    2) This movie is set during WWII (1940s), hence Nazi villains still make sense, even if they are over-the-top and overstylised.

    3) I also don’t think you understand what “Nazi” means, it was a German political party, there are no ‘Nazis’ in the US now (strictly speaking). If you meant ‘fascist’, then you’d have more of a point. But I don’t think you’ll understand what this word means either.

    Judging by your poorly put together post, your pointing the finger blindy at “Cap should fight America”, I’m guessing that English isn’t your first language and/or you have a huge chip on the shoulder and woefully uninformed.

  • the hat seems really funny