First Photos of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Remake

Update: Added a few more photos.

David Fincher’s remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is currently filming right now in Los Angeles after having shot on location in Sweden and Switzerland late last year. As we reported back in August, the lead role of badass computer hacker Lisbeth Salander is being played by Rooney Mara (The Social Network, A Nightmare on Elm Street), and recently she was spotted out in public showing off her new haircut and piercings. Now the first official photos of Mara as Salander have turned up in this month’s issue of W Magazine.

It’s definitely a dramatic transformation for her, although if you ask me she is bordering on looking like a junkie. I think I still prefer Noomi Rapace’s look in the original Swedish film, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see how their actual performances compare. What do you think, are you happy with how her “ink” turned out? Are you surprised that David Fincher didn’t just add everything with CG afterward? Check out larger versions of the photos after the jump.

  • Henrik

    Looks like Hollywood

  • Napalm

    Those earrings remind me of Coraline for some reason. But yeah, that’s quite physical transformation. I’ve read that she even got her nipples pierced o_O

    I still haven’t seen enough from her to judge her acting chops, but she definitely has some big shoes to fill.

  • Greg

    Maybe after some more photos get released, Rooney Mara and I can compare nipple piercings.

  • The Man

    Looks interesting, I hated the original but am curious to see what finches does. She looks less hardcore and more like a model.

  • alechs

    I think the model look is unavoidable because these photos are for W magazine. While I assume Fincher had a lot of say about the photos – article describes his involvement with the shoot – I am sure there was an emphasis to sexy the whole shoot up.

  • Niklas

    well.. to be fair, these are magazine photos and look very airbrushed.. I hope for a “dirtier” look in the film but I’m pleasantly surprised

  • KeithTalent

    Yeah, would like to see the untouched photos; these are far too airbrushed to get a real feel of how she looks. I have to say the one on the moped is pretty freaking hot though.

  • Gil

    This is somewhat more or less what I imagined from reading the book, but she doesn’t make me wanna fuck, like Noomi did, specifically in “Fire”.

  • Henrik

    New pics went from Hollywood to disturbing for me.

  • Werner

    these goth pr0n pics will certainly help sell the movie

  • Colin

    Suicide Girls: The Movie…

    I couldn’t be less interested in this now.

  • Gil

    What moped?

  • pcch7

    She certainly doesn´t pull of that look as well as Noomi Rapace did, I mean she was hot.. These pics are not.

  • pcch7

    “Yeah, would like to see the untouched photos; these are far too airbrushed to get a real feel of how she looks. I have to say the one on the moped is pretty freaking hot though.”

    What moped? Isn´t that a chair? looks like a tattoo parlour..

  • pcch7

    Never mind the above, I found it =D

  • KeithTalent

    I don’t know, I thought it was a moped. It’s hard to see because there is a half-naked girl on it, but I guess it could be anything. Industrial sized vibrator maybe, I don’t know.

  • swarez

    What I don’t understand why they are remaking it in Sweden. There is nothing in the story that demands that it takes place there. It can happen everywhere.

    Maybe Fincher saw Wallander, the UK remake of a Swedish television show that takes place in Sweden with Kenneth Branagh in the lead.

  • Henrik

    Maybe Fincher wanted to go to socialist scandinavia, and felt it could make up for having to direct a remake of a thriller lesser than his own Se7en.

  • MikeH

    i dont like the looks of this chick, i prefer the original actress from the swedish flick, they should have just gotten her.

  • craker doodle do

    fincher is a moron for thinking anyone can replace Noomi Rapace, but those eyebrows are fucking awesome

  • sorsha

    America’s Top Dragon Tattoo.


  • Strand0410

    I’m wondering if Sean has read the books, even this portrayal is fairly conservative compared to her depiction in the books. Think MORE tattoos, less hair and even more outlandish fashion.

    The original Swedish version was too tame. Salander could have passed off as a totally normal hipster in that while in the books, she’s described to be totally alien and bizarre to everyone who meets her.

  • NIkejerk

    Definitely prefer Noomi. Have to agree that though Lisbeth is dark and tortured she was described as being strangely beautiful and Noomi pulled that off amazingly. I couldn’t look away despite her being goth and completely isolated. Mara doesn’t have a pretty enough face truly capture Lisbeth.

  • Ruve Naidoo

    This remake is like spitting in the face of the previous dragon tattoo movies. They were amazing. Breath taking and shocking. I don’t like to say Americans are lazy to read subtitles, but then why remake it in english?? Swedish is the language of the book. Please this needs to stop its not the first time a movie from overseas has been remade and lost the publicity it deserves. This new actress looks beautiful, but its hard to believe anyone could be better than the last Lisbeth Salander who will always be my favourite.

  • 14425

    this look like fake despite the efforts they tried, and noomi is like the real thing..

  • Emelyn

    Looks like depressing fashion model…
    Looks like Vouge model.
    An she have boobies?!!Tits!?
    No way, she is no blond jet…so ¿Why she have.. (*)(*)?
    Uh.. Ok, it is a yankee version.. David Fincher cast…