First Official Photo of Andrew Garfield in the New Spider-Man Costume

Last week we got our first look at Andrew Garfield as the new Peter Parker courtesy of some leaked Spider-Man set photos, and for the most part, it seemed like fans weren’t all that impressed. Granted, the photos weren’t actual movie stills so maybe it wasn’t fair to judge, but the general consensus seemed to be that he didn’t quite look the part anyway. However, I’m really curious to see if people will change their mind now once they get a good look at the first official photo of Garfield donning the Spider-Man costume courtesy of Sony Pictures and Deadline Hollywood!

Personally I like it. A lot. Maybe it’s still too early to call, but I think I prefer this to the costume from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies. Andrew Garfield is also a bit taller and lankier than Tobey Maguire, which seems more in line with Spidey’s physique from the comics. I’ll be very curious to see what he looks like in action. What do you think, does this first official photo make you more excited to see Marc Webb’s Spider-Man? Check out a full-size version of the pic after the jump.

  • rjdelight

    I like it a lot too! Definitely pumped for this movie. I already think Garfield is ten times the actor Maguire is, and that’s only based on The Social Network and Never Let Me Go. I was never on the fence when the cast Garfield, though I am still a little skeptical of Marc Webb directing, but we shall see.

    It also looks like this pic comes after a fight with The Lizard, as if you look at the very high res version you can clearly see three claw marks across his chest.

  • Captain N

    Very solid suit in the photo. I’m curious to see how this suit transitions from Andrew Garfield Spiderman to CGI Spiderman. One of my issues with the first trilogy was that the actor/stuntmen Spiderman really stuck out from the CGI model. Though, that may have been more of a movement and motion thing. I hope this is rectified in this movie.

  • Gil

    I admit it, I was worried. But this suit is too awesome to disregard. When I thought about it, I had to wonder just how different you can make a Spider-Man suit look, and this is amazing. As long as he looks a bit more socially defeated as opposed to those previous off the set stills, it might be pretty good.

  • ErwinAnFire

    Looks like his spider sense is dingaling!

  • Brendan

    Kinda rubbery looking. Looks like it’s battle-damaged, some scarring and singed spots, and looks like there might be part of the beltline that’s ripped off on the right side.
    Somehow, the abs looked like someone used the clone tool in photoshop on them, looks a bit strange. Overall, it looks ok. I still find it difficult to believe a high school student with no costuming background and limited resources could construct an outfit like that, but that suspension of disbelief is necessary to have a decent looking costume on screen.

  • Phil


  • Fatbologna

    I think the suit looks fine and the fact that people were getting bent out of shape over those set pics is retarded. IT’S TEEN PARKER SITTING ON A BENCH!!! WHAT CAN YOU REALLY JUDGE BASED ON THAT?!?!

    I understand that the costumes are a fairly important part of these films but everyone just needs to settle down on judging an entire picture based on the first stills/promo art. You can’t predict what the movie’s gonna be based on this stuff.

    Personally, I like the look of Garfield in that shot. He looks more Peter Parker than Maguire did. This movie, Wolverine and the new X-Men are the most promising Marvel films on the upcoming slate. More so than The Avengers, Captain America and Thor IMHO.

  • Just need to wait and see.

  • MikeH

    i still think it is way too early to be rebooting this franchise.

  • Costume looks cool, but I still dislike Garfield and don’t find him to be right for the part.

  • rjdelight

    Reboots are nothing new, but the term ‘reboot’ gets thrown around so much these days with people overreacting to something that’s been happening in the movie industry for years. The same group of people aren’t going to keep making a certain kind of film forever. Things need to change hands, it’s a natural progression. It’s just different stories told by different people, but involving the same characters. What the heck is wrong with that?


    It’s not that early if you look at the history of comic franchises in Hollywood. The time between Tim Burton’s Batman franchise and Joel Schumacher’s was three years. The time between Schumacher’s and Christopher Nolan’s was eight years. The time between the first X-Men trilogy and the upcoming prequel will be five years. The time between Hulk and The Incredible Hulk – five years.

    The new Spidey arrives in 2012, five years since the character’s last big screen appearance. The break seems to be par for the course. I’m not sure how long you would want to wait, but the studio obviously isn’t going to keep the golden goose chained up for too long. Besides, you shouldn’t be concerned with the time in between movies, but whether or not they’re actually good. They could have a new Spider-Man film, with a different cast, different director, different writer, every two years for all I care, so long as they’re good (hopefully great) films.

  • Napalm

    Love it. It has that “thrown in together/messy” feel to it, which goes perfectly with a teenage Spider-Man. I have really high hopes on this one.

  • Henrik

    Looks like they went from John Romita Sr. to Todd McFarlane, which is only to be expected. Looks fine to me, I wonder how clever they are going to get with the ways to take off his mask in this one.

  • Werner

    I miss Maguire’s akwardness which was great for the role.

  • Elias

    As a life-long fan of comics and movies, I was excited when the first new Spider-Man movie with Tobey came out, but felt the second and especially the third got exponentially worse…when this new incarnation was announced I was less than optimistic…but seeing this gives me a little hope. It’s funny I actually found this picture using my Google TV…I was looking for episodes of the cartoon to record for my kids using the Logitech Revue. As an employee of DISH I found out about the Logitech Revue before it was released and couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. I have to say stumbling across this new image of the suit is one of the coolest things I’ve found using it.

  • Duke Togo

    Suit looks ok, hope he keeps the mask on, absolutely hated how much Tobey kept finding dumb excuses to expose his identity to crowds of people.

  • swarez

    That’s the problem with having masks that cover the whole face, the actors can’t emote and what you end up with are faceless characters speaking in an overly dramatic fashion. Like the end of Spiderman 1 where it looked like two action figures arguing.

  • I think Garfield looks the part more than Maguire ever did. Spider-Man was always a lanky lad, not stocky. In addition, after seeing The Social Network, I concluded that Garfield is a better actor than Maguire, by far.

    The new suit looks cool although I will reserve full judgment until I see the mask. It’s all about the eyes.

    It seems to me that they are going to go with the mechanical web shooters from the looks of it.

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    Looks a like a weed. At least Maguire put on the muscle.

  • Oli

    I think this guy is much better than maguire, he’s got some serious chops when it comes to the acting and I think he looks more spiderman than maguire ever did. Maguire just wasn’t a good enough actor in my opinion, I hope they really nail it this time round cause the first trilogy, although I like it has serious problems. Spidey better mouth off and crack bad jokes, Raimi’s spidey was way too silent

  • Jim

    I for one hate the new suit, haven’t seen the actor in anything but why did they feel They need to change the suit? It just looks like some kind of spiderman inspired athletic get up or scuba suit if you ask me, the little flourishes on the arms/gloves are what bugs me the most I guess, seems the design just looks busier somehow.

  • Strand0410

    The first suit was way too spandex for me. In certain scenes, it even comes off as simply stretched neoprene and never really got dirty, just dramatically slashed.

    And hellooo mechanical web shooters!

  • I like the suit. I wasn’t interested in Garfield when i discovered he was cast. Then i watched The Social Network and he was pretty good. I’ve always been a spider-man fan so hope they don’t screw this one up.

    Saw on the photo as well that there might be web shooters in this spidey which would be great. True to story. I have faith in this one. Come on Sony\Columbia…don’t let us down!

  • DJ_K-Mac

    I think that Garfield will kick so much ass as spider man that Tobey McGuire will be just a distant memory by the time this movie hits theatres. Just as long as Garfield doesn’t bust out into tears.

  • ingy

    not sure I like the costume .. I’m more of a purist and it is hard to believe a high school kid will without costume experience. Though I will see the film . I think it is a little too soon to release a “Reboot”.
    I which Hollywood would stop rehashing the same cool super hero’s over and over .
    There is soo many other cool super hero’s in comic book world to do.
    Garfield body type is more like the comic book.