Monsters Director Gareth Edwards to Helm Godzilla Reboot

When it was announced last year that a new American Godzilla movie was in the works from Legendary Pictures, the news was initially met with much suspicion from fans, thanks in part to bad memories of Roland Emmerich’s 1998 abomination. Still, after the success of Cloverfield and a few other recent monster movies, there was hope that with the right creative team, they could potentially do something really cool with the franchise. A recent rumour that Guillermo del Toro might direct generated some excitement, unfortunately it turned out not to be true. Now it looks like they have settled on a slightly more inexperienced but still very promising choice instead: British director Gareth Edwards, the man behind the recent low budget sci-fi film Monsters.

According to Heat Vision, Edwards is currently finalizing a deal to direct the new Godzilla flick, which will give him a chance to show what he can do with a much bigger budget. Although Monsters was his first feature film, he has a background in visual effects and did all the creature designs himself. This is the second big break for Edwards as a result of his debut, who is also setting up an untitled sci-fi film with Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov.

I’m impressed that Legendary Pictures has decided to take a chance on some fresh talent instead of handing this project off to some other Hollywood jobber. Either way, you can bet I’ll now be paying a lot more attention to this project, which is still being aimed for a 2012 release date. What do you think, is Gareth Edwards an inspired choice to direct a Godzilla reboot?

  • Well, the best part about Monsters was not so much the visual designs but the photography and the characterization. For it’s cost, Monsters looked great but I’m hoping Edwards was hired because he can bring a unique look to the film and also add some humanization to the characters. If he can it should go a long way to erasing bad memories of the Emmerich film.

  • This really has me interested because Mosnters isn’t actually about the monsters, it’s about the two characters, so we know he’s really good at characters, so hopefully this means we’ll get some REALLY good-written characters that we really care about amidst the destruction caused by Godzilla. Unlike the last attempt which pretty much had hokey cartoon characters in live action form.

  • I’m sold. Because if he had some better actors Monsters would have been in my top ten movies last year.

  • Al

    Very interesting news. The best thing about Monsters was Gareth Edwards. Even though I did like the movie, I liked all the behind the scenes and interviews with Gareth better becuase he really shines hope on struggling filmmakers. This really is one of those dream come true kinda stories.

  • Phil

    How can you possibly make a Godzilla film interesting?

    It’s a very tough assignment.

  • hunter

    Its not really a tough assignment… how about concentrating on making GOOD film for starters. That, and make sure no one is dressed like you in the movie.

  • swarez

    It will be interesting to see how this turns out. I just hope that Godzilla gets to fight another monster instead of it being the movie’s villain that the human characters have to stop. But I’m sure we’ll get another origin story that will take up most of the running time.