Film Junk Podcast Episode #300: True Grit

0:00 – Intro
8:30 – Reed Xmas Special: Behind-the-Scenes Clip
18:30 – Headlines: Thor Boycott Over Racial Casting, Red State Trailer
44:55 – Review: True Grit
1:07:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: Tron: Legacy, Cabin Boy, The Town, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Phantom of the Paradise, Santa Clause: The Movie, Despicable Me, Cyrus, Winter’s Bone, Never Let Me Go, Home Alone, The Muppet Christmas Carol
1:48:00 – Versus: Magic vs. Wrestling
2:18:55 – Remix Contest Winner
2:21:45 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:23:18 – Outro

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  • Film Ape

    Twenty minutes in and I haven’t stopped laughing. Great to hear Doug on the show again. Happy 300 Film Junk.

  • Kent

    Good to hear Doug on the podcast again. Looking forward to this. Congratulations on 300 episodes, guys!

  • The Man

    No voice mail?

  • Rob

    Magic vs. Wrestling? This is going to get intense!

  • HUGE laughs all-around for this episode. Great work, good times, and happy 300.

    A follow-up voicemail message regarding prostate milking, can become a reality very soon. Glad I can help. And the winning remix – deservedly so. Hyssssterical stuff Brandon.

    Magic FTW

  • Doug Nagy FTW!

    Reed is being such a puss though. If I was part of this group of friends I’d be honored to do awesome segments like Cooking with Gerry and the X-Mas Special. Stop being such a sad sap and embrace what you have going here. People love it and it make their lives better. You should be proud of this shit, Reed. Live a little.

  • Excellent 300th!

    No bells and whistles, but it was still epic nonetheless. Hilarious moments, and it was great having the Dougster on. Keep it up!

  • Colin

    Oh god, it’s a Christmas miracle!

  • You guys gotta have Nagy back for Thor and Transformers.

  • ScottHK

    The consensus from the remixes seems to be that the colon story is the highlight of the last 50…you are catching up with ‘smodcast’.

    The ex-13 year old junk mail is really weird and disturbing. creepy and scary. hilarious.

    jay again commented on ‘cliched obvious shit’. Just watched inception and I’m so peed off by the last scene, it is cliched obvious shit, ‘dark knight’ was even worse…. kick-ass is a lot more fun than these films.

  • Gil

    My favorite part was when Doug said “Blade is black and he has a fucking katana sword! That’s the way it is!”

  • :/ I was trying to be funny. Failed apparently. Great show guys Nagy rules! :D

  • I wonder what the next “rappin’ granny” in films will be. “Kick-Ass” wasn’t a big success, so I don’t think that the Disney Channel is going to bother to figure out a way to make it OK to have all of their child actors yelling “cunt” left and right (though it would certainly be a way to make “Hannah Montana” fresh again if someone like HBO decided to pick it up…), but soon the novelty WILL get old, and that’s about all the movie really had going for it in the end, as we were more or less left with a Spider-Man movie with Tourrettes. Can you guys think of any other films that had something in it like that that was a big deal at the time that no one really remembers now, whether it was through evvvvvveryone doing it afterward or people just not caring anymore once the next “rappin’ granny” came along?

  • JW

    This whole episode was cliched obvious shit

  • Paul Andrews

    Happy 300th FJ. A stunnung achievement.

  • Nate

    That really was an awesome episode. I liked Drew’s voicemail and yes I was totally reading mine from a script. lol! No Reed but an excellent way to make it up by playing that Christmas tree clip. Really enjoyed the whole show!

  • Fantastic show guys. Congratulations on the mammoth 300.

  • Cy-Ed

    Congrats on 300 Fellas! Great job

  • Jsin

    Was I the only one hoping that the segment brought back was “Technocrats?”

  • I seem to be harping on this but I’m interested in opinions of the Original True Grit vs. Coen version. @Sean – the dialogue is practically word for word from the original (or from the book depending on your point of view). Very little (if any) of it was “Coenized.”

    I am flabbergasted that no one seems to have seen the original. No one on the nets is making any kind of comparisons like they did with “Let Me In.” I thought it was a very iconic western film and role for Wayne but no one has seen it.

  • Jsin

    I’ve seen the original (and Wayne shouldn’t have gotten the Oscar for “Rooster Cogburn”) but haven’t seen the new one. But from the commercials and trailer, I think the “Coenization” is more from mannerisms that actual words. Also, the Dude is a lot more gruffer than Wayne’s “aw shucks” cowboy, this girl isn’t quite as much of a tomboy, and Damon is more of a badass than the original marshal.

    The “Coenization” I think comes from the “localization,” of this Western, much like Raising Arizona had a lot to do with white trash in Arizona, poor post-Antebellum Southerners in O Brother Where Art Thou, and Yoopers in Minnesota in Fargo.

    It’s kinda like “Back to the Future III,” where Doc Brown’s idea of the West when he dresses up Marty in the 1950s to send him to the old West is like the original True Grit and what Marty actually finds is like the Coen’s version.

  • pcch7

    Totally agree with Nagy on the black/white issue.. I´m not gonna be protesting anything but if the characters are white, I want them white. If they´re black, like Blade, I want them black.

  • Jsin: Technocrats… now there’s a blast from the past! I’m guessing there are a lot of people who wouldn’t remember that one at all though.

    Andrew: Interesting, I had no idea that the dialogue was true to the original. I do have the original on my PVR right now though, so I’ll be watching it in the near future.

  • Davy AP

    That montage of remixes at the end was super awesome. You guys should put out a CD or a downloadable collection of FJ remixes. Really great work, from both the podcasters and the listeners. Best film podcast episode yet. Kudos to you for also playing the more critical,overlong voicemail too

  • Bino

    Happy 300!

    It was so awesome to hear Doug on the Episodes. It was his ranting and specificaly the Goats of Odin on the Movieblog that got me into podcast-listening. As that show went downhill and Campea became more and more of a ridiculous self-absorbed douche, I have found filmjunk and am so thankful to have you guys. Happy new Year and keep the next 300 comin!

  • This fucking episode was really fucking funny.

  • Let’s be honest about this: Doug’s contributions to this episode were all pretty embarrassing. Who is this lightweight?

  • Eisensammler

    Cheers to your 300th! It was indeed a bit anticlimatic but good fun nevertheless.

  • kyri

    Happy New year Everyone!

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Martin Lawrence would be a perfect sidekick to Thor. You add Rob Schneider as the token Asian and that film would DESTROY Avatar.

    Congrats on the 300th gentlemen. You make film so much fun it should be illegal.

    Doug was pretty good on this episode. Nice job. Everybody loves a good robe.

    Nice to hear Greg again.

  • alechs

    Nagy – nice.

    regarding beards:

  • Napalm

    i was out of town and couldn’t email Sean my remix. fuck.

    anywho, this episode was pretty fucking hilarious. Doug is one funny ass mofo.

  • doug nagy

    @ alechs – that is a chart to live by.

  • Justice

    I haven’t gotten to listen to this ep yet, but @Andrew up there, I completely agree. AMC was showing the original the night I watched the new version and I was surprised just how exact the new film is. There are scenes that are exactly the same save for some new scenery. I honestly don’t know how much credit I can give the Coens for the movie. I enjoyed it, but it has to go pretty low in the filmography.

  • at – “Wayne shouldn’t have gotten the Oscar for “Rooster Cogburn”

    my understanding is the Academy gave that Oscar more as a Lifetime Achievement type thing. At least that is what the True Grit Blue Ray extras state.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    I just got to the American Gladiators section – Jay should get the exercise video and make a video with Reed doing the workout.

    That would be great watching.

    Happy New Year Film Junk.

  • Congrats on #300 Guys. You are now the veterans in this racket!

  • Falsk

    Ugggh. I’m a week behind, but the world needs to know that I FUCKING CAN’T STAND Criss Angel. I HATE HIM. I haven’t seen his show–maybe it’s fucking amazing, but as a human being, he is terrible. Bleck.

  • It was good and fun..the $6 theater, where I saw it, didn’t have the sound loud enough! Had to stop eating my popcorn to hear dialogue – WTF! Like everyone else, I think the film succeeds on the two stars – that girl is amazing for so young. I did have some problems with it and I’m kind of amazed the Cohens made these simple mistakes.

    By not directly introducing the audince to the killer at the beginning of the film, The Cohens took all the shock out of the river scene where Mattie stubbles onto Tom Chaney. I know why they did this, to get in to the story and remove the unnecessary typical killing scene, but they ruined a really good shock at the end. Cohens compound the problem by highlighting all the odd characters Rooster and Mattie meet along the path. The audience’s natural reaction to seeing the Chaney character in the river is to think he is just another odd character.

    The film really loses a lot of energy when Mattie is captured. I really don’t even know what specifically is the problem, but when Lucky Ned takes Mattie up the hill it really becomes disjointed. I need to watch again but it feels the inventiveness, performances and quality go down a notch.

    The rescue scene were Rooster rides with the snake bit Mattie was really poor – the shots of them both on horseback, with the green screen behind and mechanical horse below, was some of the worst physical/digital effects I’ve ever seem. The Cohens really should have talked to Peter Jackson on how to do this right. Why they didn’t get a mech. horse rig on a truck and shoot the scene in nature is bizarre. They can say it was to create a dreamlike quality but in my opinion they failed.

    I hated the ending! Maybe it is more in line with the book, but I do not understand why you would lose the scene with Mattie taking Rooster to her family’s plot. Talk about loosing one of the best tear-jerking scenes in cinema. I guess the Cohens felt they would get criticized for copying this directly from original movie, but what they came up with is a real downer. They presented an amazing young girl taking on the world and then decide to leave the audience with a sad, one armed, bitter spinster! Thanks Cohens, you f*ckers!

  • Gus

    was just able to finish the the podcast. congrats on the 300th episode. Loved the Versus: Magic vs. Wrestling segment, but why argue when you can have the best of both worlds.

    A wrestler that performs magic while wrestling or is the other way around, anyways here’s Mr.Magician.