Film Junk Presents: A Very Gerry X-Mas!

It took some hardcore convincing but we here at Film Junk finally talked the reclusive Reed Farrington into starring in his very own X-Mas special! In the tradition of such classics as A Charlie Brown Christmas and The Star Wars Holiday Special, we present to you A Very Gerry X-Mas! We hope that this half hour short might become a part of your traditional holiday viewing line up, reminding you that X-Mas (Christmas) is not just about presents; it’s also about classic holiday themed television programming. Now it’s Film Junk’s turn to add to the joy! Before you get to the video I figured seeing as it’s the holiday season, I’d throw out a few thank you’s on behalf of Film Junk…first to Reed for agreeing to appear in the short. You’ll hear more about this on Film Junk’s 300th podcast. Secondly, a big thanks to Rob Niosi who came through huge, working on a very tight schedule, providing us with the awesome opening sequence (Film Junkies might recognize Rob from The Goblin Man of Norway and Obsessed & Scientific). Finally, a big thanks to all of Film Junk’s friends who came out and helped shoot this thing! So kick back by the fire, click the ‘full screen’ button, and treat yourself to some nog and a nice piece of ginger-munch. It’s time for A Very Gerry X-Mas!!

  • SnuggleBob

    merry xmas gerry!

  • Film Ape

    What is the music? I especially liked the track after Reed opens the 8 year old present.

  • Film Ape

    Actually the song is before he opens the present, when he lights the tree. Just watched it again.

  • The best thing since the last Reed video.

  • I absolutely loved it.

    Great job Jay and Reed.

    Merry Christmas to all of you

  • Froggiegirl

    Reed, it’s now tradition in this family to spend some of Christmas day listening/watching you. You always make the day even more fun so Thanks!

    Also ginger munch, huh huh huh

  • This is amazing! Best Film Junk video ever. Please make the entire Cooking with Gerry series available on DVD.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Merry Christmas Film Junk,

    That was pretty awesome stuff.

    This is why Film Junk is THE site for movie related material.

    That snot dripping part is the greatest moment in the history of the internet since those completely nude sunbathing pics of Elsa Benitez.

    Stay awesome Film Junk.

  • more depressing than Dancer In the Dark. Lx

  • This has made my christmas. (Well, Boxing Day).

  • Well done! Everyone’s favorite Chinadian brightened my holiday.

    I eagerly await the DVD releases of the Best and the Rest of Reed Farrington.

  • Mike

    This has to be playing at sundance, right?

  • Mike

    where can i get my Gerry ornament for next year?

  • MoriaOrc

    Great Job to all!
    I’ll be tuning in next year as I think a new Holiday Classic has arrived.
    Funny and fun.
    You really went all out.I’m very impressed.
    Merry Christmas Film Junk!

  • Idontknowwhattowrite

    who said Asian people don’t like Christmas…

  • Dave

    you all are my hero

  • Thanks so much for this great Christmas gift. Watching this is going to become a yearly Christmas tradition for me. Great job, Jay. And Reed you were hilarious as always. I also loved that it had an amazing amount of heart with the 16 year old present scene. Good stuff. Merry Christmas guys and Happy New Year!

  • david

    top shelf guys fucking top shelf…great job.

  • STeve

    loved it!!!!!

  • Jean Claude Pannel Van

    What a pisser, awesome stuff.

  • Rolf

    Man, this is so disturbing… I somehow start to believe that that’s the REAL Reed aka Gerry we’ve seen here… great sneezing btw!!!

    This film has made it into my honorable mentions this year and it definitely should be up for short film at the Oscars… is it possible to send it to the Academy? I mean… consider Reed sitting next to all those big shots and starts sneezing again… and making a film of Reed visiting the Oscars… I mean it cannot get any better than that… maybe he’d even meet some of the Star Trek fellas there… wishful thinking I guess… awesome work, Jay! Made my day! :)

  • Werner

    Now is the time to do a full feature documentary on any subject (doesn’t really matter what) involving Reed.

    Jay & Gerry do Hollywood

  • finally a good follow-up to that Nativity Story everyone keeps talking about, sweet all around

  • Jeff

    My favorite parts are the white boarder and the moment Reed grabs the knife from atop the range.


  • catho

    Brilliant. Gerry, I want your xmas tree.

  • Nate

    What an amazing production!! I loved it!

  • GfC

    Who is Gerry?

  • auraldissonance

    Bit late in catching this, but I have to say: Congrats to Gerry and Jay and the rest of the crew. You have all managed to top “The Star Wars Christmas Special” as my favorite holiday special this year!

    Hilarity and awesome from top to bottom.

    Big thanks Gerry for doing this even while clearly sick! You’ve brought us all a little joy this season!

  • Brilliant….as always.

  • Robert

    Great. Thanks guys.

  • Liney

    Great stuff guys – thanks for all the effort you put in to this kind of stuff…well worth it!

    Always funny the first time you see what one of the crew look like…in this case Frank. I always pictured him as looking a bit more weasily, kind of like Jesse in Breaking Bad! I’ll have to adjust my mental picture when listening to the podcast now…

  • Goon

    fun fact: the French title of this short film is “S.O.S Noel”

  • Fatbologna

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put together a DVD of all the Filmjunk related video content and sell it on the site! I’ll buy 5!!!

  • so great!

  • tjg92

    Very nice!

  • HAHAHA awesomely gross… like…awesome.. Well done Reed!!!!

  • Kim

    There are no words for how awesome/funny/sad/touching this was. I love you guys!

  • Napalm

    Classic shit right here.

  • All I can say is, “A snot rag Reed? Really?”

    All kidding aside I really enjoyed it and it will definitely become a Christmas tradition in our household.

  • @Elio: In order to save on Kleenex costs, I resorted to handkerchiefs. I’ve read it’s bad to use handkerchiefs for cold sneezes, but I use mine for allergy sneezes.

    For next Christmas, we should re-title the video as “A Very Gerry Xmas: Reed’s Star Trek Holiday Special” in order to attract all of my fellow Trekkies although I’m afraid I would be seen as an embarrassment.

  • other greg

    I laughed, I cried, It was almost as good as Mr. Nobody.

  • Richard

    Absolutely amazing. I always watch when im feeling blue. I hope Jay makes a living out of being a filmmaker.

  • This was awesome. I don’t even enjoy a Charlie Brown Christmas anymore, but *this* got me in the holiday mood.

  • Still hilarious! And the intro from Rob Niosi really brings an old school feel to it. Love it!

    Have a Very Gerry Christmas everyone!

  • Thx, milath! Mucus never gets stale.

  • Gary

    I love the way Reed turns towards the ingredients on the side every time he sneezes.

  • max

    Man this was awesome. I love Jay’s obession with Reed the human. The se7en scene was the best. I was laughing my ass off. Thanks for the entertainment.

  • Thx, max! Comments like yours make life worth living.

  • Spooksta

    Amazing, well done all involved.
    Love the knife Reed. Where did you get it.

  • Reed Farrington

    Your hope has come true, Richard!