Kevin Smith’s Red State Trailer

Well after a few months of overloading his podcast network with endless hype and incessant plugs for his upcoming movie Red State, Kevin Smith has finally revealed the first teaser trailer for the movie over at just in time for Christmas. I’ve been pretty curious to see what a Kevin Smith-directed horror movie might look like, and as promised, it does seem to offer something completely different from the guy who built a career on dick and fart jokes. However, I have to say that after listening to audio from the trailer on the first episode of his Red State of the Union podcast, the visuals didn’t quite live up to what I had created in my head to go with it.

In general, I like the idea of setting a montage of clips to an ominous voiceover from Michael Parks (and indeed, Parks already seems like he will be one the best parts of the movie). However, I feel like there are just too many clips shoved in there, when the pace of the trailer should have been more of a slow build. I also found that the actual look of the film is a bit inconsistent in that some shots look great while others look very… amateurish (for lack of a better word). On the other hand, I was surprised by how much action there appears to be, and seeing both John Goodman and Melissa Leo in the mix adds a lot of credibility to the movie as well. What do you think, is Red State going to redeem Kevin Smith after the debacle that was Cop Out? Red State premieres at Sundance on January 23rd; let the trailer put the fear of god in you after the jump.

  • Tomoo

    I feel like I would have enjoyed a more traditional trailer but it certainly looks like a cool movie. I’ll be checking it out for sure.

  • Gil

    Sounds good, looks independent. But what a shitty trailer.

  • Jonny Ashley


  • Napalm

    this could actually be good.

  • matt

    I’m actually into the trailer. I think the silent dubbed over approach (There Will Be Blood) matched with the fast clips works to add suspense. Remove the overly gruesome clips, like the dude getting shot, which they will probably remove anyway if the film makes it out of Sundance with some foliage, and its good. I’ll see it.

  • swarez

    Looks good. Seems like he took the camera off the tripod this time around.

  • Al

    Can’t stand Michael Parks. He mumbles through all of his scenes and I cringe every time he pops up in a movie. So I won’t be watching this one.

  • Fatbologna

    Wow, Smith turning into a stoner seems to have worked out for the better in this case! This might be the first good thing he’s ever done that wasn’t podcast related.

  • Gil

    Pretty sure he’s been stoned since before Zack & Miri.

  • Mike

    this trailer was awful but somehow i still really want to see this

  • Captain N

    I dig the approach with the trailer. I wish he’d tweak it some.

  • theman

    Looks interesting for sure. But I fear Smiths editing. And some of the dialogue I’ve heard seems a bit to on the nose. But if his goal was to make a film that doesn’t look like anything he’s done before I think he’s succeed.

    The only question is now can it rise above the standard straight to DVD horror flicks ?

  • Berserker

    His Red State podcast made me really interested. Being a big horror movie fan, I think it’s a great idea. Sort of like a 70’s Satanic cult movie, but in reverse.

  • Henrik

    Kevin Smith has been hyping this Michael Parks factor for ages now. But even if Michael Parks does a great job, the fact that no studio wanted to throw a small amount of money at this script, makes me wonder if the character is any good.

  • Werner

    The trailer has not convinced me yet. I enjoy all the free stuff the Smodcast company is giving me. But it takes some more convincing for me to actually spend my money on Red State.

  • chuck

    Looks like Smith has continued to study and hone his art… no dick jokes in a horror film? We’ll see!
    Can’t wait to see it!

  • Now I really can’t wait to see this at Sundance!

  • The trailer is awful, but the individual shots look very promising. Curious which shots you thought looked amateurish. Totally disagree. Not what I was expecting, but thought it fit his description and had lots of potential.

  • Ryan Marlow

    Sean, I think that amateurish quality that you see could be described as “a grossly obvious digital video look”.

  • Ryan Marlow

    …there should be a word for that. Videoish?

  • OST

    I love all of Kevin Smith’s films. This one could be another to add to the list.