Announcing the Film Junk Episode 300 Remix Contest

As you may have noticed, the Film Junk Podcast is close to hitting another milestone this month, as we are just two episodes away from episode 300. You know, it’s funny, it seems like just last year we were hitting #250. Okay, yeah I know… we do about 50 episodes a year, which means we always tend to hit a nice round number every December. But this seemed like it was worth celebrating anyway. (I can promise you we won’t be doing anything special for #350.) So here’s the deal: we are not doing another full blown clip show. For the most part, it will be a regular show with the addition of some special guests, but we’re also asking you guys to participate in episode 300 in a couple of ways:

1. Submit an audio remix of clips and moments from previous Film Junk episodes — the more creative the better. Our favourite will receive a $50 Amazon gift card as a grand prize, but there will also be a handful of runner-ups who take home some Film Junk goodies for their efforts. Only one remix allowed per person, but it can be one you’ve sent in before.

2. Submit an audio voice mail discussing either a favourite memory of Film Junk, or a moment where you really disagreed with us and wanted to smash your iPod against a wall. Short and sweet is the preferred direction, but again, if you get creative with it, there may be a better chance of it getting played on the show.

Send all your submissions to in MP3 format, and include “Episode 300″ somewhere in the subject line.

And that’s it! Right now we are planning to record episode 300 a day or two after Christmas, so you have until then to work your magic. Can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with!

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  • Napalm

    I was just sampling voice clips for my remix haha. Can’t wait for #300. Hope you guys bring back Chian and/or Tom for this big episode!

  • Jim the Movie Freak

    Remix sent. Can’t wait for Episode 300, and the 300 more episodes to come. Keep bringing the awesome, boys. I totally can’t wait for the audio orgy of remixes! You’ve got some truly creative listeners :)

  • Werner

    Tell Reed to be NOT – I repeat – NOT attending the anniversary episode ;)

  • Nils

    I was gonna include a voicemail in the remix, is that okay or will it limit my chances of it getting played on air? :-)
    Looking forward to the show!

  • rjdelight

    The Hett better submit his trailer trash remix.

  • /\/\/\/\/\/\/\I want 20 minutes of that dude!

  • kyri

    I Didn’t know Greg Had such a great Six-pack

  • Hugh

    The guy on the right embodies brilliantly Sunday night fever ie the realisation that you have to get up early for work again after a really enjoyable weekend.