Jackass 3.5 to Be Released Online in March

Well it looks like Jackass 3.5 won’t be heading to theatres after all, and instead it will premiere online in much the same way that Jackass 2.5 did back in 2007. In this case, however, the collection of outtakes will not be made available in its entirety from day 1. Instead, starting in March, they will release new videos online every week before collecting them all together into a final product for DVD and digital download. It’s unclear how long new content will run for, and indeed, whether or not the whole thing will actually be edited together into a cohesive film at the end. I guess we can probably assume that it won’t be in 3-D either.

I think most Jackass fans would agree that the Jackass 2.5 release wasn’t particularly great, but this time around they seem to have a lot more material to work with. According to Thomas Lesinski, President of Paramount Digital Entertainment, Jackass 3.5 will deliver “an entire movie’s worth of new stunts, new pranks and new gags, on whatever screen you choose.” They also apparently shot some new stuff in Europe specifically for 3.5… go figure.

I guess it makes a lot of sense to release this stuff online in short segments, especially given their audience, but I’m curious if they’ll be showing the videos for free (possibly with advertising) or if they’ll charge for it. You’d think that if they give it all away for free ahead of time, they’ll have a hard time selling the DVD to people. Either way, I do hope there is some editing involved to bring it all together, because watching random clips with no connection to each other is just not quite as fun. Do you plan on checking out Jackass 3.5, and if so, will you watch it online or wait for the DVD?