James Franco and Anne Hathaway to Host the 2011 Academy Awards

Well I certainly didn’t see this coming. Earlier today, Oscar telecast producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer announced the hosts for next year’s upcoming Academy Awards ceremony, and for once they steered clear of the old standbys, instead opting for some fresh new talent. As it turns out, the ceremony will be emceed by none other than James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Are you surprised? I know I am. It also means that for the first time ever, we could find the show’s hosts being nominated and potentially even winning an Oscar in the same night.

Last year the Oscars were hosted by Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, and I think most people were generally happy with the job they did. However, they are clearly trying to draw in more younger viewers, and bringing in two hip, attractive stars seems like as good a strategy as any. Franco and Hathaway are smart choices in that they are both well respected within the industry, but they also have a broad appeal.

Personally I am glad to see them going with two hosts again, because it means there isn’t as much pressure on just one person to be funny all night long. Since neither of them are stand-up comedians, one might assume there will be less comedy and more in the way of song and dance stuff (think Hugh Jackman in 2009) but with James Franco I’m fairly confident there will be some humour as well. What do you think, will James Franco and Anne Hathaway do a good job? Does this announcement make you more or less likely to tune in this year?

  • Brendan

    As long as Film Junk does another live Oscar-cast, I’m there.
    I didn’t see 127 hours, but is Franco considered a possibility for a nomination? It’s getting great reviews, so I wonder. I don’t know if any Oscar host has ever been nominated much less won on that same broadcast.

  • Henrik

    Hopefully they will use their acting skills to make it look like they’re not reading from a teleprompter.

  • Hugh

    Anne Hathaway. Mrs Shakespeare is wearing very well for her age.