Film Junk Podcast Episode #296: 127 Hours

0:00 – Intro / Black Friday / Harry Potter Backlash
18:10 – Headlines: Tron DVD Disappears from Store Shelves, Harry Potter Coming Back To Theatres Again in 3-D, Rights to Long Lost Stallone Porn Auctioned Off, Ghostbusters 3 Casting Rumours, Mark Wahlberg to Star in Uncharted, Billy Bob Thornton Says Movies Suck Due to Video Games
45:30 – Review: 127 Hours
1:20:10 – Trailer Trash: Source Code, Untitled Neill Blomkamp Video
1:31:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: I’m Still Here, Brazil, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Megamind, In The Loop, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Paths of Glory, Head, The Complete Metropolis, Winter’s Bone, Valhalla Rising, The Four Musketeers, Psychomania, Five Easy Pieces, Pandorum, The Lottery
2:18:20 – Junk Mail: Black Friday, Steelbook DVDs, Cooking with Gerry Gear, Lost Finale, Dexter, Silent Films
2:42:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:45:35 – Outro

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  • Gil

    13 minutes in and all ready a great show.

  • Tomoo

    This episode strangely covers every movie I was just reading about. Also I would like to add that FilmJunk now features adds with sound and I’m not sure whether you guys wanted that or not.

  • anton

    thanks guys, been waiting for it:)

  • Jay

    Congrats to Frank! Will make an awesome show even more awesome. Frank adds a unique sense of humor and fits well with the cast.

  • FoxMulder

    Absolutely! Already looking forward to the November Game Junk episode. :-)

  • Niklas

    Regarding 127 Hours. I saw the movie at TIFF and during the Q&A Danny Boyle said that the photo at the end of the movie is real and the self-interview is inspired by the real footage.

  • Frank


    Good to hear. I think that makes me like the movie even more. Definitely going to try and seek out some of this material. I’ll post any links I find in these comments.

    Thanks for the update!

  • anton

    with what was Jay comparing teenagers with green hair in the end? :)

  • Frank

    This is one of the first things I found.

    After some quick internet skimming it seems like the movie is pretty true to the actual story. Still haven’t found THE photo yet.

  • Alicia

    Here is a vimeo of a short interview with Aron.
    Warning: it shows the last picture that he took once escaping.

  • Frank

    Thanks Alicia!!!

    Short and sweet vidoe that contains THE GOODS.

  • Alicia

    Another video. In this one, Danny Boyle discusses the existence of the video diary that Aron shot daily and that it is safely stored away.

  • rjdelight

    “the French protected me”

    One of the funniest lines on the podcast in a while. Hilarious.

  • After watching HP #1 (admittedly slightly drunk), I said to my harry-potter-fanatic friends, that while reading the books may make you want to watch the films but the films will not make you want to read the books.

  • MovieFan

    Be on the christmas special REED FARRINGTON. No wait…dont be on the christmas special!
    Or be…i don’t care as long as you are on the show!

    btw: great show guys, keep it up!

  • projectgenesis

    REED FARRINGTON be on the Christmas Special!!!

  • What Christmas Special? I’ll do anything to spread my holiday gloom.

  • KeithTalent

    I am disappoint you did not talk about the most important debate coming out of the film; did he, or did he not jerk off? I say yes, my female companion says no. How say you?

    By the way, you guys should pump up the fact you are up for Best Film Podcast on Up against some heavy hitters there, but you got my vote! It’s kind of a big deal.

    Great stuff as always and welcome to to the new(ish) guy.

    Finally, yes, Reed, please do an Xmas show, or don’t I don’t give a fuck (yes I do, just trying to cover all my bases; please do one).

  • Gil

    Personally, I think United 93 and World Trade Center were both huge pieces of shit.

  • Lenny

    Great episode guys. Of course i shouldn’t comment, i haven’t read the show notes!

  • Steve L

    Great show guys, yah Frank!
    Just a note.. Ghostbusters 1 was released on Bluray the summer of 2009, and it looks pretty good. doesnt look like they used noise reduction at all.

    keep up the good work gents.

  • ChuffingL

    I for one am delighted that you ALL rinsed Harry Pot stain, what a load of tripe! Awesome as always!

  • FYI, the current issue of Filmmaker has an interview with Danny that states he saw the videos but they have not been seen by very many people.

    I guess we will just need to wait till the tapes are stolen by the same maid that always gets all the celebrity sex tapes.

    I’m on record: Reed for the Hanukkah Special!!

  • Cy-Ed


  • Elder Wand

    Frank is wrong about there being inconsistency in the rules of HP universe. He brought up the wand example- indeed the wand choses the wizard (or witch) but since Harry and Voldemort have “twin” wands which share the core Voldemort has to use a different wand to kill Harry. There nothing stopping a wizard from using another wizard’s wand, the wand just won’t work at 100% efficieny in the hands of someone other than the master.

  • Berserker

    REED! Christmas miracles do happen! Yay!

    And gratz to Frank for becoming a regular. Hopefully, this competition will cause Greg to step up his game.

  • Elise

    REED… Do it! Would be amazing!

  • Announcing for Christmas 2010, “Reed’s One-Man Holiday Celebration” (working title). Currently in pre-production.

    (Note: If it sucks, it’s all Jay’s fault. :-))

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Good podcast guys. Frank – You’re the man. Thanks for all the hard work Sean.

    My Top 10 movies so far this year:

    1 – Inception
    2 – The social network
    3 – The Town
    4 – A prophet
    5 – The Human Centipede
    6 – Frozen
    7 – Shutter Island
    8 – Machete
    9 – The Ghost Writer
    10 – Devil

  • Paul Andrews

    Looking forward to it already Reed !
    Thanks for the show folks.

  • Steve K

    In Regards to Pirates 2 where they seem to work the story around the action, if you watch the special features or listen to the commentary, they bascially started working on the action sequences first and build the story onto that. The writers were handing in new pages daily. From what I remember, they didnt even hand in a completed script the day of principle shooting. Have to listen to it again.

  • Kurt

    I think that is why I like Pirates 2. It’s kinda a free form movie without the tedious plotting of #1 and (I’m assuming, but I never saw it..#3).

    Same reason why I like Oceans 12 for that matter.

  • Voncaster

    The world needs Darth Nameless!

    Its the holidays, bring the world some cheer.

  • Jay,

    I accept your apology for such a horrid podcast last episode.



  • Snorfle

    I agree with Matt, though I still think Jay doesn’t get it. The “House Bunny” = “Harry Potter 7″ comparison (as movie you weren’t all that excited about seeing) is terrible because the new HP movie is #7 in a series. Not only will you not have background on the previous movies, but you already know you dislike and/or are disinterested in the series as a whole already, and I think by this point your mind is made up. It’s like continuing to watch into the 5th or 6th season of a TV show that you never liked and have missed parts of…why bother?

    The “Twilight 3″ comparison is much more fair (though there is way less going on in those movies and you really could jump in at any point) and I certainly don’t see any reason to watch the next ones, even if I happen to agree with Jay’s take.

  • Yasser Serious

    I finally saw this flick and in the words of the wise old sage “Reed Farrington”, it was pretty ordinary.

    It could have used some Rose Petals after the arm came off.

    Kate Mara looked amazing as always.

  • @Yasser Serious: My profundity underwhelms even me.