Ghostbusters 3 Casting Rumours: Bill Hader, Will Forte and Anna Faris?

So what’s the deal with Ghostbusters 3? When it was first announced back in 2008, it sounded like it was a sure thing, as Sony had hired The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky to pen a script, and Ivan Reitman was later confirmed to be in the director’s chair. However, Bill Murray kept popping up in interviews, trashing Eisenberg and Stupnitsky’s last film Year One, and acting as if he wanted nothing to do with it. Recently we heard that Dan Aykroyd was reworking the script and that Sony was considering a May 2011 start date for the film, but with casting for the “next generation” of Ghostbusters still up in the air, it remains unclear if this sequel will happen anytime soon. However, this week, we’ve got some random casting rumours to add to the mix, and if they are accurate, it sounds like Ghostbusters could be drawing from Saturday Night Live talent all over again.

According to a Sony casting call that went out in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, Anna Faris is already listed as being the first new cast member on board in addition to the original line-up from the first two films. The Australian movie site What’s Playing followed this up with a report from another industry source indicating that both Will Forte and Bill Hader have been mentioned as possibilities for younger Ghostbuster roles. But is there actually any truth to this?

Anna Faris seems likely, especially since The House Bunny did so well for Sony, and she clearly has established herself as a comedic actress who can draw. However, the failure of MacGruber at the box office might make Sony think twice about hanging a major franchise on Will Forte. Although this film will have a built-in audience based on the name and the original cast, they want the option to carry on the franchise with the younger generation afterward. Bill Hader does seem a little more likely, especially since he and Anna Faris both voiced Sony’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs together.

At the end of the day, though, none of this is confirmed in any way, and there are probably plenty of other up and coming actors vying for these roles as well. What do you think about these casting possibilities? Is Saturday Night Live a good place to recruit from, considering that both Murray and Aykroyd are SNL alumni? Who would you like to see in Ghostbusters 3?

  • Bill Hader? Yes. Will Forte? No.

  • Captain N

    A Ghostbusters 3 could be fantastic. Unfortunately this Ghostbusters 3 project will not be and this rumored cast all but confirms that.

  • Fatbologna

    Could be great with the right script.

  • Um.. now. Pass, pass, pass. ironically they are trying to kill the franchise off. Just because Bill doesn’t want to be part of it doesn’t mean the other three don’t. Why not allow them to return despite their age? I think it could still work just fine.

  • Bad Idea. I don’t think that making a good Ghostbusters movie is possible in the 21st century. Such a great product of the 1980s. Lightning strikes only once. GB2 is servicable sure, but not on the level of the original by a long shot.

  • nekowrites

    Wow I didn’t think I could have any less of a desire to see this… Thanks hollywood.

  • Mike

    i agree with Kasper