Mark Wahlberg to Star in Uncharted Movie

Bad news for Nathan Fillion fans… looks like there is now a 0% chance of him playing Nathan Drake in the upcoming big screen adaptation of the Playstation 3 game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. It seems that director David O. Russell has already found his man, and apparently the role will be going to none other than his good buddy Mark Wahlberg. The two previously worked together on Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees and now The Fighter, but somehow I doubt this decision will inspire much confidence in fans of the video game. Wahlberg’s last video game adaptation, Max Payne, did not go over so well, but what if I told you that Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci might be involved in Uncharted as well? Would that be enough to sweeten the deal?

Talking to MTV Multiplayer, Wahlberg confirmed that Russell is currently writing the script, and that they are hoping to shoot the movie next summer. On top of that, he mentioned that they want DeNiro and Pesci for the roles of Nathan Drake’s father and uncle respectively, and that they have been in touch with both of them although nothing is signed as of yet.

It all sounds a bit strange considering that Drake’s father and uncle never appeared in the video games. Could it be that one of these characters will replace Nate’s partner Sully as his sidekick in the film? Wahlberg reassures us that “it’s not going to be the watered-down version,” but at this point it’s hard to say what the end result will be like. Do you have confidence in David O. Russell, and are you happy with these potential casting choices?

  • Foxmulder

    This is sooo lame! He didnt care for the Max Payne source material, which was there for the taking to make a good movie of (even more than Uncharted). So dont be surprised if we see another pretty indifferent performance in this one from him. Im not even sure if Uncharted provides enough depth for a movie. The games are absolute fun and a blast to play but exactly BECAUSE they are games. They will never get that feeling and the awesome scripted presentation into the movie. Max Payne however was told through graphic novels which obviously provides a much better base to elevate the material to a higher level with a movie adaptation. So unfortunately i think Hollywood already blew their big chance of a solid game to movie franchise with that one!

  • Gil

    I don’t care about Robert DeNiro at all in this, nor Joe Pesci.
    This could go either way for me. I liked Three Kings, so maybe David O. Russell can bring something to this action adventure film.
    I think I may be in the minority when I say that I liked Mark Wahlberg in The Big Hit… Don’t know whether that’s a good thing to come to mind while thinking about this video game adaptation movie. In all honestly, has there ever been a video game movie worth watching?

  • Most of the action movies he has done over the past decade have been entertaining, so hopefully this will be too.

  • Brendan

    Say hi to your mother for me!

  • Camen

    Considering Marky Mark seems to be at his best when directed by David O. Russell, I think there’s a good chance that this could be a good flick.

  • Mark Wahlberg is wearing a hat!

  • Steve L

    After playing both Uncharted 1 and 2 Fillion would have been the perfect fit. Marky Mark is too wooden of an actor to play Nathan Drake….unless they are leaving the comedic elements out, making it entirely different than the game. Much like Max Payne.

  • Big Hungry

    DON’T wait for the movie – PLAY THE GAME!

  • Pete

    Nathan Fillion would have been nice… I really do love Serenity and Firefly.

    If anyone has ever watch 80’s Evil Dead or more currently Burn Notice – Bruce Campbell would be an awesome Sully because Sam Axe reminds me of Sully ALOT. Also because of that… Jeffrey Donovan could pull off Drake.

  • Werner

    If the movie turns out half as good as the games then we’ll have a great movie.

  • Danny The Dog

    You know who would be PERFECT as Nate Drake?

    G E R A R D B U T L E R ! ! ! !

    He totally has the carisma and looks for this film!

    And he knows how to speak fluent native american

  • Webber

    I agree with Pete. My husband just finished playing Uncharted 3 when we started watching Burn Notice on Netflix. He said, “If they make an Uncharted movie these two (Donovan and Campbell) would make a perfect Drake and Sully.” After watching a few more episodes I had to agree. Too bad it won’t happen:(